Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma!

Sunday was not my birthday, but Sophia was confused since I received a card and a present.  So, a few times that day she would look my way and say, "happy birthday momma"!  It made me smile, so I just let her go with that!  After a few days of the stomach virus and a strange rash (for both kids) I was so glad that we were all feeling well enough to get out of the house to go over to Momma and Daddy's.  It was a fun afternoon of eating steak, shrimp, and lobster (yes, we were spoiled by G-Daddy), and enjoying the weather and being able to gather with our friends and family.  Sad to say, I did not even take a picture with the kids (after being trapped with me for days they wanted nothing to do with me), or even take a picture with my own momma!  My SIL got some sweet pictures of my babies.  I am so proud, glad, over the moon, thankful, happy, and amazed that I get to be their mother.  They both bring me so much joy!  I am a lucky girl for sure!!
Happy Mother's Day

my sweet guy
Baby Bear with his Uncle Richard
Love her so much!

my boys

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Angie said...

You have the most adorable children!!! I'm so glad you were all feeling better and able to get out and enjoy Mother's Day. Don't feel bad for not taking pics, I made the same oopsie!!!