Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing School

This morning, we decided to play school again.  Sophia has not really been feeling like doing this for the past few days, so I am not pushing it.  When she asks to play, I am all over it with something to do!  Today, she did some painting, played with puzzles, looked at books with her brother, and did some tracing and coloring on these great A, B, C prinable pages from this website, 1+1+1=1 Blog,  I just love this site and all of the fun and creative ideas that this momma has!  Check it out, even if you are not homeschooling your peeps, there is probably a bunch of things that you could do at your home to entertain those kiddos!
Here are some pics of the busy bees at work this morning!
I decided to give her crayons to write with on the transparency paper holders.  This was much easier clean up for me, I did not have to spend so much time cleaning up Red's hands and face!  Today she really wanted to color on all of the letter sheets, so I would just ask her what the letters were and if she did not know what it was she would ask me.  I was excited that she knew "Y" and "Z".  Who can figure why they know one letter better than another!  We would also talk about things that started with whatever letter she was tracing at the time.  I am also impressed that her tracing is getting better, but do not fear, after she kinda traces the letter she is quick to scribble all over it!
It is just fun to hear her babble about the letters and her telling me that she scribbles on the "yogurt picture"!
I gave little man puzzle pieces to keep him occupied.
Coloring the alligator
Reading/ singing Frosty the Snowman to her brother.

Thank you to the readers that have been sending me curricula ideas and sites to research.  I am really looking forward to this experience and what the future may hold for us.  So far, I am planning to do this for their pre-school/ pre-k year, and if it is still going well, then I may continue it further.  Red is going to be 3 in August, and I am not pushing her to do anything that she is not ready or wanting to do!  I also said in a previous post, I am not being a "knowledge pusher" onto my 1 year old (things are just given to him to keep him entertained so I can focus more on Red for that moment!)  So please, if you do have any ideas I am open to any suggestions that you may have or things that worked for you on your journey.

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Sarah said...

I am so glad you are loving that website! She has so many great ideas for different ages.

I can't remember if I gave you this one or not, but there is another really fun crafty website I follow here that you might also like.