Thursday, September 6, 2012

All Before Noon

This past Monday was Labor Day!  We celebrated this happy vacation weekend the same way most families with tiny tots do.... waking up super early (ya know, before the daylight is even peaking through the blinds), sitting so close to the television that we have to wear protective eyewear while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and feasting on nothing but the best.... McDonald's hotcakes and sausage biscuts.  Go on.... be a little bit jealous all of you people who slept in and then played in the lake!!  Ha!
Anyways, it was a wonderful weekend.  Aron was off of work all weekend (so glad he was not on call) and we were so happy to be with him every waking moment!!
So, yay for Labor Day!
watching the Mick-ster with our protective eyewear
Riding on the turtle
This is me trying to clean the Bear's room.  This is the Bear dumping out the boxes that were filled with toys and then stacking them up for extra seating
We took a visit to a playground.. the kids... were in heaven!

Or, maybe Aron was in heaven.  Look at the kids, they really wanted to play on the equipment too!

 What... ya didn't know I really have 3 monkeys!!
 Born Free!!!!!!

I know, before this we went and had breakfast on our local square, at The Station.  It is like slap ya in the face good!  We love it!

 Here is Red telling us she was not having a nice time... (she does this bit when she is mad about something)
This is how we started our morning... a nature walk on the trails at Crystal Bridges

 This picture makes me laugh!  Aron was leaning against the pig, smiling for me to take his picture, as I am taking it, he begins to laugh saying, "what?  wait, dont take a picture of me sitting on this pig."  So I take the picture.
It was a fun weekend!  Did I mention all of this was done before noon!!

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