Friday, September 28, 2012

An evening on the couch..

Since we have nothing too exciting going on, I felt the least I could do was post pics of our family doing what we do best...."couch time".  I love that with all of the space we have in our home (please don't get this twisted... I'm not saying we are living in a castle), but all four of us just like to be in the same room, same couch, and sometimes it seems like we must all be on the same cushion!
I will just soak this time up now, because I am sure there will come a time when these tots turn into teens and just want to be in their room or at a friends house..... makes me sad.. sniffle sniffle, sob, ugly cry....and then I will be forced to sit with Aron..... alone... sniffle sniffle, sob, just kidding!!
My littles!!
My men.....
Me and my Dolly!

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