Friday, September 14, 2012

Brain Dump

I have much to discuss.  The importance of it, well, it is not so important, but if I do not get it out, then I am afraid that my brain will wig out.... so, onto my thoughts...
1.  I took Red to her dance class this morning.  Yes, it was a wonderful morning, me, Red, and the Bear.  We got out of the house on time and even arrived at dance 10 minutes early... Holla!  We pull up to the building and it is pouring down cats and dogs, it was a wet mess y'all!  I will paint the picture... me (with straight hair that cannot get wet, the afro that would be created would scare small children) I would not want that to happen.  So, I am wearing some sorta hooded jacket and my children are in a tutu and shorts and a t-shirt (did I mention it was about 60 degrees and raining... chilly outside, I think so).  Anyways, after 3 trips in and out of the rain to get all of my peeps and their gear into the building... Red decides that she does not want to dance today.  I am just trying to keep it to the 3C's (calm, cool, and Christian, let's face it when you have a child who is having a moment in front of others, you have to stick to the 3C's!)  Anyways, after 10 minutes of standing in the back of the dance room, crying, stomping, and a little bitta snot, I just looked at Red and said, "looks like we just need to go home."  She snapped out of it and said, "yes, let's go"!  Not really what I wanted to happen, I thought she would be like, no way, I gotta dance, did not happen!  So, I tried to encourage her one more time, and then she just started running around the place jumping on the trampolines and playing.  I just started to pick up our bag and said we gotta go!
I start carrying the bag, the Bear, and then holding her hand to get us to the door (still pouring down rain), and Red went limp!  The worst!!  Then I started sweating, the water was drenching me, and I could not tell if it was tears falling or raindrops!  I could feel the crazy mommy coming out!  In fact, this is pretty close to what I looked like!
I got everyone in the car, both kids having a meltdown, it is pouring down rain, and I was just humming and smiling to myself... Jingle Bells, we had been watching Mickey Mouse Christmas (I bet the other mommy's were all watching through the window thinking that lady is going to snap, ha)!  I made it all the way out of the parking lot and then Red says in a sniffly voice, "I had a nice time".  Just pitiful!  I had to laugh and then call her daddy and my mother!
Kids are funny!  You never know which personality is going to come out!  Hopefully, we get to attend next weeks class!
Also, I did not have a break down, I just had to breath through it, kind of like contractions.
2.  Tomorrow my Razorbacks play Alabama.  I hope we beat them by like 30 points!
3.  Next Friday, my friend Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, is having her "Show Us Your Singles" link up!  I am so so excited because I am going to link up to the blog.  Let me tell you, girls that have a single male in your life that is seriously looking for his Mrs. Right, please check back next Friday!  I am going to write about my most wonderful girl friend.  She knows I am doing this, but what she does not know is that I just want her to meet the most wonderful man through this.... the chances of it happening, well it could happen!  I mean 5 other couples met up and got married and others are seriously dating or engaged!  How amazing!  K. Stamps has a better match making record than The Bachelor!  So, if your single man friend/ brother/ cousin/ uncle is wonderful, please find us on the link up next week!
4.  This weekend, Aron and I will be married for 6 years.
I just really really like him a whole lot!
5.  Last night I started watching a new show, Scandal.  Ya seen it?
It follows, Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia) a woman who protects the public images of the elite, and it last nights episode she was all twisted up with the Pres of the U.S, Tony Goldwyn (Fitz Grant).
O my word, it was just as the title states... Scan-dal-ous!  It kept my attention.  I even got over my long time disgust over Goldwyn who played Carl in the movie, Ghost!  Remember he had Sam (Patrick Swayze's character) killed and then at the end he died and the scary devil ghosts of hell came and took him out of the winda?  Remember?  Well, I just have not liked him since that movie and I have had a ridiculous fear of a broken window falling down on me, but after last night.. I got over it and watched Scandal!  New season starts in a few weeks!
6.  Also in a few weeks, my Grey's Anatomy starts back.  I am not so sure that I am going to be able to watch it since they killed off "Little Grey", Lexie!  I totally loved her and Mark together!  Still not over it!
7.  Did I mention that I adore nap time?  It gives me time to focus on my "chores".  I should be folding the 8 loads of clean clothes on my bedroom floor (yes, the floor), but I don't wanna.  We are all out of detergent so I cannot wash the rest of the dirty things, therefore, I do not want to sit and fold clothes, only to finish, then have to stop and go and get detergent and then wash and dry, then sit and fold again.  Seems like I should just get everything cleaned and then sit and fold...?  Logical?  I think so.
8.  I had a friend stop by earlier to drop something off, and when she came around the corner, she said, "don't judge", like I was gonna judge her for wearing a t-shirt and black yoga pants!  It made me laugh on the inside cause I was thinking, "don't come too close, because now that I think about it I cannot remember if I put on deodorant this morning!  She was standing close to me and showing me a book, all I could think was don't move your arms!  Then she said, "your house smells so good"!  Ha!  So, to my friend, you were talking to me and explaining the children's choir book, but I only heard the thoughts in my head!
9.  So, it is September.  Has anyone else gone over to your local Hobby Lobby and purchased any Christmas ornaments?  I did yesterday, and I am not ashamed!
10.  I feel like I have not been reading much lately!  I was on a book binge and now I am in a reading rut!  We have been doing lots of reading with the kids, I am trying to read at least 30-40 minutes a day, sometimes longer!  I am loving these Step 1, early reader books.
Elmo Says Achoo!, Sweet Potato Pie, Fancy Nancy books, Dora the Explorer
Both kids are now reading with me!  Love that they love reading!