Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Sweet Friend...

When my friend Kelly started doing the, Show Us Your Singles post, I never thought that I would ever link up on those days.  I knew that if I were to ever write about a friend or family member, they would for sure never speak to me again, so link up, I did not!  Until I saw her last post about the singles, and then began reading about the success of the couples that are meeting through her blog! I was just amazed!  I mean, people coming together, some not even in the same states, emailing and a little bitta chit chat on the phone, then the "meet up" and they are falling in love and getting married!  Wha?  I know!  Kelly's record at matchmaking is better than ABC's The Bachelor!  It is so special, and I have no doubt that God's hands are all wrapped up in this!
Let me introduce to you to my friend Brooke. 
I know, can you just feel the wonderfulness just coming out of the screen?
Brooke comes from an amazing family!  Her mother and sister, I'm sure would agree!  She is also a  graduate of the University of Arkansas!  Woo Pig!  She is such a fan of the Razorbacks, and I love love love to read her tweets or FB statuses after some of our past games... she is so positive about our team (in case you were not aware has not been performing at its best) and is always quick to tell the PIGGY Knockers to back up off her team!  (She is so loyal, just another amazing quality)!  Brooke is such a doll y'all!  A wonderful friend, caring, honest, beautiful (so beautiful, like stop ya in yo' tracks beautiful), genuine, patient, smart (so smart, really, if you have any sort of techy question, she will know the answer, or you go to her for any weird trivia facts... like, what are the fur balls that you get on your sweater called?  I just thought they were called sweater balls, but nope, B knows that they have a name and she could rattle it off at any moment to you!)  She also knows the words to every song, could be country or rap (I know, rap, don't worry, she knows it)!  Her memory is phenom.. I say!  Seriously, I think that if I called her right now and asked if she could still do some dances from our drill team days, girlfriend would bust out some Eye of the Tiger or Dazy Dukes routines!  She stands up for what she believes is right. She has such a heart for others.  She is always going out of her way to make others happy, do nice things for someone, coming to tiny tots birthday parties, she never ever forgets a friends birthday, she is the BEST!  Please note that I reached out to some of our other girlfriends, and some of the above descriptions were some of their words too... and I think that it is so telling to have a group of people that feel the same way about a person!
 We love and adore Brooke!
 I hope that it is not weird, but I have really prayed that God will lead the perfect man into Brooke's life (and I know that he will)! I also really hope that the man's sister, or his mother, or his gal pal see this post, and send an email to or leave us a comment!

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