Friday, September 28, 2012

What the "cool kids" are wearing....

Life as a stay at home mom well it leaves me at home... a lot.  The majority of my time is spent cooking and cleaning, reading books, feeding tots,  picking up messes, wiping noses and hineys, and hugging on my little loves!  We meet friends for play dates, visit with our families, go on nature walks, we go to church (we try to be there when the doors are opened), and we have a standing date with Wal-Mart each week (we never ever miss out on our shopping time).  Much of the time, I am so not with it:  latest apparel trends, who is dating who, the best restaurants in town, what movies are out, ya know... what the hip kids are down with these days (is it even cool to say "hip kids".. probably not)!  When I go out, I have let you know that I have sometimes worn my 2 day old t-shirt, there was that thrilling post and picture where I went out and forgot to rub in my concealer (sucha mess), then there was the one time while driving to get a sausage biscuit and a order of flapjacks and I noticed while being greeted by that precious McDonalds window lady that I still had my hair wrapped up in a towel.  Let me just tell ya, girl.... I'm looking good!!
So, when we go out and about, this is my time to play a little bit of "catch up" with fashion (I have got some real cute friends).... each time, I come home a little bit more nervous!
Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings??
My friends say yes... leggings  and their new friend the jeggings are a thing to do.
Colored jeans?  Really?
I always knew those Saved By The Bell girls were always so with it!
Denim shirts, they are back too!  Jessie Spano loved a great denim tops (I do believe I see a skinny jean and a colored jean)!
Necklaces.... the statement necklace and layering them!!
Dark colored nails, I love a nice pale pink (not really, I bite my nails and they are never painted), but to be honest I guess if I had a nail worth painting, why not paint it the color of tree bark or asphalt!!
The dreaded skinny jeans....
So happy to know that I have been on trend for years!
All of my jeans are skinny jeans!
They are pretty old (I wore them when I was skinny), so when I wear them now.... wa-la, skinny jeans!
So anyways, I feel pretty okay with the fall fashion trends.  I have hit up some of my old faithful cheapy stores and purchased some jeggings and some necklaces to layer!  
FYI:  Cheapy stores are my friend, for a few reasons
 A.  So I will not bust the ole checking account (hello, I still have a wee babe in diapers and they aren't cheap ya know)
B.  Just in case big and baggy pants are the "in thing" for the following season or what if someone at Glamour decides that necklaces will be eyesores come spring... I shop at ole Cheapy and now I can afford to go get me a pair of Hammer Pants and a new big bobble for my finger!
That's right... saving those dolla bills!
There is always one thing that completely shocks me!  Forgive me friends, but I will not be sportin' the ole bagel forehead!
I kid you not, this was on the news today.....
Yes, the bagel forehead is all of the rage in Japan, and it is just fascinating!
Just to think, I would totally stay indoors if I happened to get a huge zit on my forehead (totally living on the wrong side of the map)!ha!!
Note to self.... I think I will just stick with the jogging suits and old blue jeans!!

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Cory said...

That last picture will disturb me for... ALWAYS! Are they trying to be star trek over there? :/Scary