Monday, September 10, 2012

Big bed... not for Red.

I will go ahead and lay it out here for ya.  We are definitely going through some changes in our home.  We have been doing more with Tiny Tot University (my version of the homeschooling), Red has started to take a weekly dance class, the kids and I are getting busier with our fall schedule (Bible study Tuesday, Wednesday evening church, and Sunday choir), Razorback football Saturdays!!, potty training... well, that was successful (1 down and the Bear to go), and now we have transitioned to the big girl bed.
So we are swimming in a sea of change at la casa Foresee.
Last week, I woke up and decided today is the day that Red shall now sleep in a big girl bed!  Woo Hoo!  I made a big deal about it to get Soph all excited, and we talked about no jumping on the bed, and this is where we sleep for our naps and at bedtime. 
(Does it look like these two are going to have issues with jumping on the bed??)
This was them obviously testing the bounce of the mattress.  Poor Baby Bear, it looks like he broke his head on the landing!
We even went to the store and got new sheets and such for her bed.  All Disney Princess with a fun throw and pillows.  The girl was pumped.  I got everything washed 
She was so proud.
 Then she had to lay on her big girl bed.
Then B had to sit on the bed too!
Needless to say, the evening came, the stories were read, she climbed in the bed, lights off......... 10 minutes later.... the pitter patter of Little Red's feet.  She just stood at my door and smiled.
I think it just gave her a thrill to know that she could get in and out of her room if she wanted to.
No more lock down for Red!
Little Red was out of bed and did not want to rest her head!
(Okay, enough of the Dr Seuss rhyming)
Anyways, this went on 4 more times.
Energy to deal with it... I had none.
So, Red's big girl bed was changed back to a crib that night.
(As I was fixing it back she told me, in the sweetest little voice, "Momma, I'm just not ready for a big girl bed."
Maybe next week we can try again.
Until then, it is naps on the couch for us!

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Sarah said...

"This was them obviously testing the bounce of the mattress. Poor Baby Bear, it looks like he broke his head on the landing!"

Everytime I look at this picture and read that sentence it makes me crack up! What cuties they are! ;)