Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whatcha Watching???

I think if you have ever read my posts, you are aware that I have a slight addiction to television.  Yes, I love my family and my friends, but I also love to watch a little bitta of the tele before my bedtime!  I do not get to really watch during the day, because of the tots, but PTL (praise the Lord) for the DVR, and all I can say is the DVR is gonna be full to the max with all of the shows I enjoy!
  Do you watch this?  Don't forget that it will be coming on Sunday's now, the picture is from an old site or something!
I just can't get enough of Emily Thorne and her vigilante ways!  She is super tough and all about avenging her fathers tarnished name!
Remember how things we were left hanging....
Emily and Jack kiss... Daniel finds out.... Emily chooses Jack... goes to tell him and Amanda loco wacko is back and with child "Jacks child" (whomp whomp)... just goes to show ya kids, pre-marital sex is no bueno y'all!  So now, no Emily and Jack.... will she go back to Daniel???  Ugh... the once love triangle has turned into a crazy square!
Then... there was Charlotte... she over doses on some pills... just goes to show you kids, that drugs are bad, "Just Say No"!!  Here is the scene shot of Conrad (man who is her dad but not really her dad because her dad was really Emily's dad... sound confusing... it is!)  He is trying to shake her out of a pill stupor!!  Where is her mother at a time like this??
 Remember... Victoria was getting on a plane with Lydia (the hussy that was once her BFF but in fact was really hooking it up with Conrad, her husband).. scandalous.. I know! 
The plane after take off, blows up.... (whomp.. whomp), thanks to Conrad.
Anyways, talk about a cliff hanger.
Sorry, if you have never watched it, my synopsis may add some confusion! HA! 
She keeps me on my toes with all of the twists and turns of each episode, and after the last season finale, I cannot wait to see what happens next!
Yeah, you know I am gonna keep watching... Grey's Anatomy
Yes, I remember this.....
killing off "my" Lexie in the season finales first 8 minutes.
Yes, I am still so upset over this ridiculous writing... I mean really, Lexie and Mark are supposed to be together... and the G.A. writers just ruined it for me!  Grrrr!
I know I said I would not watch and that I was going to write a "Shame On You" letter to the writers of the show, but I am sure that Shonda "something or other" has a little much on her plate...
like this.....
Yes, Meredith and her craycray cry-face!
What is going to happen to the rest of the cast?
Lexie dies.
Mark was next to ca-put...
Arizona was bleeding to death and I think she was like paralyzed...
Callie, I think something not so good was going on with her...
then Derek was a hot mess and only had 1 hand or 1 finger...
I mean seriously, how can you nearly kill off all of those "big hitters"??
Sorry, I just do not think that Grey's Anatomy can be carried with Meredith, Yang, Owen Hunt,and Karev... Thoughts??
Don't worry, I will be watching to see how that plane wreck of a show is fixed!
One of my new favs.... Scandal!
Love her, love her show, and I love that sneaky cheating President!
Then there is my Once Upon a Time....
What did you think?  Did you ever find yourself sucked into this drama?
So happy that the fall t.v. is back!

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Angie said...

We don't have cable so I am very out of touch with current shows. I do watch on netflix and hulu. I pick a show I think I would like and then watch from season 1 to current. People always laugh because "my shows" are usually several years out of date! These are my recent favorites: Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, One Tree Hill, and I recently started watching season 1 of Parenthood. Revenge looks good. Maybe I can catch it on netflix in a year or two!! :)