Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Wee Babes.....

I feel like the last posts have not had any pictures of the wee babes, so here are some pics of whats been a happenin' in our neck a the woods!  (Please note, this is more a blogy update for the great-grands and faraway familia)!
I just totally love her!
My Red has been keeping us so busy!  Potty trained, you bet she is!  Girl-friend is like a whiz kid (no pun intended) when it comes to the potty training stuff!  So much that, last week, I found her and her Buba, stripped necked of pajamas. panties, and his diaper.  Both were sitting on the potties in the bathroom (Buba was on the big potty (however he got there, I have no earthly idea) and Red on the training potty!  Sweet Jesus, these tots are keeping me on my toes!  I really wish I took a photo of my wee babes on the potties, but I knew if I ran out searching for a camera, the Bear would for sure fall in!  (Then my future hopes of ever potty training him would be non-existent)
The Bear!
He is such a lover.... and a fighter... and a thrower (of everything)!  Have I mentioned that he has his daddy's pitching arm?  Well, he does, and the marks on our flat screen plasma television are proof!  Grr, in the words of my precious husband, "ya can't have nothing nice!"  So, so, so true!  (What Baby Bear does not realize is that, this television that he has banged up so badly, will for sure be left to him in our will.HA!
Red is still in her baby crib, but I am seeing the toddler bed very close in our future!  She has now been climbing in and out of the bed at every chance she can get!  So, big girl bed will soon be making an appearance!  I hope that this time it will go so much better.  She is just growing up so much!  Just this past week she said her first Bible verse for Cubbies at church!  Talk about a super proud moment for this momma and daddy!
God loved us and sent His son.  1John 4:10
have I mentioned how I just adore him?  Really!  Head over hills!  Just the other night he cleaned almost the whole house!  I was so tired just watching him in action!  He even got out the vacuum and sucked out all of the dead bugs in the windows.... true love I tell ya, true love.
Halloween is a coming.....I had such high hopes for the kids to be Woody and Jesse from Toy Story!
I know, right!  Adorable!  We just love these movies, we have the dolls, and I feel like 10 times a day I am adjusting someones cowboy hat or yelling, "Yoddle-ahy-hee-hoo!!"
Well, those dreams went up in smoke today as we ventured to one of our most favorite shopping places.... Sam's!  (Right at lunch time and there are people handing out the samples, so you can shop and eat... now that is the most fun ever!  We walked up to the costumes and they had a cowboy costume (which I immediately grab) and then, Red sees it.... a yellow princess gown (looks similar to the Disney princess Belle).  I kept saying, but look at this costume..... she was not having it.  Sigh:(
So, we will be trick or treating as Brayden the Cowboy and Sophia the Princess.
Happiness, can you feel it?
This is her dancing or maybe smelling her under arms... who can figure?
 Bray is still trying to figure out the whole vest thing.  He normally on gets to dress up in hats or his sister's princess shoes, so I am so glad to bring a boy costume into the mix!  Dress up at our house just got a whole lot more entertaining!

 Today, the kids have been a little sniffly sniffly, coughy coughy.  No fun!  So, much time has been spent snuggling on the couch and watching movies.

 They make me so happy!
 So, how is your day going?


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