Sunday, January 8, 2012

About those cabinets....

Well, they are coming along. The past 2 days, I have sanded the shiny finish off of the wall unit that holds the cabinets and then the cabinet doors. When I thought I could sand no longer, I would pull out my sanding thingy ma-jig again and do some more. Then I would wipe the sand off and think that still looks a wee bit shiny to me, so I would sand some more yal! Holy geez, thus the life of a worker of the wood.Cabinet doors after much sanding.

My workshop has now been moved to the o- so chilly garage.

Still look kinda shiny huh. Gonna sand some more......

Finished those, now to the inside.

Now to tape off so I don't get the primer on my gorgeous walls that are cream (this will be changed as soon as the cabinets are done (its on my list)

Bada boom!

1 coat down

I wonder how many this is gonna take (banking on 3)

Well, for today, the work is done. Yes, I know, I have only done 1 coat of primer. Tell me about it, I know. For today, I must rest my hands and my arms (which are getting o- so buff, seriously, I am feeling the burn, I may start entering myself into arm wrestling matches or something).
I's the foreman, and I says when its quittin' time.

Quittin' time!

(I'm with Big Sam yal!!)


Angie said...

I feel your pain friend! I didn't sand but I did paint my kitchen cabinets a few years back. I decided to paint them red & yellow. Painting cabinets red is a MISTAKE. I think I ended up appylying at least 10 coats. I thought I was NEVER going to finish. Your progress is looking good. Can't wait to see the end result and those buff arms :)

Anonymous said...

Do you read Young House Love blog? They just finished up painting their kitchen cabinets white. You might get some tips!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caryn~ Thought it might give you some encouragment in your darkest DIY cabinet moments to know that we just had the plain jane cabinets at our new house painted and it was $1200 + paint cost!!! So if you get down about your progress just thinking about all the bucks you are saving :) I LOVE the inspiration they will look great. Cant wait to see the pics. Angie F