Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time Off For Good Behavior

I know, I know, my DIM project should probably be done by now, but some things have come up! For instance, who knew it would take about six days to prime a couple a cabinets and their wall shelves and who knew that my hubby and I would be released from our daily duties as mommy and daddy (for only a day and a half) to go on a date (an overnight date)! I know, I know... we received time off for good behavior. We celebrated.....while watching our Razorbacks play in the Cotton Bowl! Woo Pig!

I know, let's take a minute and call those HOGS!!




Look at him... he was like a little boy at Christmas! In fact, this was his Christmas present from Momma and Daddy. Aron is such a lover of all things RAZORBACKS. Big Fan! Always watching the sports on the news, reading the HOG page and other HOG blogs, reading any article published. He was just in HOG HEAVEN at the game!

We went to Cowboy ya been? Let me just say that place is kinda outta this world, beautiful sports dome! It reminded me of a Disney classic.......wait for it......

Do yal remember that show, I loved it and wanted to marry the boy who played the character, David. He got to ride in the alien space craft that took him into the future 8 years! The coolest!

That movie even had a young actress, Sarah Jessica Parker. Who knew she would take over the screen in Sex in the City and other top movie hits.

Anyways, see the resemblance (space craft and the stadium)?
Well, it was such a fun time. One of my brothers and some friends met us down there. We had such a fun time tailgating, eating out, and experiencing my super amazing night driving skills (got us lost, close to a not safe area (if the area was a person he would be called Roughie McRougherson), and then ended up on something called a HOV lane going the wrong way. What an adventure.

Me and my brother, he was talking

Me and Sheena

the boys with our friend Jeremy (Sheena's husband)

Sheena, Nicole, and myself

Aron and I had some much needed "us time", seriously 5 hours there and 5 hours driving back. We were full of conversation (if you know Aron you are laughing, BIG TALKER he is NOT!!)

It was a much needed break, and I was able to not change a diaper, make a bottle, feed someone (nice). I came back refreshed and charged up (I think that this is so necessary to make you a better mommy).
(I think I looked so relaxed, look I even did my hair!)

Thank you to Honey and G-Daddy who kept their grandbabies.

Those two kids had a great time!

Well, after my time off, I have returned to my exciting DIM project of the wood working, 2 sick children, and now I am sick. Today is still a wonderful day, it is my man's 32nd birthday! I need to get offa the blog, and go whip up a cake! We are celebrating this weekend with our family (a duo birthday extravaganza for my two cowboys (Aron, 32 and Brayden, 1) Post to come!!

Love yal!


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Angie said...

Sometimes I think "Mommy & Daddy time" is totally necessary. Glad you all enjoyed your trip. Looks like a blast! Hope everyone in your house feels better very soon, including you. Sounds like you have some big festivities planned. Can't wait to hear about them.