Friday, January 20, 2012

What happened to my babies???

Get ready to grab a tissue, I have already sat and whined a lil bit about it today. I have come to the realization that my babies are not babies any longer. I have these two tiny people. People. Not babies! This was brought more to my attention as this happened.......I know, he walked. Brayden took his most precious first unassisted steps! After shreiking for joy (which scared him to death, causing him to fall), I got so sad (a lil weepy). He's gonna be a walker. Then I am going to be taking Sophia and Brayden to school. Then they will be asking to go and get their drivers license. Then they are going to try to date. Then they are going to graduate from high school. Then they will most hopefully attend the U of A. Then they will marry and leave me!!!!! Sorry, to be all boo-hoo-ish, but its a gonna happen. These days will be gone, only a memory for me and a picture in my virtual scrapbook. Maybe we should try for a baby brother or sister? Or maybe we should get a fish.
A walker! Gosh! My little guy.

Onto the week wrap up!

After conquering the sickness, we were able to get outside for a bit!
I pulled the kids around our block in the wagon (this was the longest 10 minutes of my life)! It made me realize that I am so out of shape and that pulling these children is no easy task! Gosh, what are these kids eating anyways!?

After the warm day outside, we spent the next few days inside!

Honey and Aunt Kitty, and their G-Daddy got the kids a slide! This has definitely helped to turn our home into the equivalent of a McDonald's playground! Toys, books, balls, a tunnel, and now a slide, these children have no need to leave the house for any entertainment!
It is so much fun! Thank you for the slide!!
The kids have discovered this iron table with a glass top. I know, it sounds dangerous! Sophia loves to get underneath the table and then press her hands and face up against the top.
When she does this, I immediately think of one of my favorite movies....Sixteen Candles!Do yal remember that part when Ted is put in the glass table at Jake's party!? So hilarious and so sad!! I do love that movie!
Jake Ryan!

I heart him so much!

I would watch this movie over and over, and just thought that he was the cutest guy ever!

Did yal feel the same way too?
Did you go to school with a "Jake Ryan"?

Be still my beating heart! Sweetest teen movie moment ev-er!!

I sooo had a "Jake" at my school.

I would just think, "oh, if "Jake" would only notice me! Sigh.....

Eventually, he did notice me for a summer and in college, and it turns out "Jake" was not so hot! Girls, he was way better in the movie!! Ha!

PTL, that I met Aron!

Back to the week wrap up!!

Well, I thought that the illnesses were done. Ha!

We were back at the dr this morning! Ear infection! Boo hiss!!

He sure does look happy and sweet though!

And the last photo of the post. My angel.

I know, there is no halo, but she is sporting this knit hat (that is too small, but she insists on wearing it)! Poor thing, it makes her look as if she is a Conehead (another classic movie)!

My gosh yal, she is just so wonderful!

Hope that your weekend is filled with happiness..

Tomorrow we are celebrating my daddy's birthday!

It was on Wednesday, but tomorrow we shall feast on Blend of the Bayou and birthday cake!

Love yal!

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Angie said...

Shew babies do grow up way too fast. It breaks my heart looking at my son. I'm pregnant again but sure hate to see my other two grow up. Just wait till yours turn 13 like mine. It's just heartbreaking.

Love all the pics! Your kiddos are too cute :)