Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with the fam

Long ago, I met a boy.

This boy had a sister.....

(see photograph)

Isn't she pretty? I heart her!

That boy, with the sister.... well, she had a family....

(see picture)

The boy introduces me to fun, sweet, cute, loving family. I (the girl) totally fell in love with the family and knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of it. (Even though, the first time I met them, they fed me dinner and I drank some of their wine to fit in (even though I did not like it) and within a few minutes of eatin' and havin' the wine (that coulda been poisioned) I rushed out of their house and lost it in their yard! But this is a Christmas post, so whatever, I knew I wanted to be part of this family.

So... on with the story.

That boy.... he went home that night, and thought.... and thought...

and thought some more.... then some more.

He thought, one day, I will marry this girl! I just have to!

How will I get her????

Well.... sorry guys. This is a family blog! Haha!

Well, he got me!

After a few years, and a few children, we have now had a few Christmas'.

But that happy family in the picture above.... well, something happened to them.

(see picture)

They have all gone a lil' crazy!! But hey, they are my family, and ya gotta love yo' peeps!

Gotta lov um!

Princess Sophia

The princess is crowning her successor.

Daddy and his boy.

Sophia telling me about Bar-b.

Such a proud Daddy

My B.I.L and my S.I.L

My sista and my nephew

Annalee talking to Sophia

Sophia taking my new cooking utensils!

Annalee showing of her present.
Me and my babies

I love that manYes, we were singing Christmas carols and my sis and niece are dancing as if they were on Solid Gold. Seriously yal, bustin a move .
Singing Jingle Bells
Me and my baby sister She is 13, and I am 32.
Still dancin'

Yes, there were guitars being played
I am so glad to be a part of this family.

Foresee Parks Christmas 2011

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