Monday, January 2, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party

Over the holidays, we hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party! I have always wanted to go to one of these, so, I just decided to have some friends and family over and check out their ugly gear. Well, lets just say... some guests really pulled out all of the stops and were dressed to thrill me with their Christmas get ups, others were dressed to kill (seriously, they looked way too pretty to be attending the party!)

Well, here they are... my festive friends.minus momma and Uncle David, they were working the camera

Kristin (his wife--->), me, Chris (<--her husband), Brooke, Erin

Jeremy and Brayden

Tanner holding his new toolbox that was won while playing the Dirty Santa Game

Katie reading to Oliver

Jason and Owen opening presents

Jeremy and Sheena

Brooke telling us how to play the game

Could she be any prettier?

Leah holding my baby.

Chris with the Kiesel boys

Brayden is bigger than Leah!

Daddy and Me

(sweet shirt Dad!)

Jason (my brother), Tanner, and Ashley

If prizes were given for best Christmas get up, it would have been Tanner and Ashley! Tanner's collar was fur yal, and his sweater beaded. Ashley was in head to toe Christmas garb, it was amazing, and I do think some of it looked to be velour. They made me smile

Momma and Brayden

Richard and Jason with Uncle David (we are trying to get him to move here!!)

Sheena, Nicole, Paige

me and Aron

Uncle David with his niece and nephew

My lil sister, Sophia, and me

Aunt Kitty and her Sophia

Full house of friends

Kristin, Caryn, Erin

Full house yal!

My sister

My baby

My loves!

The Ugly Sweater Party was a hit! Cannot wait until next year!

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