Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello, my name is Caryn.....

and I am a germ-a-phobe!!
Yes, thats right, I over night have become a girl that is obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria!! (If I were a super hero I would be called Disenfecto Girl. I would wear black (beacause it is slimming) and maybe some red or pink. My weapon of destruction would be a bottle of bleach and hand sanitizer!

I blame this new phobia on...

Have yal seen this? Look at Gwyneth Paltrow in the bottom corner (girl is looking rough in this film yal)! If you have small children, I do not think that you should watch this movie, or if your husband is coughing up a storm while trying to watch the movie... this may be a film to skip, or if you are already thinking that everytime you and your children leave your home you come back to the house with some sorta infection.... better choose something else on OnDemand!

Yal... why did I watch this film?

It left me freaked out, grossed out, and a little icked out any time anyone in the house touched me! It did not help that we were still trying to get over some colds and coughs!

Seriously, after the movie, I got up and scrubbed counters and floors (not joking) with bleach!! I also did all of the laundry and hung up some pictures. I know the last two chores do not have anything to do with germs or Contagion, but I just felt so good about the clean stuff that I felt I needed to do the other things! Gotta love a show that encourages you to do something.... like wash your hands or clean your house! Hopefully, since our enviornment was spic and span for the moment, it will help us to all feel a bit better!

So... how was your weekend?


Angie said...

I totally should NOT watch this. I'm already petrified I'm going to come down with some strange illness LOL. I might be a hypochodriac (spelling?). I'd probably worry my pretty little head off. The bright side is your house is clean!!!!

Have a good evening :)

Angie said...
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