Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had the most wonderful and unpredictable Christmas this year! The kids were so entertaining to watch as they opened up presents or played with boxes and paper. I cannot even imagine what next year will bring. We have really been talking to Sophia about Christmas (how this is Jesus' birthday, and since it is his birthday Santa brings us presents, I know not really the way it goes, but for a 2 year old she thought that this was the best birthday party ever!)

To start us off, lets back up a bit to Christmas eve. We spent that evening at my parents house. The house was decorated so beautifully, and they had prepared the most wonderful dinner. My parents were there, the brothers, and my sister. So fun to be with family.

Momma and Aron on Christmas Eve, this was the only picture I took at the house
at least it is a good picture.

We got to their house and I just knew that something was up with our lil' guy. Sure enough, during dinner I picked him up and he was burning up (as he wsa all day and I had been giving him Tylenol and IB Profin) well, I am holding him and saying that maybe we should take him to the hospital, and he threw up all over me and himself. So sad..... and off we went to the ER. What a happening place to be in on Christmas eve.

We stayed for a few hours. They did not diagnosis Bray with anything. He had a fever of 102 point something, then after an hour it increased! Geez, whata mess! Two hours later it dropped a bit to 101 and we were able to go home (Santa would not have known what to do if we stayed at the hospital!)

So, 1115ish we went to pick up Sophia from my parents. They kept her entertained by letting her open up about 4 or 5 Christmas Eve presents! The child was so pumped up and definitely had figured out the unwrapping bit!

So, we got the kids home and in bed.
Santa came.

Aron and I went to bed 130 or later.

Brayden cried about sometime after that and I just loved on him and watched him and his daddy sleep. And sleep. And Sleep!

Geez people...it is Christmas.... why do all three of my peeps wanna sleep until 8 on Christmas morning (this would never take place any other day! Ha!

Finally, they wake! Here is the video (only the first few minutes, taken from my phone so it is poor quality, but it is precious because it is my babies on Christmas. Such a sweet memory for me.)

It took such a long time for the unwrapping of gifts. Sophia wanted everything opened, from the box (that takes about 20 minutes, have you seen the packaging that Santa's elves do on toys these days! Holy Moley! Then she would play with it for a few. Then we would tell her, there is something else to open.

Her big things that she received were a Tinkerbell doll/ Barbie, Lil Mermaid that you can brush her hair and she talks you can also put her in the bath tub (her uncle Jason got her one of these too, so they are sisters and she loves them!), she got a red headed Cabbage Patch Kid, a baby pram (stroller), Mrs Potatoe Head, Brayden got a Lil People Jeep and Zoo (from Honey and Gdaddy), Lil People tractor and farmer, a little Thomas Train, Woody the talking doll, fun bath toys from Uncle Richard, Bibles from their great grandparents, Lil people zoo animals and Dora dress up from Their Aunt LeAnne and Uncle Ryan

All in all, I would say they were over the moon about their gifts. They have been very good this year!

After all of that we spent the rest of the day at momma and daddys house! I took no pictures (I think I was mentally drained from the night before) My momma has pictures so I will be stealing hers soon and there will be a super late Christmas post from her house!

What an amazing time we had celebrating Christmas this year, I cannot imagine what is in store for years to come!

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