Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Information for my Blogging Buds!

I know that this is so old, everyone on Facebook has already done this, but I never did!! So here it goes! Happy Reading!!

1. I am married to my best friend ever, Aron Foresee. The funny thing is when we were in jr high I wrote in my diary that I loved him forever. ( I know in jr high, you loved a new boy everyday, but whatever I wrote it and I knew then he was the one for me)! I never spoke to him in jr high or high school, so needless to say we never had some wonderful exciting romance, but I went to a friends house in 2005 and he was there, I instantly knew he was the man I was going to marry. It was like an 80s movie, where everything stops and the song from 16 Candles, True by Spandeau Ballet plays. It is so funny how things worked out.

2. I have the most wonderful parents and I talk to them everyday! For some reason, if I do not talk to them the day is not a good.

3. I am one of 4 children. I am the oldest 29 (will so be 30 in July!!), Jason is 28 (one of my very best friends), Richard is 27 (one of my very best friends), and the baby Katie Grace, she is 11!! Yes, there is a wide range in ages!!!

4. Aron and I have a son, a West Highland Terrier, Chip. I gave him to Aron as a wedding gift, the morning before we got married. I bought him in front of the Rogers Barnes and Noble Bookstore, I am such an impulse buy person, all I needed was magazines for the honeymoon!! I put him in a box and Aron came to my parents to open his gift, he was so confused when he opened it, he looked in the box and said,"wow, it is a dog." I think he was hoping for towels or something. Chip is very protective of me, and growls at Aron. He says that he has rabies, whatever. I need to stop treating him like a human, poor dog is going to be so confused when his new brother or sister is brought home from the hospital.

5. Aron and I are going to have a baby in August. We tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant, and the Lord blessed us with this special gift. We cannot wait to be parents!

6. I love to watch the television! My favorites are reality t.v.: The City, The Hills, The Real Housewives (of anywhere), Project Runway, John and Kate Plus 8, The Duggers show, Dancing with the Stars, there are so many more, I am easily sucked in. I am probably the only person in the world that still watches old episodes of 90210, I am not ashamed. I love Dylan, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Brandon..... I am also a huge fan of Lost!

7. I like to organize things: bills, closets, cabinets, I just love my label maker!!

8. I enjoy to paint and draw. I am so pumped to work on the babies room!! So many ideas!

9. I love to work in my flower beds and the yard, I am all about getting my hands dirty!

10. I would love to be a writer, it is something that I have toyed with for years. Who knows, maybe one day you will read something by me!!

11. I went to college and graduated from the University of Arkansas. Before deciding to major in History (such a geek), I had 5 previous majors: business (this is usually where most people begin), interior design, law, architecture, education. I was very busy and learned so much in college, my parents were so ready for me to get out, I was on the 5 year plan!

12. My parents bought me my dream car the year that I graduated from high school, a 1997 red Acura Integra. I love that car, loved it so much that I drove it for 11 years! I was so attached! Now some boy drives it around town and has posted stickers all over it, that car was an antique, now it is a bill board on wheels! Geez, no respect!

13. I love to write letters and send cards, there is nothing nicer than checking your mailbox and just getting a happy note that is not a bill!!

14. I really enjoy sweat pants and knit dresses! I love to be able to breathe in my clothes!

15. I am not sure why this is, but I love to be clean. I love soaps, shampoos, gels, scrubs, bubble baths, and must bathe and wash my hair everyday. If I am sick I will shower more than 2 or 3 times a day. I also love swimming, maybe I was a fish in a previous life??

16. It is hard for me to go throught the WM checkout line and not pick up the latest Star Magazine! Yes, it is my addiction, have you seen the wonderful crossword, cryptograms, and suduko puzzles in back! I love to complete puzzles. It is the first thing I search for in magazines and when I fine a newspaper at work or at my parents (I rip those out and take them home to complete!!)

17. I often have bad dreams about snakes! What does that even mean, it totally freaks me out. I think that I am permanantly scared from the snake incidents that have happened in my life . A 6ft black snake slithered down our dog run on the side of the house and then it went into a hole in the retaining wall. So scared I called my brothers to come and get it! Richard came over, I told him it was in the hole and we could drown it out with the water hose, and that is what we did, put the hose in the hole and turned it on and out creeps the snake! By that time, Aron had gotten home and threw a hoe at it (kind of like a track and field throw) thought he killed it! Why did he not throw it over the fence, I dont know! It stayed there all night pinned in the yard! I went out in the a.m. to dispose of the snake and he was so mad, so I called my other brother and mother to take care of business. Family is so good. That was not the only snake I have had a run in with at our house! There have been 6 others (including one that slithered right inbetween my legs as I sat on our patio swing! I am so Indiana Jones, I hate snakes!!

18. Sonic Commercials make my husband laugh histerically, but get on my nerves so bad! In fact there are so many commercials that get on my nerves and make me completely uncomfortable! If I am with my husband, brothers, or dad, if I see one about any women products or male enhancement things I turn red! Then there is a commercial that I have seen a few times, and it is a banana singing the word nannerpuss (what is that?) I hate it!!

19. Seems odd, but Aron and I each week have spagetti for dinner. Everytime he makes it he says, "honey, I think this is the best spagetti I have ever made!"

20. I like to cook/ try new recipes! It is not always good, but my heart is always in it.

21. I have the most wonderful friends a girl could ever ask for.

22. My family is the most precious thing to me!

23. I love making up songs, and singing them to Aron and the dog! This baby is in so much trouble!!

24. One of my favorite foods is Fly Off the Plate Waffles (thank you Aunt Cathy)!

25. I love my sweet Jesus, and am so thankful for all that he has done for me.

So, do I have anything in common with you? Surely someone out there watches old episodes of 90210!

Do 25 random things about yourself, it was kind of hard to come up with 25!!