Friday, September 17, 2010

Sophia in Wonderland

So, as yal may know, my sweet girl turned 1 this past month, August 2nd! The theme of the birthday extravaganza was Sophia in Wonderland! Enjoy the photos!!
Some special characters were able to attend. Above is (Aunt Kitty Kat, dressed as Alice) with Annalee.

Honey dressed as the White Rabbit and Uncle Richard wore a Tweedle Dee hat!

The characters were so much fun to have sitting around the party!

We munched on hotdogs, burgers, brisket, and all of the fixings! I made cookies that said "Eat Me" and we served drinks in bottles that read "Drink Me"! The birthday cake was made out of 48 cupcakes in the shape of a 1 (as you can tell, she enjoyed it!)

What a day we had! Aron and I cannot believe that our precious girl is already 1! The year has just flown by!

Love yal!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time For A Little Catch Up!

So, the past few months have been super busy for the Foresee family!

After our vacation, I celebrated my 31st birthday! Woo-hoo, do I feel any older? Humm...not really, but I have noticed that things are definately not as perky as they once were. Is that due to the growing number in age or the fact that I am turning into that sweet Mrs Dugger lady??Anyways, the birthday extravaganza was so fun. My SIL, LeAnne, niece and nephew paid me a visit that day. They brought over a card with Malco movie swag in tow! So excited, now I just have to get the energy to go and see a movie, any suggestions?? Then, for dinner we went to Daddy and Momma's, it was so yum! I got to enjoy one of my favs, Blend of the Bayou. It was like slap ya in the face good! OMG, totally just got chills thinking about it! I was given some sweet gifts, WM gift cards, hair gel and shampoo (Biolage) my family obviously thinks that my hair is not looking healthy and I quit putting get in it around the end of May (total laziness, and I kept forgetting to purchase it). I also got a gift certificate to a local salon (seriously, the hair is so not looking good).

Me and my husband.

I have no other photos of that night, but all of the family was in tow!

The next few days were a little crazy and kind of a blur. Still suffering from all of that morning sickness- the kind that I have all day everyday, we were also planning a 1st birthday party shindig for Lovey girl!! We just love a party, that we decided to celebrate 2 times!!

The morning of her birthday, Honey (grandmother) stopped by to give Sophia a choochoo train!! Talk about a happy girl!

Later, we went over to Honey and Granddaddy's tp play with Aunt Kitty Kat. Then there was another surprise! A Jump-o-line!!

So much fun!! Did I mention that this is coming to stay at our house, in our living room! Yes, there will be limited seating in our living room, but there will be a jump-o-line!

That evening, I cooked, and Granddaddy, Honey, Aunt Kitty, Uncle Jason, Uncle Richard, and Nicole came to celebrate the happy day! This was Sophia's fun party dress, sent to her from her Poss (aka Bucky) and Moss! It is the cutest dress eva!!

Then there was the cake!! She obviously enjoyed it!
After a bath, it was time for presents and one unexpected surprise!

Look at that grin, shoulda known she was up to something!!

There were tutus, antennas, and wings galore! This little one loves to dress up!

Thanking her Honey!


OMGosh! What is she doing??

She is a walker!!

Yes!! She took her first steps on her 1st birthday!

My baby girl!!

Aunt Kitty, Granddaddy, Sophia, and Honey

Nicole, Richard, Jason, Sophia, Mommy, Daddy, Katie
What a happy start to Sophia's next year.
Party #1 down, and next will be Sophia in Wonderland!! What fun we will have!
Love yal! Caryn