Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dream a little dream....

Warning... super random post!
I do not know if the 10s of you reading ever have a dream and wake up thinking, "what in the world does that even mean".  I have these dreams all of the time.
For instance, I have had a dream many times over the past few years that I cannot get into my locker at my old high school.  I fa-reek out and end up having to go to the office and ask for my combination.  FYI, it is always the same 6 numbers that the lady tells me... (I would tell you, but I am afraid that you would use my numbers and win the lottery with them)!  For real though, what does that even mean?
This is even more strange... two times (okay, I know I should not even write this one), but I have had a dream that I was hanging out with a famous person... went to their home and they died.  So sad, and creepy, I know!  Even more strange with in 2 days of me dreaming those dreams... the people died!  I know... (insert super creepy Twilight Zone music).  It has only happened twice (which is totally 2 times tooooooo many).  FYI, no I do not practice any sort of witchcraft or make any voodoo doll stuff, I am a Jesus loving girl that just has had a few dreams that just happened to happen (sounds weird writing that out, and I am for sure that I have just lost 2s of my readers).
Okay, the other night... I had the strangest dream ever!  I hear the kids in the living room, and I just cannot get out of bed.  Not motivated, sleepy, just not having my morning... until random white kitty cat jumps on top of me and then onto my bed.  It startles me (since I do not have a cat) but the cat looks at me and then cuddles up in my sheets, I reach to pet the cat and it runs off but it leaves a trail of kitty pee on my bed!  Wha????  I know, totally disgusting!  I fa-reek out, this causes me to jump up from the bed and try to get my sheets off of the bed before the gross pee gets on my mattress!  It takes forever to get the sheets off of the bed and I am just sobbing.  Weird right?  That is not all though.  I am rushing out of the door with the kids and I run into the parking lot (which is my old college parking garage and I cannot find my car)!  Like, no where!  Finally, after running all over carrying all sorts of stuff, I find it and it has been broken into! (Whomp, whomp)  The trunk is open, someone has taken my tools and books and cds (yes, in my dream I had cds), but I remember how late we are and start to get into the car, but the key will not work.  I walk to the front of the car to see if it has wheels and whoever broke into the car, redid (like "Pimp My Ride" styled) the front, yes, just the front of my car!  With a Jeep looking front!  So strange!!  The police asked if it was my car after I explained what my car looked like, but they said that was not my car and towed it away... leaving me and the kids stranded!!

Y'all!  What in the world does any of that mean??
I do not know!!
So, yesterday, I decided to tell a friend my dream and she gets online and looks at dream interpretations....
It was a cool and a not so cool thing, because now the interpretations have just really bothered me and had me second guessing some of the things I guess I have really been thinking about.

1.  one interpretation was talking about me getting older and not truly being sure about what I am doing in my life.  I need to go after things before I "age out"!  Wha?  Am I missing a BIG opportunity on something?  Is this talking about work?  Is it talking about more children?  Heck, is it talking about me writing a book?  Possibly living out my dream as a ballerina?  I do NOT know, but now I am thinking that I am missing the boat on something and that what I am doing now is not what I am really supposed to be doing!!  Ya see why I am fa-reeking out!!

2.  There was another thing about me not being in touch with my femininity??  Hummmmm, okay... I think I am doing okay with this, so it is not leaving me up at night.

3.  This one is the kicker... I am possibly going to be experiencing some misfortune!!  I know, so now I am sitting around waiting on something no bueno to happen!  This is the pits, and I do not wanna sit around and wait for the bad to happen or worry about it!

4.  This one is kinda funny.  The pee could be a reference to the "pissy" attitude or thoughts I have been having about life.  Hummmmmm, that is funny, since I am always trying to be a "Pollyanna".

Anyways, with all of those interpretations lingering in my mind (thanks, Vicki... who that is not really her name, but I work with her and want to keep her private life private... she does not probably want 10s of people knowing that she was leading me down this not so dreamy road)!
What am I going to do with all of the above info?  I do not know.  #1 really has me pondering some of the decisions that I have made and will be making in my near future.  So many things to decide!
Am I the only one who has these kind of dreams?  #DontJudgeMe

PS... I am not a spell checker, and I am writing this before work... I have no time to do a read through and make sure that this whole blurb makes sense!  Enjoy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

20 years??? Wha??

I am just gonna put it out there... I am no spring chicken, and this became very apparent to me tonight as I was at my 20 year high school reunion planning meeting.  I cannot believe that it has been 20  years since I was in high school!  Geez, where did the time go?  There I was, sitting at a table with people that I have known since grade school, it is just crazy (even crazier is that they all really look the same... which is great and all but really??  I think they are having some work done)  #JustSaying #MightBeJealous #NotJudging
So anyways, I am sitting with these physically unchanged people, and it takes me back... like waaaaaay back!  Such fun times, and here we are planning a BIG get together with other blasts from our pasts, and I am so excited about it!  Now, I know that some people graduated and just left their high school memories in the past, that is cool, I get it.  (not really, but I understand).  For the ones that do come, I am pumped for the opportunity them.  I want to know what people have been doing!  I want to meet their families!  It is so fun to be able to take a little trip down memory lane!
Last month, I filled out a questionnaire about the waaaaay back... and I figured I could share it here and elaborate on a few things...

The Waaaaaaaay Back, 20 years ago

1. Did you end up marrying your high school sweetheart?? Awe, no, he was sweet and fun memories but I met and fell for my man friend.  I do not often think back to what coulda woulda been, because if I did.... I know there would not be an us, a Sophia, and Brayden.  The thought of that is too sad for me to think about.

2. If not did you know your spouse? I knew of him, saw him in the hallways, but that was it. I remember him to be very cute, and I did write in my diary (I'm talking junior high) that I loved him and would for forever❤️. Funny how things work out☺️  That is seriously no joke!

3. How did you get to school? I didn't have a license until right before graduation, I just never needed it. My besties drove me anywhere I needed to go😉. Shannon, Kari Jo, Christy, Amie  (forgot to change names)

4. What kind of car did you drive? When I was able finally drive I had a red Acura Integra. It was a beauty! After a few weeks of having it I backed into (or someone backed into me)... either way neither one of us were paying attention (Kevin Taylor)! Mr Hager ran out to see the commotion (since in was I the high school parking lot), and I was holding a cig (yeah, I was a skank... looking back that was so disgusting)!! #KidsDontSmoke #YoureParentsWillFindOut #SoWillMrHager #AndHighSchoolBoyfriendWontBeImpressed

5. What kind of job did you have? no job, but looking back I probably could have had one.  Although, the summer of the year I graduated, I did work for a local gift shop, The Perfect Choice, and I worked there on and off for years.  One of my best friends mom's kinda got me the job (love me some Peaches... no, not the fruit, this is just what we called her mom).  My boss became more like a friend for me.  I love her still, and I would claim her and her family as my own.  Those are my people... still.

6. What was your favorite subject? Lunch, I loved socializing best.  We would sit around the table and feast on French fries and have sodas and chips (no wonder I have a slight obsession for some of those items today)!

7. Were you a party animal? I guess I was until the clock struck 9 (I had a curfew and spent most weekends grounded) so I'd usually spend my evenings on my Swatch phone talking to Shannon, Brad , Willie, or Robert, Nathan and John P would come and talk to me at my window. Many nights Mr Durham would come out and say something from across the street! #ThosePoorBoxWoodBushes
When I could "go out" or hang out, a lot of us would hang out at the EZ Mart (Sleezy Mart), Taco Bell, or Lewey Matton's land (yes, Lewey is not the real name, but remember, I like to protect the people I write about!)  So many fun times were had out there...  There were also a lot of kids that would go out to Shadow Lake, but I never got to make the trip!  I cannot imagine asking Mike and Amy, "oh, hey, can I go out to Shadow Lake?"  Heck no, and I would never let my babies go to a place across the state line to dance at a lake... that is probably a shady place!  Shoulda been Shady Lake!

8. Were you considered a jock? No, but I knew some.

9. Were you in band, orchestra or choir? I was a part of the choir, happy happy times! I started with the choir in the 8th grade and just fell in love with it, and all of the people that came along with it were just an added bonus!

10. Did you play a sport?  Ha!  Sporty Spice was not my thing!  I was a drill teamer, or Golden Tamer. Tamers were the school dance team.  I can remember my first performance as a Tamer, a boy I had been crushing on came up to me after the pep rally and told me, "nice purple underwear", I was scared for life.  I did not have black underwear and purple was the closest thing to black I had... (died of embarrassment in that moment).  Shoulda known that boy would be bad news (it took years for me to figure that out)  #MommaTriedToTellMe #WhoKnewSheKnewWhatSheWasTalkingAbout
I also tried to play intramural volleyball and shattered all the bones in my wrist! Sports, not really my thing (obviously)

11. Were you a nerd? I didn't think so.

12. Did you ever get suspended? No, never, not even a detention!  I was a good girl.

13. Can you sing the fight song?
Yes! Eye of the Tiger, and can still do the dance!  (Duh.Duh.Duh.Duh...Duh Duh Duh...Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh, if you were a tamer, then you may remember saying this when starting the fight song dance)

14. Where did you eat lunch? Cafeteria, usually a coke and chips

16. What was your school mascot? Tiger

17. If you could go back and do it again, would you go back?
It was fun and all, but I like my present situation

18. Did you have fun at the prom?
Yes. I went to my jr and sr prom.  Junior prom was with a friend, Rustin Neck and we went with other friends (one of whom was at dinner tonight) and my senior prom was with a boyfriend... Brad Rolz.  Both proms were very fun, in fact I won a tv at my jr prom after party!  Sound lame, but proms for me were not like a 90210 prom where I was with a Donna Martin who got drunk and was nearly kicked out of school or like a Dylan and Brenda prom.

19. Do you still talk to person you went to prom with?
Friends with them on FB, I must find a picture!  I felt like such a princess on both occasions!

20. Are you planning on going to your next high school reunion?
Yes! I'm helping to plan it with a few of my friends.  It is going to be such a fun time, and so far the planning times have been great!

21. Are you still in contact with people from high school?
Yes, many.  I still live in the same town, and so many people from school are here.  I see them at the store, at school (with their children), and because of FB I can even see what some of them are eating for dinner!

22. Who was your favorite teacher?
Of all time, Mrs House (6th grade) from my Jr. High and high school days Mr Terry Hicks.

23.  Did you have a nickname in high school?
Yes.  I was called Big Perm (hello, notice my hair much?)  I think it was a reference from a movie, just cannot remember which one.  I really never liked the name, but I went with it.

24.  Am I still best friends with my best friends?
Well, some of them, yes.  Some of our friendships grew, and although we do not talk a lot, I know I could call them in a second and they would listen to anything crazy I had to say.  However, there are a few that I am not close with, could just be that they moved to new places, but I really believe if we were to connect again, we would be back!

25.  Who is the person that I want to see the most at the reunion?
So many people that I would like to see!  I just cannot wait to be that person that tells the "remember when stories"!

How was your reunion?  Did you go to yours?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oh, whatta week...

Sunday...  what a laid back day at la casa Foresee.
I'm gonna be honest, I spent the majority of the day doing laundry.  Yeah, that is right, I had sooo much laundry that I could fill an entire morning, afternoon, and evening a washing and a drying... then a folding!  Please do not judge me.  I started at 8:15 and ended by 8:30 (ridic, I know).  I was so proud as I put away those last pair of socks, then I went to look at the laundry room and could see the floor!  I.  Have. A. Floor!  My dog will not have to sleep on dirty pajamas and clothes from the week!!  I felt very good about my job well done!  It was bedtime and I was going to tuck in those littles and snuggle into bed and continue binge watching my new show, The Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce (which I am kinda obsessing about... like I have watched almost 2 full seasons in 4 days (and by days I mean nights, after all of my people are asleep).  Anyways, we are putting the kids to bed and sometimes we lay down with the people and chit chat until they fall asleep, but that night something in my being told me NO!  Kiss um and leave um (I know it is harsh, but I really wanted to get back to my show).  As I was leaving Red's room I could hear water, splashing water, running fast water, almost sounding like water running out of a bathtub.  I kinda panicked and ran to the laundry room (yes, ran... and if you read here at all we all know what happens when I run) and as I run through the living room the water is getting louder and then it is visible... flowing into the kitchen.  It quickly covered one tile, then the next, then I look at the dog (my poor dog, just sitting there shivering, because he is sitting in my laundry room turned kiddie pool).  I quickly started yelling, yelling for Aron, yelling at the dog (like he had something to do with it), yelling for Aron again (because he had not rushed to the scene within 2 seconds).  I see the hose that is connected to the back of the washer and then it runs to the wall, but whaaaaaaaa it is hanging out of the wall and emptying yuck water from the washer all in the floor, I ain't talking drops y'all.  I shoulda reached to turn off the water (because that is what a calm person would do) but me, naw!  I try to open the washer (which has a lock button you have to hold down for 3 seconds) it would not work so then I try to pull the knob up to stop the cycle (but hello, you have to hold a button down for 3 seconds to get it to stop)... needless to say, I broke the knob.  Did I tell ya the water is still running into the floor.  Sweet geez!
Man friend rushes in (he is a hot mess express because he had really been asleep in Bray's room... must be nice), so he comes in a hootin and a hollerin (he will not like that I say he hoots and hollers, but whatev... this is how I remember it), and he picks up a dish towel (a fa-reekin dish towel... did he possibly not see the kiddie pool??) and when he uses said dish towel to try to sop up the kiddie pool he comes up and bashes his head on a cabinet door (hehehehe) then he may have started talking loudly about why I am unable to close cabinet doors (geeez, like I had time to listen to this mess, I had a kiddie pool to clean).  FYI, still water a draining!!
Finally, Aron reaches to turn off the water.  I had no idea you could flip these little knobs on the wall (note to self).
The next hour was really a lot of eye rolling, rude comments, and crazy laughs (like the laughs that a crazy person may do... well, before they do something not good).  We called my dad to bring over some fans to help us get some things dried out.  The water had flooded the laundry room, went into the kitchen, under a wall into our living room and entry. By this time it was close to 10:30.  We were so worn out, so worn out that I watched my new show until 1 in the morning (all 8 fans were so loud, I felt like I was listening to airplane propellers all night).
I obvi wake up feeling hung over (from lack of sleep), and just knew a warm shower would make the day better.  It did until I got out and had no towels, they were all used in the Foresee kiddie pool clean up 2017!  All I had to use was a roll of toilet paper (2 ply, we use the cheapo stuff) and a washrag (that may have been used to wipe off little mouths the night before after their teeth were brushed)!  I know, gross!  I dried my big ole girl body with that Colgate smelling washrag, and tried to use it to cover my lady bits as I ran out to get my clothes (FYI, washrags will NOT cover up my big ole girl body... so glad my children did not get up when I first turned on their bedroom lights, they would have been scarred for life).
I got them to school and cleaned up the mess, and went into work a bit late.  I walked out of the house feeling like... today WILL be a good day.  My house WILL NOT have water damage.  My house WILL NOT smell like mildew.  As I lifted my leg into the car (while I was holding a large BIG GULP type of drink) and dropped it into my front seat and down my leg.  (You have got to be fa-reaking kidding me!  #MustGoBackToBed #ButIHaveNoPersonalTime #OrVacationTime #AndNoCleanTowelsForCleanUp
The house was finally put back together.  So happy we did not have any damage from the washer debacle.  The man friend made the most amazing grilled chicken (sooooo good), and the night was spent with all of us on the couch watching Hook then reading books in bed.
We celebrated my sweet daddy!!  It was his 60th birthday!

He is the most fantastic man I know (besides my Aron).  Our night was spent being surrounded by family, feasting on gruell (sounds disgusting but really delish), and eating cake!  All in all, the night was a success, and made me forget about the flood of 2017-
Today has been a good day!  I got to be a lady who lunches with a girlfriend!  This never happens for me, and I so needed some girl time with my Suzie.  I did not take a picture because we spent the whole hour talking that I forgot to capture the moment (so I just had to capture it without the phone)!  It was such a good time!  There are not too many people I can have a conversation about salad dressings that make you poop, bubbies, and other mommy dramas (yes, all of that in an hour)!  I did not think that the day could get any more awesome, but it did!  New boss (we will call her Tina, remember I don't use real names here people, I have to protect their identity from the 10s of readers... (except for Suzie, nothing rhymes with Suzie except Boozie or Floozie, but then y'all might think I am hangin' out with a hook-a)), anyways, Tina bought our office Sonic drinks (yay for happy hour), I was then able to go visit my parents and brother, and I arrive home to a prepared dinner (I love you man friend).  After dinner and baths, the kids and I read some books, and Sophia and I finished our first chapter book (Junie B. Jones... My Big Fat Mouth)!  I would read a sentence and she would read about 15!  Sweet moments with my people!!
I am going to wrap it up here.  There is a piece of saved birthday cake for me on the counter (yes, I am aware it is past 11, but I have had a nutzo week)!
We will see how Friday goes, but I can already tell, it is gonna be a good day!  Happy Friday friends

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

He's not gonna like this...

and that is okay.  It is time all 10s of you know... tomorrow (which will be Thursday) is Aron's birthday!!
(Aron, please know it is not a big deal to share this kind of information, there are only 10s of people reading:  momma, possibly your sister, maybe Moss (if the link shows up on the FB), and well (okay, I was shooting for 10s, but maybe just 3s of people)!
Anyways, my man friend. it is your birthday!!
Right now, I am laying next to you in the bed (it is okay readers... this is a PG blog), and I have been staring at you (not in a creepy way where you should be worried or feel uncomfortable) but just looking at you while you rest (and snore), but you are so peaceful (and tired, very tired).  I am reminiscing over the past 12 years of knowing you, loving you, and celebrating you!  I am also praying that this year, year 37 will be your best one yet!
You are so very loved, and I am so glad I get to do life with you.
Happy happy birthday my precious husband... what would I ever do without you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Needing a "Little" Bit of Prayer

It is time all tens of you know... I love me some FB.  I know it is probably not the most popular social media thingy, but it is my thingy, and I love that I can connect with family I do not see often, people I used to work with, people I went to school with, even friends I once knew when I lived in West Monroe (wayyyyy back in the day, like kindergarten)!  I love staying connected and seeing what is happening with people:  I can see their children, look at cute pictures of their pets, and even check out what they are eating for dinner (ha)!
One of the things that I love most about social media is if I am having a rough day, struggling in the trenches of mommyhood, or feeling sad,  I know that if I were to share my feelings in a simple post I would have at least 5 people respond in just a few minutes that they will be praying for me.  Now I know some people just say, "oh yea, I will pray for you" and they just go on about their day, but I have friends that will REALLY do it, like stop everything that they are doing and lift me up in prayer.  I sometimes do not even have to give them a reason of why I need it, but they will do it.  Some will even call me to pray, or even send a text to let me know that they thinking of me.  I immediately feel so much better about the situation.
It is an amazing cycle, because I can be that friend for someone else.  If they needed me to do the same... consider it done, and I will keep praying until well, whenever.
I pray over my friends that have lost family members, lift people up that are struggling with work or finances, friends that are having problems with family members, even car trouble, whatever.  It is the least I can do.
Tonight, I just thought I would ask for a "little" a lotta prayer for my friend Lora Little.
This is my friend...
Isn't she cute?  Back off people, she is taken!
This is Lora, and I have known her since we were in junior high, possibly longer.  I'm just gonna go ahead and say it... she was kind of a super genius and I was so not in her league!  She was in all things AP and I was in all things NOT AP!  I remember her to always be kind, quiet, smart, and beautiful.  Thankfully, because of social media, I have been able to connect with her and follow what has been happening in her life. 
(Just a random tid-bit, because I am an over-sharer (it is my thing) her husband has a brother and we dated for a red hot second (y'all don't read into that red hot thing... this is a PG blog friends), anyways, I always thought if the whole red hot second lasted a bit longer than we could have become sisters... crazy.  Totally coulda happened.  Except I met my man friend and love his face, and the brother met a lovely girl and they are happy too... so it all is how it should be!)  I digress... back to Lora
She and her husband Chris just celebrated 16 years of marriage (which is amazing) and they have 3 children.  Three!  They are beautiful children-
Last year, Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer (boo, I hate cancer)... stage 4.  She has had chemo and a mastectomy, and just found out (5 weeks post surgery) that she has a cancer recurrence on her chest wall.  Yesterday, she began a more aggressive treatment of 3 months of chemotherapy in addition to her 5 weeks of daily local radiation.
Y'all, when I saw her update yesterday with that news, I was just floored!  How can this be happening to my friend?  I mean, did y'all see her picture (no, literally, that is the picture she posted yesterday... she looks amazing!)  She has just gone through so much already, chemos, surgeries, traveling back and forth from home to her hospital in Chicago, and she does it with a smile on her face and is so very brave.
I immediately did all that I know to do for a friend that is in need, and that is to show them love by praying for them. 
I have been praying over her for months, and I am not going to stop.

I am sharing this, because I am asking that you too will pray for my friend, Lora.
Specifically, that the chemo and radiation will WIPE OUT the cancer cells that are floating around her bloodstream and lymph nodes.
Pray that with all of these aggressive treatments she will be going through that she will still have strength to keep up with her people!  They need her!
Pray for her family, I am sure they are weary, but I just pray for their physical and mental strength to help Lora.
Pray for the doctors and nurses that are working with Lora everyday.  Pray that the decisions they are making are wise and will help to defeat this cancer!
Please please pray for Lora.  I am sure that she is sooooo over all of this and ready to be healthy!  Pray for her continued strength and for her thoughts when she is feeling defeated.

I know that she will beat this!

FYI, I may have shared all of this without her knowing (guilty as charged, I am the worst)!  Hopefully, I will not be unfriended after this post.

Monday, January 2, 2017

May the force be with you...

Finally!  Today was the day for us to get to see Rogue One, and it did not disappoint!  I love that as soon as we got in the car (after the movie) the kids were quick to ask what we were going to see tomorrow?  I guess we have frequented the theater a bit over the break... but off to work Aron and I will go tomorrow, and then school starts back later this week.  (insert sad face)  Winter break has come to an end, and although I have enjoyed not having to pack lunches and take people to school, I know they are anxious to get back to see their friends.
Besides the movie, the day has been very low key.  I had BIG plans to pack up the Christmas décor, but somehow none of it got put away!  I guess another few day of glowing trees isn't so bad.  We spent the later part of the day playing our racing game, and I got sucked into this new Mariah Carey series.  I used to be all about MC back in the Vision of Love days, that was the best tape (yes, I had that on tape).  After 3 episodes, I made dinner.  We were so looking forward to bang bang shrimp pasta and there was nothing banging about it.  I should have known when I added 1/2 a cup of mayo that this would not be my best dish.
Well, it is 9 o'clock and the kids have been in bed for almost an hour.  Sophia has only come in 6 times to tell us she cannot sleep, and now the man friend has caved and she is now snuggled in between us (looks like I will be getting some awesome sleep tonight)!  I guess I am signing off here, the glow of the laptop will keep her awake and she is already asking what I am typing and trying to read it to me!
Day 2 of 2017... I consider it a success.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day One of the New Year

I am ready to start the new year with a bang!!  Last night, I wrote out my resolutions and I knew I would be gung ho ready to start them when I woke up!...
The 2017 List
1.  get me and my people to church- I ended up watching it online
2.  be kind (patience, patience, patience)... Fail!  I was unkind when no one would listen to me and tell me what they wanted for breakfast!
3.  be present with my people (give them my time)... I want to be more intentional with my time.  Put the phone down, look away from the television, be with my people!
4.  get organized (begin with cleaning up and out the Christmas)... welp, I was able to help someone with this today
5.  end that snack-ation that I have been on since November (my pants are tight and my body is missing water)... I woke up looking for a piece of chocolate, found it and threw it away in the trash!  Out with the snackies!!  (FYI, it is 10:30 and I am thinking about digging out my beloved Hershey's kisses... don't judge, I'm starving!)
6.  stop my complaining and remember to be thankful
Does your list for the new year look similar?
Just being honest, but I woke up at 8:30 (yea, the man friend wrangled the kids and let me rest), so when I woke, I was a bit rushed to get moving, start breakfast, ect.  So, here we are, already failing on my new years list, but I ended up watching our church service online.  Glad I caught the sermon, because it reminded me that 2016 is done (I cannot change it, it has been recorded in history), so it is time to start new. This is a brand new opportunity for me to make good decisions. Whatever is happening in this world, in my life, I need to be reassured that God has got me and He has got this.
I know over the past year, we have had much joy.  Time with family, graduations, kids starting at a new school, lost a job but was able to have that time to spend with my family, then I was able to find a new job, my family has their health, we have a home, we have food to eat, we have been taken care of.  I do not have really anything to complain about, but I still do sometimes.  So many happy things, I just need to remember to be thankful.
In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in my life.  1 Thessalonians 5:18
Oh, let me cling to this.
When times are tough, give thanks.
That was just a little snippet from the sermon, but it was a good thing to be reminded of (maybe you needed to be reminded too).
Today was a good day.  We went to my parents house today, and had our new years day lunch (pork chops (because they are good), black eyed peas (for luck), spinach (for money), and cornbread (because we love our carbs)!  It was a fun visit, and I was even able to help her take down some of her Christmas décor.  (hello, this was number 4 on my list, but I am happy I was able to help her... I am sure it was on her list)!
After our late lunch, Aron set up the Wii on our big tv, and all 4 of us were able to play Mario Kart... this is our new obsession!  We have become very competitive, and by we I mean me!  I am the worst driver (on this game, the kids are way better than me).  I come in last place every time!!  At least we were together
This is where a great portion of our day was spent.  We probably should have been outside in the fresh air, but nope, we were sitting in front of a video game!  Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!!
I am so thankful for my people, and I am excited to see what 2017 holds for us...

Happy New Years from me and mine!!