Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sophia has a new favorite girl! Jessie from Toy Story. I love this character, she is too sweet and has red hair (reminds me of a precious tot!!)! The other day Sophia and cow girl Jessie were playing in her room.... well, the paparazzi (a.k.a. MOMMA, me) was snapping the most pics ever! Sophia and Jessie on the horse!

Best Friends!

Silly Face!

Doesn't she look like she has been out riding a horse all day! That mane of hair, geez it's a mess! She is not really a fan of the brush! She is still a cutie!

Really do love her!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Visit with Santa Claus..

Last week we went to see Santa Claus. Well, the adventure turned into a moment for a family portrait, all to avoid a near meltdown!!

Happy Christmas from the Foresee family!

Since lil' red would not sit with Santa, we did get Brayden's picture with him.

Brayden's first Christmas!
L-O-V-E IT!!


The Foresee Family Singers

That's right yal, the Foresee Family Singers have our first song. Turn your volume to low, as my singing is super loud and off key! Singing is my favorite! The video quality is not so fantastic and you may have to turn your head to the side to watch- HA!! If you make it to the end of the song, you will see how Brayden ends the song (everytime, never fails)! Happy Christmas!

Those Vontraps ain't got nothing on us:)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cruise with me baby!!!

The time has come yal! My B-man is a cruiser! He took his first steps (with the assistance of the table)! As if things were not already busy and crazy around here! Now, I have another mover and a shaker!!

Sorry for the video quality, and if you watched and got nauseous! It is a bit like Blair Witch Project! I could not keep my hand still, way to excited!!

Baby's first steps!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Lil' Bitta Dazzle for the Holidays!

So, each Christmas I like to really jazz up the house a bit. Okay, a lot. What can I say, if it does not move, it has been hit with the Christmas stick! If it has a Jesus, a Santa, a nativity setting, some red and green, or reindeer motif I wanta have it all over the house! Love me some lights, glitter, shiny fun sequiny.... okay this is starting to sound like a cray cray prom dress! Whatever! We are loving this Christmas land in our house and the kids are loving to play with every ornament they can reach.

Welcome to our house for the holidays!!

Now that I look at the front door in this picture, there sure is a lotta stuff going on here! O well!

These are two of my girl friends!

They were sweet to pose in front of the door with me!

Ignore the sweaters, they were for one of those Christmas parties when you wear apparel that is maybe not so favorable to yourself, but could be a possible gem for another person! (Ugly Sweater Party!)

Entry way

It is snowing!

Yes, I made snowflakes one day during naptime. Little did I know how time consuming it would be! Sophia loves it though! It adds to the whole Christmasland motif!

Lovey's tree

Sophia playing with her nativity!

B-man's Jungle Tree

My Christmas Village.

The bottom shelf is often redecorated by lil miss! I sometimes find Barbie and friends mingling with the Dicken's Village Crew!

The Christmas Tree

The stockings hung on the by the chimney with care!

Cocka doodle Christmas Tree! Love some chickens!

Kitchen chandelier

Do you go big on decorating for the holidays?

Hope you are having a happy holiday!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Pictures... Take Two!!

I Love These Two!!

She Makes Me Smile!
Best Part of My Day!


Hope yal are having a happy holiday!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Pics, Part 1

I am usually all over sending out Christmas cards. This year, I got nothing! I have totally lost all track of time (with children, a Aron, a dog, and a whole buncha other things)! So, last night, I thought, oh I can definitely take a sweet picture of my children in front of the Christmas tree....... HA! Who am I kidding!!

This photo was the start of what I was thinking would be the most precious photo shoot.... NOT!!

Me: Sophia sit by your brother and smile

Sophia interpretation: Squeeze my brother tightly with a one armed choke hold!

Brayden's interpretation: Get away from my sister!

Me: Sophia, stop loving your brother so tightly. Be gentle. Be sweet.

Sophia hears: Okay Mama, read.

Brother wants: Brown Bear

Me: Sophia put the book down. Brayden put your book down for mama!

Sophia hears:...........I think she is blocking me out

Brayden wants: not to be in the picture anymore.

Me: Hey, looky looky, snap snap, up here, looka mama, here, hey, cookie, cookie

children............. nothing

Me: I try to take the books away.

Sophia: Sophia book, mommy nothing

Brayden: getting ready to reach for his book.

Me: I cannot see your faces. Show Mama your teeth. Smile.

Children:....... now eating the books.

Me: One more please

Children: immediate response.


Children: back to the books

Me: Okay, this is really the last one.

Sophia starts taking off shoes.

This is going no where!

And, we're done.

Tomorrow, we will have another photo shoot. Hope it has better results!

Merry Christmas from the Foresee's!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look Out, Lil' Red in the Kitchen!!

All in all, I would say that the day has been a success. Today, I have boldly gone, where I have never gone before. This is the day I baked with my lil' red. That's right yal, Paula Deen better look out, cause this tiny tot baker is Red Hot in the Kitchen!! Lil' Red and I decided that we would bake some cookies. First, we had to dress the part. Since I do not have an apron for her itty bitty figure, she wore mine. Perfect fit, ya think?

I know, it looks like something that Laura Ingalls would have worn, but she was totally working it! Brother, was not so sure.

Red playing with the cookie cutters

She was so excited!!

Brayden did not get to help, but he was doing anything that would get my attention! I seriously love him so much!! Can you see the micro tiny curl in back? What if he were to have my huge afro-ish type of hair. Lord, bless him!

Here she is rolling out the dough. Yes, she is using a baby bottle. For some reason, I do not own a rolling pin. The bottle worked just fine!

Here we are icing the cookies. Some of us were eating more icing than helping (she will remain nameless, but you can tell whose mouth is green!)

Doing her own cookie.

Here we go. I know, they should totally be on the cover of a Southern Living Christmas Cookbook!!

This was Red when I told her we could have one after she ate her dinner. You would have thought I told her to go to time out! Look at her sweet hands, she is begging for just one cookie!! It was so sad!!

We still have a lot of fun things to make. I got a ginger bread house, so many fun desert ideas to do from that Pinterest thingy (are any of you pinners?), and then the crafts! Lawdy, we are fixin' to be busy up in here!

I heard we may get a little bit of snow, so I am trying to keep all little hands and bodies busy!

Love yal!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

O My Gosh, You Can Eat These.....

and you will not get fat!!!

Okay, that is a lie, but you will be sooo happy when you are eating the holiday delights!!

I know, could this be anymore precious and yummy??

I found this on the amandaparkerandfamily.blogspot.com

Don't ya wish the Parker's were your neighbors, and they were gonna drop these cuties off at your house to eat! YUM

Yes, marshmallows. Who knew they could look so good. I could eat these all day long!!

Found these sweet treats on the Karaspartyideas.blogspot.com

I found this picture of holy delectibleness on her blog too! Don't you wish she was inviting you over for a Christmas party?? Call me Kara, you bring the sweets, and I will just come and eat!

Dying! Adorableness! I am not a big fan of meat, but I would eat this reindeer anytime!!

I found this from a site, Hoosier Homeade.


I love you with all of your salt, but you have totally stepped it up a notch by adding a lil' bit'a chocolate, some emmeees, and sprinkles.

Found these sweet treats at coldtoescoztclothes.tumblr.com

I heart treats. I heart Christmas treats. Who am I kidding, I heart me some icing!!!

Kids, guess what we are having for dinner????

Yes, cookies and cakes!