Wednesday, January 29, 2014

While all of you are sleeping.....

I'm lying here, in the bed, munching on these.....
Thinking about our closely approaching vacation to there......
Dreaming of sitting right here......
While wearing this.....
Or this...
Ooooooo, or this....
Victoria's Secret
I believe it is time to break out the Insanity videos again!
July cannot come quickly enough!  We are taking a "big" family vacation to the beach!  Eek!  We are very excited!  It will be the Foresee Four, Momma 'en them (Daddy, the bruthas, and sister), my Moss, then my SIL.... My niece and nephew!  We will be sharing a room/ condo with the SIL and kids.  It will be such a good time.
I suppose now is a good a time as ever to start my to do list....
1.  Lose ...15...10.... 1 pound.  I guess I should set my goals pretty low, I would hate to disappoint myself if I do not meet goal 1.
2.  Stop eating cookies and drinking Dr.Peppers while lying in bed blogging....  At 1030 at night!  This will help me in meeting goal 1!
3.  Find some great books to read.  If I stop buying those cookies which are hindering my weight goals the money saved on no cookie purchases will help me to have a budget for books.
4.  Its a short list...there is not a number 4
Got any big plans for the summer?  Wha? These warm happy thoughts are helping me to stay nice and cozy during these winter months!
5.  Get pumped up about spray tans.  I love a good spray tan!

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Big Perm Does China"

Well, I was informed today to get my bags ready, cause I'm going to China.  I-Know!  China...  Yes, China, and I aint talking China, North Dakota (FYI, for those that are not aware there is no China, North Dakota), I'm talking China.  Like if you look at a map, it is on the other side of the world..... No seriously, look at the map...
If you could see me you would notice my sad face, and if you were on the inside of my body you would hear my heart breaking!  Friends, I am not ready for this.  Yes, send me to Tulsa, put me on an a plane to the New York (I have two of my best gal pals there), but China.  Hello, they are not even in the same time zone, in fact they are so far away when you fly over on an airplane leaving on a Tuesday morning you would finally get there on a Wednesday, you lose a day when you go!  Wha? I know, its a bit tricky.
This would be my second visit to China, I traveled there five years ago when I worked for Wal-Mart.  The trip was so crazy busy and flew by quickly, so I'm thinking this trip will be the same way.  I wish I would have blogged back then because that trip was..... "A learning experience" fo sho!  
Let me set up the scene for you... Just picture it... "Big Perm In China", my first morning leaving our building, I'm feeling a major flow of excitement.... Here I am "B-town Caryn" in a real China- town.  The streets are filled with people, me just looking and smiling, "excuse me this" "excuse me that" , "hello to you", and "how do you do?" To every person I see (sounds ridic, but hey, I'm a friendly girl, I like to talk with people, I used to not be all "danger stranger") anyways, I am approaching the curb to step into a bus that drove us from the hotel to our office, and there was this man on a tiny bike (think circus size tiny bike) and the tiny bike was loaded with bottles and papers, he stood up from his tiny circus like bike (I'm concerned his heavy bundle will fall over) and we lock eyes..... It was the strangest eye lock I've ever seen or been a part of.... 
(Think Mowgli looking at Kaa snake)
and the man just starts yelling, "woh....woh....woh...wah" he was not saying anything just making this loud crazy sound.  He just kept on doing it, and I had no idea what his problem was.  I mean who just stares at someone and wohwahs them?  I mean really, who does that?  Well, I was just so confused and a little embarrassed since he kept getting louder, that I woh, woh, wahed him.  That's right, I just dished up Mr. Tiny Circus Bike Guy with Heavy Load a cup of his own medicine..... And not only did I look like a nut job on that crazy busy China street but I also realized that "my kinda crazy" would fit in quite nicely in China.
My next few days would be a blur of work, hunger pains, and sleepless nights.  The food was just a bit different than what I was used to munching on.  I loved breakfast, would fill up on fruits and rice (don't knock it till ya tried rice for breakfast), but then the other meals were not so hot.  Don't worry, I brought a Sams size pack of cheese and crackers and peanut butter crackers (please note, on that trip I lost no weight what so ever).  There was one meal that I remember so vividly, not because it was so yummy, but because it came out as a fish.... I ain't talking fish sticks, more like a fish on a stick (with his eyeballs).  Y'all, I can eat a lot of different stuff, heck, I've eaten left over scraps from the kids happy meals that they dropped on the car floor, but if your food has eyes.... and the eyes are looking at you, while you are looking at them..... Then I just gotta draw the line.  That's right, I just pulled out my cheese and crackers with conviently packed cheese smearer stick and had my own 5 star meal at this 5 star restaurant.
My next encounter begins in a busy subway.  Now, this was my first time on a subway, this subway was very crowded. In fact, at one point I felt like it was a game to see which car could be packed tighter.  In such close conditions, I feel it is most appropriate and best to look up.  I like to see my surroundings, not peoples feet or their bubbies (eye contact people, eye contact).  Well, a little lesson folks.  When  small town country girl is, "how do ya do'in' to the locals, and exusin' me's (it's a strange thing when I randomly channel Scarlett O'Hara), but as I'm smiling, being kind, maneuvering my way through the subway scene, my boss comes up behind me and asks that I please not speak to people, touch, even look at people.  Well, I've never.  That would just be rude.  Well, he says (in the kindest sweetest way possible, seriously he was the most precious man ever), "you are sending people the wrong idea, they think you a prostitute".  
Me: a prosta- what?
Still silence.
That's right folks, this could be a for sure way to get a creeper to follow you.  I DIE!
I could go on and on with all of the funny from that trip, but I'm sure if you are still reading you are sleepy, so I bore you no longer.
Any who, I am slowly preparing myself for my big trip.  I know my sweet guy will have everything under control here, but I will just miss him and the littles terribly.  I know I can Skype them, but I won't be able to love on them and touch their sweet cheeks for almost two weeks!  That seems like a lifetime in wife and mom years!!
I have over a month to mentally and physically get ready (and figure out a way to pack the kids and Aron in my carry bag)! Ha!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Working 9 to 5.....

As we all know, for the past 4 years, I had taken a senior director position at la Foresee Manor.
see look at the happiness
Me taking a few minutes out of  my busy day (cake bakin' none the less) to chat on my pink phone to my mother (probably)!
Just kidding, that is not really us (I would never wear that shirt, it is ironed and green stripes are not my thing, and I would never let my child stick his fingers in the cake batter bowl (Lord, have mercy... we use spoons, it is flu season y'all).
The job has been incredible, my employees are just lovely
 the pay has been awesome (pay has been hugs, I love yous, and kisses,
and I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, my boss is super hot.
(if he is reading this, he is very embarrassed right now, and will probably ask Why did you just write that?)
I can honestly say I... LOVE... MY... JOB!
With all that being said, with all of that love for the job, I made the decision to get another job (outside of the home).  Wha?  I know.
 That is right!  Since the beginning of November, I took a job working with a local supplier, Denovo Brands, They are such a great company.  I even get to do a job I was very passionate about 4 years ago, product development!  Eeek!
Let me just say, going back to work has been no easy decision.  I have been so happy to be working at home raising my babies, running my home, cleaning my home (totally sure that Aron is laughing out loud at that), and being 100% focused on my family.  Aron has been totally supportive of me staying at home with the kids, and has always said, if I want to go back to work, then go, if I do not want to go back to work then do not.  See, not only is he incredibly hot, but so wonderful, kind, and giving letting me do what I really wanted to do!  It has not been the easiest job, SAHM (stay at home momma) work is not for the weak, it is the hardest job I have ever ever ever had!!  As we made the decision to send Sophia to a 3 year old pre-k program a few days a week at our church, I could just see her totally change.  She started to make friends, was more social, and was learning so much.
This is Sophia and her teacher, Ms Pam.  Sophia has two teachers, Ms Pam and Ms Holly and loves them so much.  I am so thankful for this woman, she is spending time everyday with my little Red.  I have such a peace when I drop her off each day, because I know that her teachers are loving on my girl just as would.
All of that being said, I just came to Aron one night and said that I might be ready to go back to work.  He was not so sure, told me to not do anything at that time, but just really think about it.  It was after 10 oclock, I was a little sleepy, we had just gotten the kids to bed, I had been working on bills and I said I was just going to look at this headhunters website.... just look.  Ha!  I opened the site and the very first job was doing product development.  I.... DIE!  Wha?  Really?  I loved my old job doing product development.  It was creative and so much fun, and I was able to develop baby clothes!
So, I apply (not thinking I would ever ever get a call back), I mean hello, I was using a 4 year old resume, and hello, I have not been working for the past 4 years, and hello, I really do not have any other reasons why I would not get a call back.
Ringgggggg a Dinnnnnnng, DING! (that is the sound of my cell phone the very next morning)
Wha?  I know, they called me.
God thing?  Yeah!
So, I talked to the lady from the headhunters office, she was a delight and I ended up talking to her for an hour (about work, myself, herself, y'all I felt like I made a new BFF, she was a doll).
It was hard to contain my excitement all day.  I wanted to surprise my husband with the news of my out of the blue phone call, so put on my best looking outfit/ sweats, I made him a fancy dinner (who am I kidding, we probably had chicken nuggets or PB&J) and told him about my day.  He was super excited for me, and the opportunity that I may have.
The next afternoon, the supplier called me and set up an interview.  Y'all, it was moving so quickly, I did not even have an interview type outfit, hello!  I wear sweats all day!  Praise Jesus for my mother, she went out and bought me some new "go getta job outfits" (what?  like me a two and a three year old coulda really spent any time at the local Dillard's shopping a trying on clothes?)
Anyway, I will speed it up, but within 2 weeks, I was offered a job.  I accepted, and was so excited!  A job!  I would be doing product development for a company whose main focus was on outdoor recreational products, ummm.... what am I getting into??  I had no full time child care, but I had a job, and three outfits in which I could mix up the pieces and make three more outfits.
It just got serious!
Full time child care.   Ummmm.  Child care is expensive.  Child care.... in the town I live in, it seems that you have to put your child on a wait list while they are still in the womb.  I was calling places, and people were saying that they could get my littles in their school on a Tuesday..... of next March???  Wha?  Blast!  What was I going to do?
Sophia was only in part time child care at church, and my Bear, what was I going to do with my Bear?
I went to my church and they had a spot available for him 3 days a week (also part time 8-2).  I was so happy, the babies could at least be in the same place, around women who I trust and love so very dearly.  Brayden would have three teachers:  Mrs. Beth (whom has kept my children on Sunday mornings at Sunday school) , Ms Karen (ugh, Karen, my children and myself think she hung the moon), and my precious friend Vonda.  It was just the place my guy needed to be, with these women (seriously cannot think of any other group I would want my babies with).
Then to top it all off, my wonderful, amazing momma picks the kids up everyday and then she plays with them (I think that they are probably wearing her out)!
until I get home!  Such a blessing.
I have not really been talking about the new job very much.  I was afraid, I would miss the kids and my time at home with them too much, or that they would not adjust well to school, or that Aron would be so sad to not walk in the door and have me whipping up a chicken pot pie with a chocolate cake for desert (okay, did not happen very much ever).  I kept thinking I will give it a few days, and if the company was not good, or the people were not great, then I would just not return, and it would be easier had I not really discussed it with anyone.  Well, I have really enjoyed being back in the office.  The people have been great, and the work is good too, so for now, I am going to stick with it.  Good things are happening...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back-trackin' a few months...

So much has been going on during the past few months, I will save all of that for another post, because tonight I'm talking birthdays.  (if you are not into family birthdays or my family and their birthdays, then you may want to skip this post) I was going through my camera yesterday, and realized..... ummmm, I forgot to document this, and that, and then that moment, and then another, so this post is all of the family birthdays.  Oh, reminiscing as I look at all of the fun photos!
First stop on memory lane is Moss' birthday.  What?  You don't know what a Moss is.  Well, this is what we call our grandmother.  Yes, you may call yours grammie, MamMaw (this is a personal favorite of mine), MeMaw, MawMaw, Honey (this is another personal favorite) and then there is Moss.  I am not sure where Moss came from, I blame it on my cousin Michael, he said it and then it stuck.  He called my grandfather Poss, I tried that for some 30 years and switched it up to Bucky.  Anyways, so much information.... back to Moss.
 This is my Moss.  She is seriously the most precious woman ever.  If ya ever meet her, you would wanna put her in your pocket and keep her forever!
 This is Moss' sister Sarah.  She is just as great as Moss (so, if you are putting Moss in your pocket, go ahead and take her sister Sarah and put her in the other)
 My sister Katie and my Aunt Cathy
 You know those 3
 Moss and the babies.  They love her so!
Now, let us go to Momma's birthday!  Happy birthday to my Momma!  My Moss had our family over on Momma's big day.  We feasted on steak and all of the fixins.  I cannot even put into words how thankful I am for my mother.  To me she is the most wonderful, kind, amazing girl I know.  She is also my best friend, my helper when I need her and a listener when I just need to talk.  Such a blessing to be her daughter...

 Momma seeing her cake for the first time... It was a Blue Willow cake and it was so cool!
 This was no Betty Crocker cake!
 The "Non Trapp" family singers were getting warmed up.  (If I can ever get the video to upload, you must come back and listen!  It was AW-FUL!!)
 Hummmmm.  Jason, starting us off.
We just loved celebrating our girl!!
 Uncle David had a big birthday too!  I must say, having my Moss and Uncle David here in town is so much fun.  We love seeing him when we stop over and visit.  The babies especially love his cat, Pearl (well, they love/hate the cat, they love her from across the street when we are sitting in the car, but they pray for that cat at night)!HA!

 While we waited on dinner, we decided to go play pool at Uncle David's house.
 Blowing out the candle, and it looks like Moss was making a wish for him.
Moss and her 2 boys.
 Jason and Uncle David
 The bruthas.
Jason is one of my brothers.  He had a birthday in September.  Aron fried catfish and we all sat around and watched the Razorbacks.  The birthday boy, food, and family and friends were fun, but the game.... well, not so much.
 Jason and 2 of his very best friends (Cole and Mikey)
 Sheena and Maison (you look at this little girl, and immediately start thinking it is baby time all over again)!  She is such a doll and Sheena is such a sweet momma!
 Baby brother, Richard
 Me and Momma

 I know what he is thinking in this picture... "really Caryn, another picture?"
 See.... look at Uncle David, he is thinking babies are precious and maybe I need one!

My SIL, LeAnne, also celebrated a birthday.  We invited them all over for dinner and cake!
 Brayden asking for cake.

All in all, we just love to party!!  It is so much fun to be with the people that you love the most, and celebrate them being born!!
(With all of this birthday talk, I am really wishing I had a big ole piece of cake!!