Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just some stuff....

1.  You should be watching this!  Hatfields and McCoys.  Kevin Costner... Bill Paxton... it is a win
win people!  Go watch this mini series, it is super- fantastic!!

2.  While you are watching Hatfields and McCoys you should be eating this!
Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding! 
It is just wondermous in your mouth!!  Make it... Devour it.... Sleep happy with your full belly!!  It is so easy to make too!
Simple directions!
1 box french vanilla pudding
2 cups of milk
(mix these things in a bowl, real good)
cream cheese package (yum, who knew this stuff was so good??)
container of cool whip... umm cool whip
(mix these two things in a bowl, real good)
Now this is where it gets tricky!  You fold the cream cheese whip mixture in with the pudding milk bowl... It will get really creamy fluffy looking.
Lay out your Nilla Wafers... cut up some bananas.... pour on your mixture... then as if that was not enough I layered on some cool whip.  It was so good.  The time to make was about 9 minutes (but I am super fast and not so concerned about making it look like a pic from a cookbook)! Ha!  FYI, you do not have to put cookies up around your dish like a retaining wall, I just started pouring my left over mix into the bowl (to use all of the yumminess and it started going over the side of the dish... so the cookies made for a nice barrier!)

3.  I am still doing Insanity even though I enjoyed mucho amounts of the pudding.  The workouts are still very hard.  I am still  not doing them full out (meaning, when they are jumping or jogging in place I am slow skipping and shuffling to avoid peeing my pants so much).  Even with the skipping and shuffling I am still feeling a burn, still glistening like a pig, and waking up very sore in the mornings.  I did take 3, yes 3 days off this weekend.  What?  It was a holiday.  I was on vacation.  All in all, I have done the workouts for 6 days, eating much better (have had no white breads, no more waffles (tear), limiting my cokes and cookie intake, drinking the water (which does not do a thing for me, I just feel like I am drinking spit... I do not love water... miss my cokes), I can do about 21 push ups before my arms give out, and I no longer dry heave after or during the workouts.  Now, on the 15th I went to the doctor (strep throat) and weighed in at 144.7, on Sunday I weighed myself on old broken garage scale and weighed in at 155.... hummm, I think I remember why that scale is called old broken garage scale.  So, I do not know if any weight has been lost, but I feel better so whatev!

4.  The countdown to the beach is on.... July come on!!
 The beach.  The sun.  The sand.  All of those happy people.  Being with family.   Swimming.  The sharks and whales??  (Sophia is very sure that we will see these things while being at the beach.  We tell her oh yes, we will see those whales and sharks, but really we are thinking, Lord have mercy, no big fish please!)  It is sure to be another fun filled family vacation....

5.  Janet Evanovich
Do you read her books?  I read the above book yesterday, and I really enjoyed it (seeing as how I read it in a day).  Yes, I still played with my children and did laundry then made a three meals people!  I read it before the kids would rise in the morning, read a few chapters during nap time, and then could not put the book down after everyone went to sleep.  Now, I must see the movie that recently came out... ya watched it?
I just started book # 2, Two for the Dough
Yes, it goes on.  I think there are about 19 books out there.  Cannot wait to check them all out!  I will for sure have a busy summer.
I just finished these 2 books, and if you are a reader, you should too!

6.  Did I mention that my husband and I are going on a date tomorrow night.  My SIL is keeping the kids so we can go out, alone, and not change diapers for a few hours.  Bless her heart!  My niece was over last night (she will be assisting in the baby wranglin' tomorrow) and she said that we (Aron and I) need to go out real late to the restaurant, so we will be alone no other people there!  I looked at her and said, "what?  do you think that we want to be alone with one another??"  Secretly to myself, I was thinking yay!  Alone time with Aron and we could even have a conversation or just go take a nap!  HA!  Maybe we should even go and see a movie?  I still wanna see my boyfriend in The Lucky One, dreamy child actor, Zac Efron....  Wish we would have gone to the movie last night, seeing as how my dream rocker boyfriend Steven Tyler (yes, from Aerosmith) was in town at the Promenade!  I woulda even offered to purchase him a coke and popcorn (grande size, of course)!

7. How fer-och is this this lil guy??
I have a FB friend, Rhonda who had this guys cousin in her yard!
Anywhos, this is not her picture I got this little rattlers pic from the Internet, but still, it was a Rattle Snake!  Wha?  I live in Arkansas, I had no idea that these guys visited our area.  We have cows, chickens, goats, the Gentry Safari, famous for Wal-Mart, but Rattlers?  Uh, no way Jose!  I guess I thought these critters would slither to our state line and not be let in (by who, I do not know, but just was unaware that they lived here).  I should move to a snake free environment... ya know of one?

Picture This

We have been busy the past week.  Being with family to celebrate the holiday, my nephew turned the big "11", we have played at our local splash park, went snail hunting in our town, and then found sometime to take naps!  What a week!!
My boys.  Sometimes, they just fall asleep sitting on the couch!

Chasing bubbles
running in G-Daddy and Honey's yard

Playing at the splash park
snail riding!  Ignore the fanny in the background!!

Happy girl
I love her and her wild mane of hair
My how I love Red
Cousins resting from jumping
Sophia and her Aidan (he just turned 11)
Me and my little lover boy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Little Bit A Sumpin' Sumpin'

I have way to many things to discuss, so yes, this will be one of those entries that will serve as a dumping grounds for all things Caryn!  So, buckle up buttercups, it could be a bumpy post!

1.  Grey's Anatomy.  I am so very mad about this show.  For those of you that are not aware, last weeks episode was the season finale.  One of the few things I asked of this show was to please, oh please, let's get Mark and Lexi together and please, oh please, do not kill Mark or Lexi.  I just love them and love their quirky love story.  They make me happy.  There I said it, they make me happy.

So, writers of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda something or other, why, oh why, would you let them finally reveal their true love and feelings for one another and then kill one of them 20 minutes into your show?  Humm?  I am waiting....  I- AM-SO-NOT-LOVING-THIS!  I will probably be unable to watch your nut ball show with all of the doctor lovin' any longer.  To tell you the truth, this show has always been a little far fetched for me to believe anyways.  Furthermore, it has caused me to question what is going on with the doctors and nurses at my local hospital (not really, but just saying)! So there ya have it.  I am upset about my show. 

2.  Insanity.  I am currently on day 3 of Insanity.  It is very much insane and hard and causes the most sweating that I have ever been involved in.  Each night, I climb into my bed, doped up on Advil and IB Profin, wondering if my muscles will ever heal from the pain of the days rigorous exercise.  None the less, I am still on this insane train!  I am eating so much lettuce that I fear I am growing a bunny tail and eating so many chicken breasts that I sometimes involuntarily cluck like a chicken.  There, ya have it folks, I am turning into some sorta weird hybrid bunny chicken (a bun-kin or a chick-unny), either way you type it, it don't sound too good!  Some of the 10s of people that read this blog have asked if I think that this was a wise investment and if it is really working??  Well, I am so glad that I got this.  I really think if I follow the workouts and watch what foods I am putting into my body, then yes, I think that I will see great results.  In fact, I took a picture this morning, and am already seeing a change in the way my body is looking....
I know my body is totally slammin'.  I am looking pretty amazin' if I do say so myself!  I just took this photo when I woke up this morning.  Yes, I just wear these lil' ole skimmies when I wake in the mornin' and then I just waltz on into the kitchen and whip up my family a lil' bitta breakfast.  HA!  Okay, this is really Giselle, not me!  I would never wear high heels in the morning when I wake up, everything else, totally looks like something I would sport! HA
3.  Reading is Fundamental!  So, in the past few weeks, I finally completed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  Umm, kinda freaked me out a bit, but I throughly enjoyed the books.  Loved the characters, loved the stories, just LOVED them!!  The writer, Stieg Larsson is so amazing, and I was so disappointed to find out that after writing these books and handing over the manuscripts to his publisher, he dropped dead of a heart attack!  Totally whack y'all!  Crazy town, I know!  I have picked up a few new reads, and I cannot wait to tell you all about them!
The Pioneer Woman's book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

One For the Money, Janet Evanovich

Unorthodox, The Scandelous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots

4.  After a long few weeks, of battling a bad case of the ickies and the sickies (stomach bugs and strep throat), we are still drowing in gross germs.  Yes, I thought that we were all finally well this weekend, we even went to see friends on this past Saturday!  It was so joyous!  No poop, no throw up, no coughing, just happy children and a happy momma!  Tuesday, the Bear wakes up and I could just tell that something was not quite right with him.  By 10 he was crying and sleepy looking, just a mess.  Then, he started to get a horrible rash.  After a quick trip to the doctor and some blood work to follow, he said it was just a virus and he would survive.  So, I am thinking that all will soon be back to good with him, when my BFF, whom we went to visit this weekend called and said that her sweet pea has the HFM, hand foot mouth!  Back to disinfecting everything in the house!  To the 10s of people that read this, you should by a lot of stock in Lysol wipes and Clorox bleach, cause I have seriously been buying it in bulk this month!

5.  Only 7 more weeks until we go on vacation!  Woo-hoo, Redneck Riviera here we come!

6.  Kids say the darndest things.  Really, they do!  For the past few days, I have been hiding Red's pacis. I was going to just let them have one when she went to bed for the night or took a nap (that was my plan) and this is what happened.
Red:  Momma, go find my paci
Me:  No
Red:  (more of a whine this time)  Momma, go a find my paci pweese.
Me:  Sophia, you don't need your paci.  It is a crutch.  Let's just let it go
Red:  (while gently placing her sweet tiny baby girl hands on my cheeks)  Momma, its not a crutch, it is pink, go find it.
HAHAHA!  I could not help but laugh!  I find her totally delightful.

7.  What's for dinner? No seriously, what is for dinner.  It is 4:38, and I have nothing for dinner, so I must wrap up these deep thoughts.  I still have much to discuss, but Red just woke up from her nap and my hunka hunka burnin'g love is diggin' in the fridge, which means.... time for me to stop with the blogging!

Friday, May 18, 2012

You Can Do It If Ya Put Your Mind To It!!

Buckle Down!  Buckle Down!!  Do It!  Do It!! Do It!!!
Yesterday was the day.  Insanity came in the mail.  I was actually pretty excited about my small package, I see it as a little gift that contains a "promise of a hot body in 60 days"!  Who would not be pumped up about getting that in the mail.  Last night, I voraciously read through the insane material, and was ready to start my workouts TODAY!  Hubs on the other hand was all... "lets start it on Monday."  Me... that was not my plan.  When I want something or wanna do something, I go for it right then (I think this is the "Little Red Hen" mentality in me, I will do it all by myself).
After a morning of playing outside with Red and Bear, they were plain tuckered out by 1:45 today.  This was very rare and exciting.  In fact, I even crawled into my bed and grabbed my phone and began checking my email and then FB stalking some people (yes, this is total entertainment to me).  During all of the FB stalking, I fell asleep, for all of about 25 minutes, but rest is rest and I will take it.  After my cat nap in the middle of the day, I was hanging out and a little bit bored.  I could not prance around the house... for fear that I would wake up the kids, so I was left prisoner in my room.  Yep, just me and my room, and my Insanity paraphernalia.  So, I check the clock (hubs will not be home until 4:10, so I have plenty of time to try workout number 1, take a shower, and pull myself together and act as if I have had the most laid back day ever! 
I put on my tinny pumps (for those of you who are not sure what those are that is what I would call tennis shoes), I then start looking for an appropriate bra to do such a workout in (FYI, I do not have a sports bra (not active, so why have one), and I look in my bra drawer (yes I have one, and oops it only has 3 that fit and then the rest are nursing bras... pathetic I know).  The three bras I do own are somehow missing from the drawer, I go to look in the laundry room and there they are laying underneath my scruffy looking stanky smelling dog.  I pulled one out from under him (yes, I was gonna wear it (don't judge) but the smell was so horrific that I just tossed it back into the laundry). 
NOTE TO SELF:  do laundry soon, I have no clean bras.
Anyways, back to business.  O yes, the Insanity workout.  So I am decked out in my tinnys, my old drill team shorts (yes, I still got um and wear um), and a tank top.  Only thing missing is support for my bubbies, but I start thinking that this is the first video, surely this Insanity guy is not gonna throw out some crazy whacked out jumpy exercises on the first video... would he?  People would not tune into video number 2 (yes, this is my thought process).
So, I pop in the video.  (I know y'all are wishing that you coulda been a fly on the wall)
Remember... my kids are asleep and I am trying to be quiet!!
The first video was about 41 minutes long. 
During those 41 minutes there are a few things that happened:
1.  I almost died.  Yes, there was a bright light and singing (but now that I think about it, the singing was music from Baby Bear's monitor (it was his mobile).
This is me, thinking..... "why oh why, did I turn it on the Insanity info-mercial on Sunday morning?  Why oh why, could I have not been watching a info-mercial on knitting.  Yes, knitting is starting to sound way more fun that Insanity.
2.  My bubbies.  Let me start by saying ladies, ALWAYS wear support while doing Insanity.  I did not use an over the shoulder boulder holder and my bubbies nearly black n' blued my eyes and now are hanging a lil' bit lower than before starting the video.  I feel like something that could be photographed for a National Geographic magazine.
3.  Have a glass of water nearby during this workout.  There were a few times where "the yeller" (instructor) allows a 8-15 second break.  He encourages water drinking.  I had my trusty Cola nearby (shoulda had a water).  Also, when I was experiencing moment #1, I would have really loved to have that tall drinka water close by to dump on my head (I could not justify dumpin' my Coke).
4.  If you suffer from bladder incontinence, you will have some issues with Insanity.  During the first 4 minutes I had peed my pants (during the jumping jacks).  Sounds messed up, but I thought that maybe it was not so much and that I could just keep on going (it was on 37 minutes left of the workout).... Ummm so not gonna happen!  The pee went down my legs and my shorts were soaked!  Dying, but I know others have this same prob (and we all know I am all about statin' the facts)!  ha!!  Had to change pants 2 other times).  Glad I was not doing this with others (can we say AWKWARD)!  What will I do when CoCo Nic and the Aim-ster come over??
4.  Let me start by saying that I am a girl from the South and I am not a sweater.  I do not work out, run, and extreme heat situations, well, it is just not something that I like .  So, I like to keep cool and be inside. In fact, if there is a moment that I am sweating, I like to reference it as glistenin'.  Yes, I was glistenin' (that sounds way more lady like, sounds like something Emily Post would do).  Now that that has been addressed:  men sweat like pigs and ladies glisten.  During today's workout I was GLISTENIN' LIKE A PIG!!  It was OOC (out of control).
5.  Dry heaving.... that is all that I will say about that.
I must say that the best thing about the workout was that it did not last forever.
In fact, I stopped with 6.5 minutes left to go (just could not finish). 

You can still see the workout on the tiny tv behind me!  In the picture, I think that I look a little bit scared (like dear in the headlights kinda a scared)
Hopefully, the next go at this will go better than today.  It can only go up from here!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Insane in the Membrane

The other morning, my husband let me spend a few extra minutes sleeping in, and he got up with the kids.  I know, he is so wonderful.  Problem is, the baby monitors were still on and I could still hear all of the commotion going on in the rest of the house (so much for a few extra minutes of sleep)!  So, I turned on the television and found myself unable to turn the channel from the this muscly man yelling at all of these sweaty people.  What in the world is going on here?  A few minutes went by, these people were bustin' their bootays doing the craziest cardio I have ever seen.  It was so sad and yet fascinating (sounds crazy, I know).  I watched the whole info-mercial, went into the living room (Aron was on the floor with the kids), and I just let him know that I was going to order this ridic workout video, Insanity.  He just looked and nodded at me, and then laughed!  Ha!  I told him that this workout was "insane" and then I started showing him some of the workouts.... this caused some more laughter..
1.  I am not a workout aficionado
2.  My workout moves are more like sad dance moves
3.  The moves I was showing stirred up much excitement with Sophia, she thought it was some new game.
With all of that encouragement, I went and ordered the thing!
I know that working out is not my thing.  I do not like to be sweaty (this is obviously something that may happen while doing this video).  I do not like to be yelled at (and the instructor in the video yells a lot).  I do not like to vomit (and it seems like there were people yacking up their guts during the video).  I also have that whole bladder issue due to having babies (this is sure to bring something interesting into the mix).
One thing, that I loved seeing was all of the before and after pictures that people had sent into this company.  If you do the photos, and do the 60 day challenge you would get a t-shirt that says, Insanity.  Well, I will not be sending any photos of myself, (ya see, if the photos were ever leaked, I would have to kill off the person doing the leaking and then hide out forever in my house!) instead I am thinking of going to my local Wal-Mart and getting a solid tee and maybe puff paintin' the word Insanity on it!  I'll keep measurements or something to post how I am doing!
All in all, this will be a fun experience for the peeps living in this house.  My friends (CoCo Nic and The Aim-ster)... they have obviously been given fake names to keep their identities secret, will be joining me on this journey.
O, to be a fly on the wall of this house.  I am sure that it will be hilarious!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now, about my JUNK....

Last week, I shared a few things that I am loving!  I had seen a friend post a picture of these great headbands on Facebook, and the bands were in stock at a local bike shop, Phat Tire.  The colors were super cute and the prints were so awesome.  Most of my days, I just throw my hair back and use a thin headband that I found at Wal-Mart.  It makes me so nutzo and is always sliding off of the back of my head.  So, I looked up the website, JUNKBRANDS, and the advertisment showed people (yes, women and men) working out (yoga, running, and cycling) in them and even wearing them for fashion (this is what I would be wearing them for)!  I ordered some and I just received them!!  I am so excited, and I just had to be a show off!!

Happy Customer!!

Super easy to wear!
Just wanted to share my excitement for the day!

Happy Birthday Momma!

Sunday was not my birthday, but Sophia was confused since I received a card and a present.  So, a few times that day she would look my way and say, "happy birthday momma"!  It made me smile, so I just let her go with that!  After a few days of the stomach virus and a strange rash (for both kids) I was so glad that we were all feeling well enough to get out of the house to go over to Momma and Daddy's.  It was a fun afternoon of eating steak, shrimp, and lobster (yes, we were spoiled by G-Daddy), and enjoying the weather and being able to gather with our friends and family.  Sad to say, I did not even take a picture with the kids (after being trapped with me for days they wanted nothing to do with me), or even take a picture with my own momma!  My SIL got some sweet pictures of my babies.  I am so proud, glad, over the moon, thankful, happy, and amazed that I get to be their mother.  They both bring me so much joy!  I am a lucky girl for sure!!
Happy Mother's Day

my sweet guy
Baby Bear with his Uncle Richard
Love her so much!

my boys

Friday, May 11, 2012

All Over This Stuff

As for me and this house, we have been battling the stomach virus!  Good news is we are hopefully on the mend and will ALL be better by tomorrow.  It is a sad picture, but it is just what we have been looking like since Wednesday!

Since we have not been up to too many things, I thought I would do a post about all of the exciting things that I am ALL OVER these days!  Yes, these are some new things that I cannot get enough of.

I am loving some
 Yes!  I have found these awesome headbands, that I cannot wait to order.  Problem is, I cannot fingure out which ones to order.  I love wearing my hair in ponytails/ buns, but much of my hair comes out of the sides, trust me it is a mess!  I have been using these rinky dink skinny black stretchy bands but it seems like they are always sliding off of my head... GRR!  So, I had a friend post a picture of them on FB (love me some Facebook), and how they were in a local store.  Well, I guess that people (men and women) are wearing these bands while biking (or just watching a biker from the comfort of your seat), yoga (or just watching yoga), running (or walking, I love walking), and for fashion (not so much men doing this one, but this is what I would be doing).  Check out their site, totally awesome prints and solids to choose from, Junk Brands
This one is just too pretty.  Love the red and the blue

this looks so fun and summery to me!

Black is good too!

looks easy enough!  Cannot wait to place my order (I will look happier than the lady in the above image!)
 In case you have not watched the Bravo channel, been drinking up some Skinnygirl Margaritas, reading her books, whatever... Bethenny Frankel is breaking out in every business imaginable!  I have found that she is now doing beauty/ skin care products (I have found these products at Wal-Mart).  I am loving them.  My new favorite is her tinted lip balm, in red.  Looks shimmery and pretty, and has fixed my cracked up dry lips.  Love IT!!

tinted red lim balm
 Since we have been under the weather.... I would like to give a little shout out to the saltine crackers!  Love them, and without them, my children and I would have been starving ourselves since Wednesday.  Thank you and God bless.
 In this house, we all have some major eczema issues.  Dry skin...we got it.  Sensitive skin... we got it too!  So, I have finally found the end all be all to soothing our skin....

Hope that everyone has a great day!