Sunday, September 30, 2012

The "Visitors"

Don't ya just love when you have some unexpected house guests just "pop in"?
Well, today was just one of those days, where the kitchen was not clean, I was not clean (shocker), and piles of laundry sat in the floor, and where was my husband.... on call and out working!
photo credit
(Obviously that pic is not me and my house. We don't have a cat and I would never wear that color green... what?  green is just not my color (I'm more of a pink or sweatsuit kinda girl)!  Everything else, looks very similar to la casa de Foresee.)
Well, my visitors burst in!  They demanded juice, candy corns, and pumpkins (such odd demands, I am aware)!  They came in and just like that... they were gone.
I love today.
It is not that often you get to sit and chat it up with a princess.......
 a cowboy.....
and my ever so precious neice

Just a little side note.  Red saw some pumpkins that I usually would put around the house for fall decorations, and insisted that she be able to hold one.  Well, that was 3 hours ago.  So far the pumpkin has taken a trip in the car, gone to Wal-Mart , and is still right next to her side as she sleeps. 
Guess we are done with baby dolls now!  She has been talking to the pumpkin like they are friends, I even heard her tell the pumpkin, "oh, I am just so proud of you!" Such a funny girl!
So, who has been at your house today??

Friday, September 28, 2012

What the "cool kids" are wearing....

Life as a stay at home mom well it leaves me at home... a lot.  The majority of my time is spent cooking and cleaning, reading books, feeding tots,  picking up messes, wiping noses and hineys, and hugging on my little loves!  We meet friends for play dates, visit with our families, go on nature walks, we go to church (we try to be there when the doors are opened), and we have a standing date with Wal-Mart each week (we never ever miss out on our shopping time).  Much of the time, I am so not with it:  latest apparel trends, who is dating who, the best restaurants in town, what movies are out, ya know... what the hip kids are down with these days (is it even cool to say "hip kids".. probably not)!  When I go out, I have let you know that I have sometimes worn my 2 day old t-shirt, there was that thrilling post and picture where I went out and forgot to rub in my concealer (sucha mess), then there was the one time while driving to get a sausage biscuit and a order of flapjacks and I noticed while being greeted by that precious McDonalds window lady that I still had my hair wrapped up in a towel.  Let me just tell ya, girl.... I'm looking good!!
So, when we go out and about, this is my time to play a little bit of "catch up" with fashion (I have got some real cute friends).... each time, I come home a little bit more nervous!
Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings??
My friends say yes... leggings  and their new friend the jeggings are a thing to do.
Colored jeans?  Really?
I always knew those Saved By The Bell girls were always so with it!
Denim shirts, they are back too!  Jessie Spano loved a great denim tops (I do believe I see a skinny jean and a colored jean)!
Necklaces.... the statement necklace and layering them!!
Dark colored nails, I love a nice pale pink (not really, I bite my nails and they are never painted), but to be honest I guess if I had a nail worth painting, why not paint it the color of tree bark or asphalt!!
The dreaded skinny jeans....
So happy to know that I have been on trend for years!
All of my jeans are skinny jeans!
They are pretty old (I wore them when I was skinny), so when I wear them now.... wa-la, skinny jeans!
So anyways, I feel pretty okay with the fall fashion trends.  I have hit up some of my old faithful cheapy stores and purchased some jeggings and some necklaces to layer!  
FYI:  Cheapy stores are my friend, for a few reasons
 A.  So I will not bust the ole checking account (hello, I still have a wee babe in diapers and they aren't cheap ya know)
B.  Just in case big and baggy pants are the "in thing" for the following season or what if someone at Glamour decides that necklaces will be eyesores come spring... I shop at ole Cheapy and now I can afford to go get me a pair of Hammer Pants and a new big bobble for my finger!
That's right... saving those dolla bills!
There is always one thing that completely shocks me!  Forgive me friends, but I will not be sportin' the ole bagel forehead!
I kid you not, this was on the news today.....
Yes, the bagel forehead is all of the rage in Japan, and it is just fascinating!
Just to think, I would totally stay indoors if I happened to get a huge zit on my forehead (totally living on the wrong side of the map)!ha!!
Note to self.... I think I will just stick with the jogging suits and old blue jeans!!

An evening on the couch..

Since we have nothing too exciting going on, I felt the least I could do was post pics of our family doing what we do best...."couch time".  I love that with all of the space we have in our home (please don't get this twisted... I'm not saying we are living in a castle), but all four of us just like to be in the same room, same couch, and sometimes it seems like we must all be on the same cushion!
I will just soak this time up now, because I am sure there will come a time when these tots turn into teens and just want to be in their room or at a friends house..... makes me sad.. sniffle sniffle, sob, ugly cry....and then I will be forced to sit with Aron..... alone... sniffle sniffle, sob, just kidding!!
My littles!!
My men.....
Me and my Dolly!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whatcha Watching???

I think if you have ever read my posts, you are aware that I have a slight addiction to television.  Yes, I love my family and my friends, but I also love to watch a little bitta of the tele before my bedtime!  I do not get to really watch during the day, because of the tots, but PTL (praise the Lord) for the DVR, and all I can say is the DVR is gonna be full to the max with all of the shows I enjoy!
  Do you watch this?  Don't forget that it will be coming on Sunday's now, the picture is from an old site or something!
I just can't get enough of Emily Thorne and her vigilante ways!  She is super tough and all about avenging her fathers tarnished name!
Remember how things we were left hanging....
Emily and Jack kiss... Daniel finds out.... Emily chooses Jack... goes to tell him and Amanda loco wacko is back and with child "Jacks child" (whomp whomp)... just goes to show ya kids, pre-marital sex is no bueno y'all!  So now, no Emily and Jack.... will she go back to Daniel???  Ugh... the once love triangle has turned into a crazy square!
Then... there was Charlotte... she over doses on some pills... just goes to show you kids, that drugs are bad, "Just Say No"!!  Here is the scene shot of Conrad (man who is her dad but not really her dad because her dad was really Emily's dad... sound confusing... it is!)  He is trying to shake her out of a pill stupor!!  Where is her mother at a time like this??
 Remember... Victoria was getting on a plane with Lydia (the hussy that was once her BFF but in fact was really hooking it up with Conrad, her husband).. scandalous.. I know! 
The plane after take off, blows up.... (whomp.. whomp), thanks to Conrad.
Anyways, talk about a cliff hanger.
Sorry, if you have never watched it, my synopsis may add some confusion! HA! 
She keeps me on my toes with all of the twists and turns of each episode, and after the last season finale, I cannot wait to see what happens next!
Yeah, you know I am gonna keep watching... Grey's Anatomy
Yes, I remember this.....
killing off "my" Lexie in the season finales first 8 minutes.
Yes, I am still so upset over this ridiculous writing... I mean really, Lexie and Mark are supposed to be together... and the G.A. writers just ruined it for me!  Grrrr!
I know I said I would not watch and that I was going to write a "Shame On You" letter to the writers of the show, but I am sure that Shonda "something or other" has a little much on her plate...
like this.....
Yes, Meredith and her craycray cry-face!
What is going to happen to the rest of the cast?
Lexie dies.
Mark was next to ca-put...
Arizona was bleeding to death and I think she was like paralyzed...
Callie, I think something not so good was going on with her...
then Derek was a hot mess and only had 1 hand or 1 finger...
I mean seriously, how can you nearly kill off all of those "big hitters"??
Sorry, I just do not think that Grey's Anatomy can be carried with Meredith, Yang, Owen Hunt,and Karev... Thoughts??
Don't worry, I will be watching to see how that plane wreck of a show is fixed!
One of my new favs.... Scandal!
Love her, love her show, and I love that sneaky cheating President!
Then there is my Once Upon a Time....
What did you think?  Did you ever find yourself sucked into this drama?
So happy that the fall t.v. is back!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Painted Treasures!!

Many many years ago (like when Aron and I got married), we moved into our first apartment.  It was a sweet little 2 story place, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (we had our own), with a wooded back yard (that almost made you feel like you were living in the forest, alone, in the forest, but ya weren't, because you had some loud young guy neighbors with a motorcycle and they loved to reve up the motorcycles engine every morning... in fact, now that I think about it.... that place was not nestled in the sweet forest, more like the ghetto side of the street!)  Whatev, it was our first home, together.  I loved that place!  When we moved in, the day we got home from our honeymoon, we had NOTHING!  We went and bought a couch and a oversize chair, had a coffee table that a friend gave to us, and then my sweet MamMaw gave us her kitchen table and 4 chairs.  I love that table, and I will probably never be able to part with it, because she gave it to us!  After years of looking at this table and chairs, I came to the realization that this table needed an up-do and I called the only gal I know that could handle such a case!
Billie at The Green Label in Bentonville!
(A little side note, I have known Billie since we were in junior high!  I love, love, love her!  We were Cub Kickers together (no, we did not go around kicking sweet baby cubs, we were on the junior high drill team, our mascot being the Cubs, therefore we were the Cub Kickers... ya dig?), and she always had some of the best high kicks I've ever seen!)
Anywho, the girl is super genius, and super talented, and super quick!  I mean she re-vamped this table very quickly and it is absolutely beautiful!  I adore it so much!  In fact, I am still a little uncomfortable with my babies and even my husband eating at it, I just know that they could mess it up.... if given the opportunity, or a crayon, or the right food!  Here it is, I just had to share, my new painted treasure!!
Ugh!  My table.  The top a light light blonde butcher block wood top and the bottom of the table was a greeny black, no seriously, it was green and then spray painted black in some spots, or maybe it was black and then spray painted green??  Not sure at all, but a treasure none the less!
I totally forgot to take a before picture of the chairs!  Grr!  So, I have gone back through some old photos and found partial pictures of the chairs!
Here the chairs look green, and notice that the 1st table picture looked black on the bottom??  Weirdo-rama right??
 Alright... ta da!!!!!
I know right!  Holy moly. it is beaut-terrific!
Table top re-stained (darker) and the bottom is black with a red top coat.
Thank you Billie!
Now to get ready for the big wooden eyesore piece of furniture behind the table (it can be seen in pictures 2, 3, and 4)!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Wee Babes.....

I feel like the last posts have not had any pictures of the wee babes, so here are some pics of whats been a happenin' in our neck a the woods!  (Please note, this is more a blogy update for the great-grands and faraway familia)!
I just totally love her!
My Red has been keeping us so busy!  Potty trained, you bet she is!  Girl-friend is like a whiz kid (no pun intended) when it comes to the potty training stuff!  So much that, last week, I found her and her Buba, stripped necked of pajamas. panties, and his diaper.  Both were sitting on the potties in the bathroom (Buba was on the big potty (however he got there, I have no earthly idea) and Red on the training potty!  Sweet Jesus, these tots are keeping me on my toes!  I really wish I took a photo of my wee babes on the potties, but I knew if I ran out searching for a camera, the Bear would for sure fall in!  (Then my future hopes of ever potty training him would be non-existent)
The Bear!
He is such a lover.... and a fighter... and a thrower (of everything)!  Have I mentioned that he has his daddy's pitching arm?  Well, he does, and the marks on our flat screen plasma television are proof!  Grr, in the words of my precious husband, "ya can't have nothing nice!"  So, so, so true!  (What Baby Bear does not realize is that, this television that he has banged up so badly, will for sure be left to him in our will.HA!
Red is still in her baby crib, but I am seeing the toddler bed very close in our future!  She has now been climbing in and out of the bed at every chance she can get!  So, big girl bed will soon be making an appearance!  I hope that this time it will go so much better.  She is just growing up so much!  Just this past week she said her first Bible verse for Cubbies at church!  Talk about a super proud moment for this momma and daddy!
God loved us and sent His son.  1John 4:10
have I mentioned how I just adore him?  Really!  Head over hills!  Just the other night he cleaned almost the whole house!  I was so tired just watching him in action!  He even got out the vacuum and sucked out all of the dead bugs in the windows.... true love I tell ya, true love.
Halloween is a coming.....I had such high hopes for the kids to be Woody and Jesse from Toy Story!
I know, right!  Adorable!  We just love these movies, we have the dolls, and I feel like 10 times a day I am adjusting someones cowboy hat or yelling, "Yoddle-ahy-hee-hoo!!"
Well, those dreams went up in smoke today as we ventured to one of our most favorite shopping places.... Sam's!  (Right at lunch time and there are people handing out the samples, so you can shop and eat... now that is the most fun ever!  We walked up to the costumes and they had a cowboy costume (which I immediately grab) and then, Red sees it.... a yellow princess gown (looks similar to the Disney princess Belle).  I kept saying, but look at this costume..... she was not having it.  Sigh:(
So, we will be trick or treating as Brayden the Cowboy and Sophia the Princess.
Happiness, can you feel it?
This is her dancing or maybe smelling her under arms... who can figure?
 Bray is still trying to figure out the whole vest thing.  He normally on gets to dress up in hats or his sister's princess shoes, so I am so glad to bring a boy costume into the mix!  Dress up at our house just got a whole lot more entertaining!

 Today, the kids have been a little sniffly sniffly, coughy coughy.  No fun!  So, much time has been spent snuggling on the couch and watching movies.

 They make me so happy!
 So, how is your day going?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Sweet Friend...

When my friend Kelly started doing the, Show Us Your Singles post, I never thought that I would ever link up on those days.  I knew that if I were to ever write about a friend or family member, they would for sure never speak to me again, so link up, I did not!  Until I saw her last post about the singles, and then began reading about the success of the couples that are meeting through her blog! I was just amazed!  I mean, people coming together, some not even in the same states, emailing and a little bitta chit chat on the phone, then the "meet up" and they are falling in love and getting married!  Wha?  I know!  Kelly's record at matchmaking is better than ABC's The Bachelor!  It is so special, and I have no doubt that God's hands are all wrapped up in this!
Let me introduce to you to my friend Brooke. 
I know, can you just feel the wonderfulness just coming out of the screen?
Brooke comes from an amazing family!  Her mother and sister, I'm sure would agree!  She is also a  graduate of the University of Arkansas!  Woo Pig!  She is such a fan of the Razorbacks, and I love love love to read her tweets or FB statuses after some of our past games... she is so positive about our team (in case you were not aware has not been performing at its best) and is always quick to tell the PIGGY Knockers to back up off her team!  (She is so loyal, just another amazing quality)!  Brooke is such a doll y'all!  A wonderful friend, caring, honest, beautiful (so beautiful, like stop ya in yo' tracks beautiful), genuine, patient, smart (so smart, really, if you have any sort of techy question, she will know the answer, or you go to her for any weird trivia facts... like, what are the fur balls that you get on your sweater called?  I just thought they were called sweater balls, but nope, B knows that they have a name and she could rattle it off at any moment to you!)  She also knows the words to every song, could be country or rap (I know, rap, don't worry, she knows it)!  Her memory is phenom.. I say!  Seriously, I think that if I called her right now and asked if she could still do some dances from our drill team days, girlfriend would bust out some Eye of the Tiger or Dazy Dukes routines!  She stands up for what she believes is right. She has such a heart for others.  She is always going out of her way to make others happy, do nice things for someone, coming to tiny tots birthday parties, she never ever forgets a friends birthday, she is the BEST!  Please note that I reached out to some of our other girlfriends, and some of the above descriptions were some of their words too... and I think that it is so telling to have a group of people that feel the same way about a person!
 We love and adore Brooke!
 I hope that it is not weird, but I have really prayed that God will lead the perfect man into Brooke's life (and I know that he will)! I also really hope that the man's sister, or his mother, or his gal pal see this post, and send an email to or leave us a comment!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Brain Dump

I have much to discuss.  The importance of it, well, it is not so important, but if I do not get it out, then I am afraid that my brain will wig out.... so, onto my thoughts...
1.  I took Red to her dance class this morning.  Yes, it was a wonderful morning, me, Red, and the Bear.  We got out of the house on time and even arrived at dance 10 minutes early... Holla!  We pull up to the building and it is pouring down cats and dogs, it was a wet mess y'all!  I will paint the picture... me (with straight hair that cannot get wet, the afro that would be created would scare small children) I would not want that to happen.  So, I am wearing some sorta hooded jacket and my children are in a tutu and shorts and a t-shirt (did I mention it was about 60 degrees and raining... chilly outside, I think so).  Anyways, after 3 trips in and out of the rain to get all of my peeps and their gear into the building... Red decides that she does not want to dance today.  I am just trying to keep it to the 3C's (calm, cool, and Christian, let's face it when you have a child who is having a moment in front of others, you have to stick to the 3C's!)  Anyways, after 10 minutes of standing in the back of the dance room, crying, stomping, and a little bitta snot, I just looked at Red and said, "looks like we just need to go home."  She snapped out of it and said, "yes, let's go"!  Not really what I wanted to happen, I thought she would be like, no way, I gotta dance, did not happen!  So, I tried to encourage her one more time, and then she just started running around the place jumping on the trampolines and playing.  I just started to pick up our bag and said we gotta go!
I start carrying the bag, the Bear, and then holding her hand to get us to the door (still pouring down rain), and Red went limp!  The worst!!  Then I started sweating, the water was drenching me, and I could not tell if it was tears falling or raindrops!  I could feel the crazy mommy coming out!  In fact, this is pretty close to what I looked like!
I got everyone in the car, both kids having a meltdown, it is pouring down rain, and I was just humming and smiling to myself... Jingle Bells, we had been watching Mickey Mouse Christmas (I bet the other mommy's were all watching through the window thinking that lady is going to snap, ha)!  I made it all the way out of the parking lot and then Red says in a sniffly voice, "I had a nice time".  Just pitiful!  I had to laugh and then call her daddy and my mother!
Kids are funny!  You never know which personality is going to come out!  Hopefully, we get to attend next weeks class!
Also, I did not have a break down, I just had to breath through it, kind of like contractions.
2.  Tomorrow my Razorbacks play Alabama.  I hope we beat them by like 30 points!
3.  Next Friday, my friend Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, is having her "Show Us Your Singles" link up!  I am so so excited because I am going to link up to the blog.  Let me tell you, girls that have a single male in your life that is seriously looking for his Mrs. Right, please check back next Friday!  I am going to write about my most wonderful girl friend.  She knows I am doing this, but what she does not know is that I just want her to meet the most wonderful man through this.... the chances of it happening, well it could happen!  I mean 5 other couples met up and got married and others are seriously dating or engaged!  How amazing!  K. Stamps has a better match making record than The Bachelor!  So, if your single man friend/ brother/ cousin/ uncle is wonderful, please find us on the link up next week!
4.  This weekend, Aron and I will be married for 6 years.
I just really really like him a whole lot!
5.  Last night I started watching a new show, Scandal.  Ya seen it?
It follows, Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia) a woman who protects the public images of the elite, and it last nights episode she was all twisted up with the Pres of the U.S, Tony Goldwyn (Fitz Grant).
O my word, it was just as the title states... Scan-dal-ous!  It kept my attention.  I even got over my long time disgust over Goldwyn who played Carl in the movie, Ghost!  Remember he had Sam (Patrick Swayze's character) killed and then at the end he died and the scary devil ghosts of hell came and took him out of the winda?  Remember?  Well, I just have not liked him since that movie and I have had a ridiculous fear of a broken window falling down on me, but after last night.. I got over it and watched Scandal!  New season starts in a few weeks!
6.  Also in a few weeks, my Grey's Anatomy starts back.  I am not so sure that I am going to be able to watch it since they killed off "Little Grey", Lexie!  I totally loved her and Mark together!  Still not over it!
7.  Did I mention that I adore nap time?  It gives me time to focus on my "chores".  I should be folding the 8 loads of clean clothes on my bedroom floor (yes, the floor), but I don't wanna.  We are all out of detergent so I cannot wash the rest of the dirty things, therefore, I do not want to sit and fold clothes, only to finish, then have to stop and go and get detergent and then wash and dry, then sit and fold again.  Seems like I should just get everything cleaned and then sit and fold...?  Logical?  I think so.
8.  I had a friend stop by earlier to drop something off, and when she came around the corner, she said, "don't judge", like I was gonna judge her for wearing a t-shirt and black yoga pants!  It made me laugh on the inside cause I was thinking, "don't come too close, because now that I think about it I cannot remember if I put on deodorant this morning!  She was standing close to me and showing me a book, all I could think was don't move your arms!  Then she said, "your house smells so good"!  Ha!  So, to my friend, you were talking to me and explaining the children's choir book, but I only heard the thoughts in my head!
9.  So, it is September.  Has anyone else gone over to your local Hobby Lobby and purchased any Christmas ornaments?  I did yesterday, and I am not ashamed!
10.  I feel like I have not been reading much lately!  I was on a book binge and now I am in a reading rut!  We have been doing lots of reading with the kids, I am trying to read at least 30-40 minutes a day, sometimes longer!  I am loving these Step 1, early reader books.
Elmo Says Achoo!, Sweet Potato Pie, Fancy Nancy books, Dora the Explorer
Both kids are now reading with me!  Love that they love reading!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Am I really present in this moment??

I have started this post three times, let's hope that this draft is a keeper! Ha!
Over the past few months, I have been reminded how precious my days are, and that I should really review how I am spending my time.
I have been in constant prayer for the following things....
My Bucky and his chemo treatments, constantly praying for his improved health and that he is in no pain.  I am also praying for my Moss who is taking care of him.  I cannot imagine the stress of taking care of a spouse who is ill... it rocks me to my core.  I am praying for my parents, as well as my aunts and uncles who are dealing with having a sick parent.
I am flooding my friend with prayers, that has been diagnosed with cancer and has had a growth of some spots in areas on his spine and head.  I just pray that the spots some how magically go away and that any anxiety he and his family are feeling will just be lifted
I am praying for my friend whose husband was taken off of life support this week and passed away.  I just pray for her and her daughter and their family
I am praying for some friends who lost a friend in a accident this week.  The woman was my age and I went to high school with her.  It was so unexpected.  My heart just breaks for them
There are so many other things that my heart is just filled with at this time.  Friends going through a divorce, trouble with children, people with sick parents or children, friends that are having trouble with work or having NO work, issues that are occurring all over the world every single day.
So, this has been my constant prayer list for some amount of time.  All of these people who are struck with such pain and heartache, and their time is being cut short.
With all of this going on, I have really been looking at myself.  How am I living in my life, and am I really present in this moment, and what is the legacy that I am going to leave if something happens to me.  I know, is this too deep for Wednesday MOM-VERSATION?
This time here, at my Earthly home is not going to be forever.  I believe, with all I got, that my God is preparing a heavenly home for me with Him.  I like to think that I will be in a sweet little two story brick house next door to my right will be my MamMaw and PapPaw, my Aunt Diane, my Aunt Glenda, one of my dearest friends Brad will be right across the street, my MawMaw and PawPaw, and my Mimi will be in a house behind my house... ya see in this heavenly home I will live on a lot of acreage, and Aron's momma Glenda will be right next door on the other side of the house.  It is a happy place with no pain, fear, or worries.  What a wonderful place.
Anyways, these moments that I have right now, with my people are precious.  This time I am spending with my babies is special and I do not think that I am always treating it as so.  When they want to play with me, I am sitting there making a list in my head of projects that I want to do in their room.  When I am sitting with them watching a movie, I also have my IPhone in my hand looking a Facebook.  When my husband comes home from a long crazy day at work, I immediately unload my days issues and things that he could help me with:(  When the kids go to sleep, I could sit with Aron and talk about stuff, anything, but we sometimes just sit on the couch too tired to function let alone spit out a sentence.  When a friend calls me on the phone, I sometimes find a reason to silence it or let them know that I cannot talk because I have other things keeping my attention at the time... this is horrible, because they may have really needed a friend, and I just blew them off.  Sometimes when a family member stops by, I act frazzled and frustrated with my stuff when I probably needed to ask them how their day was.
Well, all of this...
1.  Makes me sound like a jerk... (please do not feel that way, I am really a nice person, just a bit overwhelmed)
2.  just makes me see that I am not really present in the moment.
When I am with my babies, I need to be with my babies.
When I have time with my husband, I need to be building that relationship.
When someone calls me, I should make myself more available.
Needless to say, I am going through a change... not "the change", but a change.
It is time that I re-evaluate how I am spending my time, because this time that I have is so very limited.
I want my babies to think of me a fun girl who likes to play Barbies and Animals.  A momma that does not freak out over spilled apple juice or when she finds some clothes in a toilet.  A mommy who would get on the slide at the playground and play in the rain.
I want my husband to think I am the same fun girl that he married (even though I have grown a few sizes and have a few more stretch marks).  I am still the same girl on the inside.  I do not want him to ever feel like I am a grump and a control freak!  I want him to feel appreciated and loved, and never ever 2nd guess my love for him.  I want him to always feel secure in this marriage.
I want my family and friends to need me and me still be able to be there for them.  I do not ever want them to feel like they are bothering me or that I have too much going on in my life for them, because I do not!!
I also want my family to not think that I am a nut ball, because after this post they might question my sanity!  Hopefully, people will not see them out and ask them if I have gone coo-coo!
Most of all, I just want to always know that my people know how much I love them.
Sorry to cut the thoughts short, but the Bear is crying, he never really fell asleep during nap time, so I should go scoop him up and put my focus where it needs to be.  Loves!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Big bed... not for Red.

I will go ahead and lay it out here for ya.  We are definitely going through some changes in our home.  We have been doing more with Tiny Tot University (my version of the homeschooling), Red has started to take a weekly dance class, the kids and I are getting busier with our fall schedule (Bible study Tuesday, Wednesday evening church, and Sunday choir), Razorback football Saturdays!!, potty training... well, that was successful (1 down and the Bear to go), and now we have transitioned to the big girl bed.
So we are swimming in a sea of change at la casa Foresee.
Last week, I woke up and decided today is the day that Red shall now sleep in a big girl bed!  Woo Hoo!  I made a big deal about it to get Soph all excited, and we talked about no jumping on the bed, and this is where we sleep for our naps and at bedtime. 
(Does it look like these two are going to have issues with jumping on the bed??)
This was them obviously testing the bounce of the mattress.  Poor Baby Bear, it looks like he broke his head on the landing!
We even went to the store and got new sheets and such for her bed.  All Disney Princess with a fun throw and pillows.  The girl was pumped.  I got everything washed 
She was so proud.
 Then she had to lay on her big girl bed.
Then B had to sit on the bed too!
Needless to say, the evening came, the stories were read, she climbed in the bed, lights off......... 10 minutes later.... the pitter patter of Little Red's feet.  She just stood at my door and smiled.
I think it just gave her a thrill to know that she could get in and out of her room if she wanted to.
No more lock down for Red!
Little Red was out of bed and did not want to rest her head!
(Okay, enough of the Dr Seuss rhyming)
Anyways, this went on 4 more times.
Energy to deal with it... I had none.
So, Red's big girl bed was changed back to a crib that night.
(As I was fixing it back she told me, in the sweetest little voice, "Momma, I'm just not ready for a big girl bed."
Maybe next week we can try again.
Until then, it is naps on the couch for us!