Thursday, July 27, 2017

Look out 38

I am just gonna throw this out there... I am a HUGE fan of birthdays (mine included)!  I love the hugs, the "happy birthdays", the cake is always a bonus, and being loved on by my people.  I have been surrounded by the people that love me best and most, my family.  We are currently on our last few days of vacation, and I was very fortunate to celebrate the start of year 38 at the beach!  Here we are after a yummy lunch at that Shrimp Basket (we I decided that we needed to rest a bit before we go out to the beach and play)... looks like one of us was not interested in resting (Bray)!
Over the week, I have been able to reflect over this past year, and what a time it has been.  I was able to spend some time at home with the kids (deciding what my next job role would be), spent a lot of time volunteering at their school and even took on a PTO role, tried my hand at substituting (which I adored), applied for a job with our local school district and got it, the man friend and I celebrated 10 years of marriage, I tried to run that marathon (got rained out, but at least I signed up and practiced), we traveled to New Orleans, there was that stint when I worked with government (not so much, but the people at the WM think I do), and I lost a precious friend and that loss reminded me to be more intentional with my relationships and invest more into people.  The year has had its highs and lows, and I cannot wait to see what year 38 will bring.
If this week is any indication of what is to come...


then look out 38!!