Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Will I still have my birthday????

Reading the post title, I want you to picture the sweetest red headed baby face sounding super sad and winey!

Yesterday morning, I was taking the littles to school and I started our morning drive conversation with.....
1.  Who do ya think you are gonna play with?
2.  Can someone count all of the school buses?
3.  What did you dream about last night?
4.  Who is gonna say a prayer for our day?
Those are my main drive topics, as the drive to school only takes less than 10 minutes.  As we are approaching the school, I tell the kids that I have a super big surprise!  They are so excited, thinking that they are getting a toy or that they are really going to my work (sounds strange, but I have told y'all all work stops at my office when the kids come in, they love the attention and love all of their friends).  They were a little disappointed when I had to say "nope" to both of their guesses.  Well, I just knew that they would be over the moon when I tell them, it is going to snow tomorrow and we will get to stay at home all day tomorrow and play outside!!!
(picture me saying all of that in a very chipper tone and using a lot of hand movements, heck, if I would have been watching someone get so excited about snow it would have made me equally pumped).  You just never know what will excite the littles though.
They both get quiet.
I turn down the radio, as maybe they did not hear me.
I repeat my surprise... hand movements.... and now add clapping.
(to onlookers, I am sure I look super awesome, but whatev)
I pull in the parking lot and look at the people.
What is wrong?  Don't you like to be with mommy and play and then the snow.
Sophia looks at me with the saddest face, "but momma, will I still have my birthday?"
O my goodness, I flip through my mental rolodex of important dates, and nope, nothing is registering with me.  I look at her and say, "Sophia, honey, your birthday is not until August.  That is like 5 months away."
She wipes her face, "oh, it's not my birthday yet?  It is never gonna get here if it keeps on snowing!"
Welp, there you have it.  My kiddos are super sick of the snow and are afraid that it will snow right up until their birthdays.
I love her.

Well, we woke up at 6 this morning, and it started with sleet and then a little bit of snow, and it has just not stopped.  So pretty to look at, but we are really stuck at the house.  Some may not enjoy those snow days, but it just gives me some extra time at home with the littles and I love that.  Ever since I returned back to work, if there is ever a surprise day that we can just stay at home and I can work from home with them, I love it!  Looks like school is already cancelled for tomorrow too, so it looks like it will be snow day repeat for tomorrow.

I may love that time, and I try not to complain much about the crazy times that we are having at home, but those people can wear ya out!  There are so many times that I would say something today, and I would just stop and replay it in my head, thinking.... I never thought that those words would ever come out of my mouth......
1.  Do not step on your brothers face.  If you have to step on him step on his shoulder.

2.  Do not put your booty on the door.
3.  Brayden, can you run in high heels?
4.  Quit "fundippin" your fingers in the milk.
5.  You can only shoot the bow and arrow in your room and not at your brothers face.
She may or may not be wearing my lingerie.... to shoot her bow and arrow... at her brother.  I am not sure what part of all of that sounds the worst.  She just loves to wear soft things, and honestly, it is not like I even wear lingerie anyways, in fact that was from when I got married, and I could not even wear that if I tried.  I would look like a pig in a blanket (a sheer, cream, short blanket).  She loves it, so therefore, I let her wear it.  Don't judge.

6.  No, you cannot have ONLY catsup for lunch.
Just when I thought I was figuring out this whole motherhood bit....

This past week, I got an email from our school district with Sophia's new school information.  I cannot believe it.... she is really going to go to kindergarten?  This is crazy.  To me she is still a baby, my baby, and now she is 5 going on 15 and out the door headed to KINDERGARTEN!  I am not sure why I have been so nutty and a wee bit weepy.  I mean, the time is flying by too quickly.  Do not get me wrong, I knew getting into this whole momma/ baby thing that these little people will eventually grow up, give up pacis, sleep through the night, be potty trained, go to school, ect., but I just feel that it has just come on too fast.  It is such a BIG world, and I just wanna keep them close.  Is this crazy?  Maybe I should go and talk to someone about this, because I believe that I will be suffering from separation anxiety (hello, it has not even happened, and I am already anxious).

I hope I am not the only NUT-JOB parent out there feeling this way.  Hello, anyone?

Speaking of growing up.  The wee ones have been taking gymnastics, and they love it.  I loved gymnastics when I was younger (hello jr high gymnastics team.... I did not really get to do anything with the team, I was probably only on the team for entertainment and because I was super bendy... #JustSayin).  Anyways, enough about me, the kids.  Yes, they love gymnastics.  One of Sophia's sweet friends started taking with her this past week, and she loves having her there.

As for Brayden, he is in a mixed class (girl/boy) and he loves this little girl names Ellie.  I guess he likes the gymnastics part, but he really likes the "Ellie" part.  He came in the other night, and asked if I know where that girl lives.... oh, could this be a first crush!

I also signed Loverboy up for tee ball, and we are all so excited about it.  Aron even took him up to a local sports store to buy a glove and ball, needless to say they have been practicing.  I have been trying to get him to throw underhanded, and all he wants to do is throw it fast and over hand (he is obvi his fathers child).  Looks like we may have a little ball player in the making.  This makes me so happy.
since this post was mostly focused on the wee ones, here I am with my first love... my Aron.  I must talk about him, because without him, I'd have no them.