Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day! We had such a nice and relaxing time. We took Aron to a 5 star breakfast at Dennys!! The few bites that I had were scrumptious, Sophia ate a little and chunked a little on the floor, and Aron loved his meal. For the rest of the day we just hung around the house. We watched golf, baseball, more golf, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2, and baseball (it was so stimulating)! The things that I do for that sweet man!

Then for dinner we went to momma and daddy's and celebrated over dinner. Later we watched golf (shocker). What is up with the golf and guys?? Boring!

All in all, it was so nice celebrating Father's Day with my most favorite men.

My sweet husband, Aron and his lovey. Everyday I fall more in more in love with him. He is just amazing. He is smart, funny, kind, helpful, and makes me feel like I am the most special girl in the world. He is so loving and takes such care of us. He makes my day so much brighter.

Who knew that I would ever meet a man so wonderful as Aron. For 26 years, I only thought that there was one man in the whole world that was that special, my daddy.

He is still my hero.

Love you so!!

Happy 1st Fathers Day to my sweet Aron! (your Sophia and sweetie pie love you!)

Happy Father's Day to my precious Daddy!

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet Bug-Eye and my Possy!!

Happy Father's Day to my b.i.l. Ryan!!

Love yal!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Back.....

Have yal even missed me? I have not posted in awhile, but please be reassured that I am on the up and up. I have pulled my head out of the toliet and I have decided to choose life! I will not let this "all day" morning sickness keep me down any longer!

Thank you to my friends at the doctors office who have refilled my prescriptions of Zofran and Phinnergan (sp). I can now make it through the day. Hopefully I can start back to play groups, lunches with friends, and going back to church! I could not even get out and go to the store (that has been wonderful)!

When I was preggo with Lovey, I suffered from the sickness for almost all of the pregnancy. Do not get me wrong, she was well worth all of it. For some reason, I really thought that things would be different this time around! (Waa- waa! Boy was I wrong).

Girls, did yal have the pukies? How did you get through it? Was it better the second, third, or fourth, tenth time around? Were there things that you could not eat or places that you just could not go?

Just wanted to let yal know, that I am okay! I can do this, only like 31 weeks to go!!

Love yal!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Uhmm.. a little panic

So, a little bit of panic just rushed over me.

Am I really ready for this all over again?

I know, I know, green is not so slimming.

In about 243 days, Aron and I are going to have another baby!

When you had your second child, did this feeling just rush over your body?

I just have a few thoughts...

Have I totally forgotten the pain of pushing a baby out? I sometimes have flashbacks, am I ready to do that again? I will probably opt for the epidural a bit sooner.

Boo-morning sickness!!

yikes-the stretch marks!

Where will SweetiePie sleep? I guess if it is a girl she can share a bedroom with Sophia, and if it is a boy, he can share a room with Sophia. Okay, that stress is gone.

Where will SweetiePie sleep...ha...when will we sleep? We totally shoulda thought about that. I guess we will sleep when the children move out and graduate from college and get married (who am I fooling, we will never rest again).

Honestly, we are so excited! I cannot wait! Who would not want to experience this all again!

Love yal,

Aron, Caryn, Sophia, and our little SweetiePie (and Chip the dog)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Steps!

Look at what I caught on film today. OMG she is growing up so fast!

(sorry the filming is like a portion of the Blair Witch Project)

Have a fab day!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Late....For A very Important Date!!!

Okay!  So today has been so much fun.  I have been hanging out in Wonderland for a tea party with the Queen!!  What a time it was.
So, I am part of a women's group, PEO.  At Christmas time, we had our annual auction, and momma, myself, our PEO sista Kate, and Karen decided we would host an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.  So, after months of preparation this very important date arrived!  Yay!!
Invites went out to all of the ladies a few weeks ago.  They were all hand delivered by Kate's daughter, she dressed up as Alice.  Each lady that was invited was given a role (Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, March Hare, The Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum).  Everyone came dressed in their attire.  This was such a site.  Here are a few of our characters!

The ladies all looked great.  They entered Wonderland walking through bubbles and were met by a flamingo who would be holding a tray of tiny bottles, of course it said, "DRINK ME"!
This was the flamingo outfit!  A flamingo hat, pink top, leggings, a feather boa, and a pink tutu.  Did that tutu make me look prego??
The ladies gathered at decked out tables and strolled under paper lanterns!  So much fun!

We dined on chicken salad, fruit, and orange rolls!  For desert we had cookies that read, EAT ME, bunny cupcakes, and petifours!
I wish I had photos of the other deserts, but for some reason, I did not take a photo!  I will try to get one from someone else!
I wish we could have played croquet.  Momma had it all set up (no one really knew how to play though!)

Too cute!!
Here were some more of our friends, they were hangin around just watchin everyone have fun in Wonderland!

Alice and the Cheshire Cat
The Caterpillar and Momma
A card, he should be painting the flowers RED for the Queen!
It was such a fun time in Wonderland, but I sure am glad to be home!

Love yal!