Monday, September 18, 2017

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up...

Y'all remember that sweet old lady that somehow fell out of the bathtub fully clothed in that Life Alert commercial?  Well, let me refresh ya memory...
That poor ole gal, so sad as she is wedged in that corner, so scared and alone.  Welp, I can honestly say that I have laughed at that commercial, heeeeeelp!  She sounded so pitiful!
Strangely enough, I thought of this fully clothed lady sprawled out on her bathroom floor on Sunday.  Ya see, I too was calling for hhhhhhheeeeeelllllllllllllppp!  Yes, friends.  I was stepping out of the shower to reach for a towel, stepping over the dog, and as I put all of the weight back on right leg (still in the shower) I slipped and fell!
Yes, I know, busted it right in the shower!
It happened so quickly, but I immediately knew something was broken, just not sure what!  I called for Sophia who was right outside the door (she had been fighting with brother and was having a bit of time out to think about attitudes (this is a think we think about often).
I called for her calmly to go and get her daddy and tell him that he will need to take me to the hospital, because I broke my leg!  Looking back, I prob would not have said that to small child, I had no idea that she would get so upset, but she remained brave and got her daddy for help.  Such a good girl.  There I was, sitting in the shower, fetal position, in tremendous pain, thinking how was I going to "use the force" and levitate right outta that shower??  Hummmm.
Aron ran in... I am sure he just thought I was being dramatic, but I explained he would be taking me to the hospital, but first I'd have to get out of the shower, get dressed, and we would need to call my parents for help.  He realized I was very serious.  The kids were sitting in the hallway watching my every move (my every necked move)!  That is right y'all, my old lady friend in above pic fell with a nice bathrobe on, I had no bathrobe, just a big ole bunch of anatomy colored in pale and cellulite!  It was such a site, a scary site, but a site.  This is prob what brought on the tears!
Still staying calm, I asked Aron to get me underware and a dress, I asked for Sophia to find my deodorant, and Brayden to assist me with my face moisturizer!  Yes, I was in pain, but I had to keep my troops believing that I was okay!
My parents arrived and we kind of analyzed the situation, and they decided it would be best that I sit on a kitchen chair and they carry me out to the car (kind of like my throne)!  As if the injury wasn't scary enough!  I get to the car and just prayed the whole way there!
We got in fast, such a praise, but we were there for hours!
I have for sure had better times, but at least I was there with the man friend, my daddy, and one of the brothas... so I knew I was in good hands and my guys would not let anything happen to me.
We finally received the news my leg was in fact broken!  I was surprised, I mean it is Sunday morning and I had stuff to do that day!  I guess God had other plans for me to just be.... still, and hang out with my momma!  We are going to enjoy this time sooooo much!!  So, if you need me, I will be at home for the next weeks......... broken bits and all!  Get ready for the blog to blow up, it seems that I have run into a bit of spare time!!

Until tomorrow!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

There She Is..... Miss America

It has been a long night of talent watching, swimsuit prancing, and evening gown selecting at the Foresee house!  I was super excited to introduce Sophia to the Miss America Pageant!  I would watch the pageants growing up and just love choosing my winner and seeing how far the lady gets!  Well, tonight, Sophia jumped in the bed and was making lists with me!  Her bedtime is normally at 8:30, but she almost started crying because she would never know who won the contest (even though we could have DVRd the show), but whatev... I let her stay up!
I am sure her teacher will love her sweet precious attitude tomorrow, and I am hopeful that she does not fall asleep in class!
We made our lists... my list always includes
1.  Miss Arkansas (hello, I live here)
2.  Miss Louisiana (hello, this is where I come from)
Now, these ladies could have the most hideous dresses or do the most ridic talent, and they will ALWAYS be at the top of my list!  They are kinda like my R, S, and T... you know, those are the letters that you should always select if you are ever on Wheel of Fortune (#JustSaying #ProvenFact #OrMaybeIJustMadeThatUp)
Sadly, Miss Arkansas did not make the top 15, but that was okay, since Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields was from Arkansas,
so that would have probably been a bit sketch for us to win 2 years in a row!  I mean has that ever happened?
Just an FYI... I looked that up and yes, it has!
2013, 2014, 2015 Miss New York (wha?  3 years in a row)
1958 and 1959... Miss Mississippi (seriously the most s's on a sash #JustSaying)
1935 and 1936 Miss Pennsylvania two years in a row!
There you have it, the more you know... the more you grow (ding, ding, ding, diiiiiing)
Anyways, Miss North Dakota won tonight.
I shoulda known early on that she would win, her talent was dancing to Michael Jackson's, The Way You Make Me Feel (Hello, that is a classic and can always win a crowd over!)  In fact, as she was dancing, Sophia said, "okay, just put her as one of my top people because she is dancing to Michael Jackson!"  (out of the mouth of a babe)
After the talent portion, I chose Miss Alabama to win...
I know, I know.  Alabama?  Y'all, she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I just knew she won it!  Welp, not so much!
After she did not get selected for the next round, I just did not want to play anymore!
Then I stuck with Miss Missouri... and she did not win either!
Sophia had chosen Miss Texas as one of her top people... she had already let me know whoever can do a one handed walkover will win this thing!!
When she saw Miss Texas flip on that stage... that was her winner!
Sadly, our picks doth not make a Miss America!  Whomp... whomp!
Kudos to Miss North Dakota, you are lovely.
I cannot wait to watch another pageant with Sophia, she crawled into her bed and told me she wants to be Miss America one day.  Big dreams for my Little Red... I love her.
I had that same dream too as a little girl.  One of the first pageants I ever watched, was 1988, throwing it waaaaaaaay back!  I can remember watching it with my momma.  As soon as I saw Miss Louisiana walk that stage, I just knew she would win it.  Her name was Patricia Brant, and her talent was that she was a ventriloquist!  Loved that!  Sadly, she did not win, but she was the 1st runner up (that pageant was obvi rigged!)
Anyways, fast forward a month or so, I am in a parking lot with my momma and this woman gets out of her car, and I looked at my mother star struck and said that is Miss Louisiana... I want to talk to her!  My mother stops her, and explains that I wanted her to win Miss America, I chose her to win as soon as I saw her introduce herself!  She was so sweet, touched my shoulder and asked what my name was.......
and crickets.
I said nothing!
How old are you.....
and crickets.
I said nothing!
Would you like an autograph (I was holding a envelope from my mother's purse)...
and crickets.
I gave her nothing a said nothing!
Y'all, I just stood there, mouth breathing, holding a ripped in half envelope!
PTL for momma, answering all of her questions and handing her my envelope.
I was so star struck!
That was my brush with fame, and I choked!

Anyways, I loved that nearly 30 years ago I would watch these shows with my mother, and tonight I just came full circle watching the pageant with my Sophia. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Frozen balls and too tight prom dresses...

I know that you have popped in thinking today's post sounds a bit inappropes, but y'all know my posts are normally PG... so sorry, come back tomorrow!
So much has been happening at casa de Foresee.  We have been busy with school starting back, family fun, and extra-curriculars!  Each week that ends, I think I will be better and more organized when the next Monday comes... and each Monday I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  So, today I say, this coming Monday I will be ready for the week!  Meals will be planned, laundry will be done and put away, and the kids will have money in their lunch accounts at school!  Every... single... day.... I get an email or call saying they have noooo money!  Geez, get with it Caryn, make a deposit!  Grrrrrr!!  You have heard it hear... gauntlet has been thrown down!  Organization and easy breezy living is a coming!
(10 bucks says I wake up late that morning and send the kids to school in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt and it will be 50 degrees and raining!)
Anyways, back to this morning.... I wake up in a panic from what I can only call it is a nightmare!  I am in the deep helping to plan my 20 year high school reunion.  I have had so much fun getting together with friends, reminiscing about the way back, and planning a fun weekend for people to come together!  I am so excited to see old friends and hear what they have been up to (I kinda see it everyday, since I am friends on FB with many of the people I graduated with, but it will be fun to be standing in a room with them)!  Anyways, the dream.  So, I dreamed last night that my babysitter showed up to watch the kids, man friend was dressed and ready to go, and I had just gotten out of the shower!  I was running late and a car full of friends was arriving to pick us up... and I was in a towel!  Man friend is trying to rush me and I run to the closet to get my clothes, and all my clothes were gone!  It was like someone robbed la casa de Foresee and they only wanted my cardigans, mom jeans, flowy tops, and sundresses!!!  WHY???!!!  All that the robbers left me was my old prom dress and a pair of spanx (praise the Lord!)!  What's a girl to do, well this girl had no choice... a towel or a prom dress!!
What would you do?
Welp, I pulled on that dress.  It was horrible.  I cried.  I was sweating, profusely (I guess I was really having to work to get this dress on, it was almost like it was spandex)!  I get it on, and it could not zip, because I was once a zero and now my size welllllll, it has a zero in it!  Ha!  So, here I am, a vision, in my old prom dress with a low cut back, not zipped, exposing my nude color spanx!  I.... DIE!!  I walked out and man friend just rushed me to the car (with my friends in it), and no one said a word)!  Kinda reminded me of having food in your teeth and no one tells you about it and ya walk around looking like a weirdo!  I walk into the reunion and everyone is staring and laughing!
Dream translators... go for it!
While I woke up in a panic... earlier than normal, this did not make me jump up and rush to get my day started!  I almost forgot today is food day at my work!  I signed up to bring meatballs... FYI, they are pretty frozen, because I just started them.  Everyone will be thrilled to take a bite outta my frozen meatballs!  This was def not a well planned food for my food day!!
Happy Friday, so glad the weekend is upon us!