Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Egg-stravaganza 2011

Whew! What an exciting week we had. Last week our family celebrated Easter. It was filled with family, friends, bunnies, and boiled eggs. The festivities started with me taking the kiddos to playgroup to be with friends. We had such a fun time. The Easter Bunny hopped in for a visit (Sophia was NOT interested in taking a picture with him, but she did admire him from a distance), and then there was a real LIVE bunny (Sophia loved to look at him and giggle!).

Embarrassing story alert! Sophia climbed to the top of the swing set and would not come down. I kept looking up to her and saying , "come on Sophia, time to slide or, lets go, or lets get a cookie." And nothing. If I left that house, she would have been happy as a clam living in this play set house! So I climbed up there to rescue her, and I decided it would be fun to go down the slide (for her, not fun for me). Well, guess whos hips are not as small as they once were (MINE). OMG, I was just thinking that they are gonna have to take a tub a butter to my hiney and lube me out (wow, there is a phrase that I never thought I would type on a blog). Anyways , I was concerned! After rocking side to side to loosen whatever was gripped to the sides I was able to slide down (mind you it was not a fast trip down!) Thank you to my friend Erin who got it on film.
Later that week, I hosted Easter-eggstravaganza at our home. It was so much fun: food, family, and egg dying.

We feasted on deviled eggs, cupcakes galore, 2 king ranch chicken casseroles, chips and salsa, a double layer cookies and cream cake, and a bunny cake. Definitely gained a pound or two at this meal. It was so yumm!!

The Easter bunny made a stop at our house that night!

That morning, we got ready and went to church. So sad, we have no family picture of us all together and dressed so nice (which is unfortunate, because we were all showered and looked so good!) During church, B-man peed through his Easter outfit and was then wearing some random outfit that the church had on back up!! PTL he was not naked for the rest of the day! Then it rained like cats and dogs for the rest of the day, so after church we were drenched anyways (photos not so much needed)... Then we met our family at Freds for lunch (no pictures, I am learning that it is hard to take pics anymore when you are trying to keep one child busy and fed, then feed yourself), and then went to our house to hunt eggs. The day was so fun!!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. It is such a wonderful time of celebration, knowing that we serve a risen Lord.

Love yal!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

So close.......

Okay, so now it is crunch time. In 6 days, I will be having Easter Egg-stravaganza at our home.

There is so much to do.......

1. clean everything

2. hang valences in B-Man room

3. try to weed flowerbeds (they are looking rough!)

4. get a new toilet seat (Don't even ask! Well, go ahead and ask.) Someone (they will remain nameless) used our toilet and cracked the seat! Embarrassing! I know. Yes, I am sure that all of my friends are reading this and thinking... I have been over there lately and used their bathroom (did I do it?), No! It is someone in this house, and I will not call them by name. Yes. We are currently thinking of weight loss programs to enroll in.

5. Those programs will have to wait... must think of menu for Saturday!!! (king ranch chicken casserole (this does not have ranch dressing in it), a double layer cookies and cream in your dream cake, the Easter bunny cake for my babies!, and I am not sure what else.

6. mop floors (this will be so gross), they are covered with sticky apple juice

7. vacuum

8. finish Brayden's room (I am soooooo close)!

All that is left to do is somehow remove the pencil markings from the wall (without removing wall paint!) and arrange the furniture!!

Sneak peak!!!!

Happy jungle snake!

Aron commented that I should paint a mouse in its mouth- gross!!

Baloo and monkeys!

Huge piece of furniture is in the way. It is currently holding our computer!

King Louie!

I must get that pencil hand off of the wall!

Time to get off the ladder! I have got a list of stuff to do...BOO!

Love yal!


Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Doo!

So we have hit a BIG milestone. Girlfriend got herself a haircut (okay, just some bangs and a little trim), but it has totally transformed her. She looks so grown up to us now. My precious baby is growing up....(insert dramatic sob)!

Such a big girl. Sitting in the chair. Bye- bye scraggle hair!

One more close up. In this photo the hair is out of her face and I was questioning why I was making her get a cut!

She loved to make faces in the mirror.

Then came the cover up. Then the brush through her mane of red locks.

She was not quiet sure of what was happening. (she had not been drugged with Motrin, she just had some whispies in the eye!)

Here we go...

Another shot.... she is being so good. I am so proud she is not screaming and bucking her head back and forth!

We have BANGS! She is so not sure of the new look.

Still not sure....thinking.....

Okay, I can so rock this!

Here she is saying, "I would like a little poof up top, about this high? Thoughts?"

She is too funny, I really wonder what she is thinking....

Thank you to our sweet friend Patty (at Reflections)! Love her!!!

She likes it!

Momma and the big girl!

She is so workin this new doo!


Love yal!