Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I want this... but do I neeeeeeed this??

 First things first... I am not the girl that is going out purchasing a new shirt, having weekly manicures, or goin' and gettin' my hair did.  I don't really have that free time and I feel a bit guilty doing something for myself when I have those little people and my sweet guy to care for (and then there is the dog... he needs attention too).  So when it comes to me, I have a wish list or a mental dream board.  It is filled with pretty things, updates that I want to do in the house, cute outfits (ya dig?).  With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been thinking about little things that I have been eyeing for a looooooooong time!

This past week, I was looking at Snapchat and trying to add a filter to a picture to make me look more life like.  Point is, there is not a filter that would lighten my hair and make me look like I just went to a salon.  I thought to myself:
Self:  you look a mess
Then I said to myself... well, you do have a broken leg and it is not like you are seeing a lot of people (which I have, oh... so many visitors)!
Self said:  you are right, there is no time to waste, I need to take care of this ASAP and I cannot go to the hair place and fix the situation, so I ordered hair dye on the Amazon.
It is a foam and super easy to apply.  So this morning the look has gone from...
 I do not think you can tell the BIG change that I see, but I likes it a lot!  Ignore the fact that I did not read the directions and forgot to put on the gloves when applying the foam so my fingertips are a bit sensitive... but I am sure that will go away!  My hair looks a bit brighter and the conditioner that is given really makes your hair soft!  So, I guess I really wanted this and I just decided I must have it!  Thankful Amazon can deliver so quickly!!

Y'all, I any of the tens of readers out there follow me on social media you know that my momma has been like a tiny force that has redecorated everything in my home!  It has only taken 10 years, but my house is finally feeling like a home with a look that I like!  Grays and golds, a cottagey look, and pictures on the walls!  One of the things that my mom/ interior decorator has done has made curtains and hung them in my kitchen and in the kids rooms!  Kid you not, the curtains really pull a room together!  I love the look and the pop of color/ prints!  Soon, my decorator will move on to her own home and begin her Christmas décor and I will be here thinking about what to do next and I am thinking I want to do a some panels in my bedroom.  I love BLUE, so I want to get new bedding and I am thinking some blue print panels would be lovely.  These are my inspirations...


 I have already shared my new t.v. obsession and how I am now waiting with the rest of the Outlander lovers for the new episodes to come out each week!  #WhompWhomp
I had mentioned that I want to start reading the books...
 there are a few!  Ha!  Freetime (not so much)!  If I could just forgo sleep, maybe I could get them all read!  Ha!!

I have a few girlfriends that are in deep with Lip Sense!  You heard bouts it??
Anyways, it is the lipstick that you apply and it stays on....and on... and on..... and then it is time for bed and your lip color still looks AMAZE.
I am a believer.  I have watched their videos, checked out all of their colors, and I want to order a few colors... specifically Blu Red!  I die!  Isn't it so pretty?  I can just see this as a great holiday red color!
 I want it... but do I neeeeeeed it??  Maybe so??

I was looking on my Insta feed a bit ago and was eyeing these shoes.  I love the black and the gray options!  I am really in need of some new tenneys (do you call athletic shoes tenneys... tennis shoes, running shoes (I would not obvi be calling my tenneys running shoes because of the broke leg and my not so colorful running history).  I digress.  Seriously though, Skechers, I guess it ain't just for kids!  I want these.... and I think I needs a pair!

 I know what y'all are thinking, Caryn... my friend, ya look like you did in high school.  Your skin looks so healthy, like for reals ya look 17!
(and then I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized I look old and my skin looks sad)!  I do not do facials, and I am terrible at washing my face.  I have a few friends that have such AMAZE skin and they swear by Rodan Fields.... ya heard of it?  It is like supposed to be butta for yo face.  They also have the Lash Boost!  When I look at the results people share of their lashes and how they grow I think how I want that too!!!  I have been so focused on my health (getting it back on track getting healthy from the inside out), and now I have just been checking out things to the the outside caught up with the inside progress (sounds strange, I am sure).  Anyways, I am a fan, and am thinking that this could be a game changer!!  Thoughts??  Are any of you Rodies??

Here is the thing!  I am still wearing clothes that are eons old, like the shirt I have on right now was purchased in 2012!  Lame, I know!  I already told ya I hate to buy for myself.  My momma sees that and still takes care of me and time to time brings me little happys (aren't mommas the best?)!
There is a local store, and it caters to the college girl... younger woman.  I often look at their clothes and think, if I was only 18 and loved to wear clothes that ride up my front and back cracks (I would be set), but every so often they will surprise me with a great jacket or top, or this cute holiday tee... it has Santa on it and around it says So Tell Me What You Want, What Ya Really Really Want
HA!  It cracked me up and I love that song (it is from my era) and I love Santa, so hello.... I feel like I should have it!!  Tis the season!!

Tell me, am I alone feeling like this??  If you are a parent and are wanting something for yourself do you go and splurge or just wait it out and then decide to buy dinner for your family instead?

Have a happy day (can ya believe it 4 days in a row... this is a record for me for sure)!  #BringingTheBlogBack (hashtag to be sung as if you were singing the Justin Timberlake ditty I'm Bringing Sexy Back)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Front row center...

Ha, ha!  Do the tens of you remember this prompt on FB earlier this year?  People were sharing 10 concerts that they had been too??  I never participated, because I have only been to a few concerts ever in my time, but I have been thinking of fun things to get out and do (since I have been hangin' at home), and how fun would it be to get out and hear some music from some of my most favorite groups!!  I have been thinking of some of the top concerts I would like to go to, and maybe if they are ever close to Bentonville I will be able to get tickets!
Here are some of my wishes (and if they no longer perform, please do not tell me)!  It would just be complete sadness and I will know that I missed the boat!!

1.  New Kids on the Block... I have seen them before!  They came to my small town of Bentonville when I was in middle school.  My momma took me to the concert, and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever!  #RightStuff #HangingTough #ILovedJon #HeWasGay #WouldaNeverWorkedOut  Since they are a thing again, I am ready to go back and see them!  I wonder if they sing their old stuff?  Do they have new stuff?
2.  The Beach Boys.  Love them.  I saw them when I was younger, and knew nothing of their music, just went with my friend Mandy's family.  I had so much fun, but it was not until years later that I found a true appreciation for their music.  Wouldn't It Be Nice, Surfer Girl, Kokomo... so many great songs.  Wonder if they still tour.

3.  Chicago!  Hello, these men and their love songs got me through high school!  Is that strange?  They came to perform at a local place in my town, and I totally missed seeing them!  All my friends went, my family was there, and I was at home!  Manfriend and I missed out, but hopefully we will get the chance to see them in the future.
4.  Coldplay... it would be something AMAZING!

 5.  Dave Matthews!  I missed the opportunity to see them perform at a local place (all sold out in like a day)!  Has anyone else seen them?

6.  Tim and Faith... would be FAB!!

7.  Gwen Stefani... loved her with No Doubt, but then I just kinda grew out of her style music.  When she was on The Voice and she has kids... I just like her much more.  I wonder if she even tours longer?

 8.  Janet... seen her before... and it is def a concert to go and see again!
 9.  I know he is kind of an actor now and the last song I know of his was from the Trolls movie, but if he still toured, I would go!
 10.  Hi Adam Levine and friends (insert heart emoji and heart eyed face)...  I was just looking at their tour and they will be at a town close to me next year, and I am thinking that I will def get tickets to this!!
Anyone else a BIG concert goer?  Who have you seen that is a def go see?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Spills...

Here we are, day 42, and I am still recouping, but my time is approaching an end this week as I will be returning to work!!  Happy day (seriously though, who even says that about returning to work)!  I guess a chick that has been at home for weeks!  In all of my free time, I shoulda been blogging, but here I am cramming weeks of thoughts into a few days of posts!
So.... let's chat!
1.  Day 42, you would think I have binge watched numerous shows!  Welp, you would be correct!
Y'all, I watched 3 seasons of this shows in about 4 nights!  Yes, I know that is ridic, but I was obsessed!  I am now up to date with the season, and I have to wait a whole week until a new episode!  Whomp, whomp!  This show has it all:  romance, history, amazing scenery, time travel... did I mention romance??  I am all up in this series, and am wanting to start reading the books (so I can get ahead)!  I will be doing this in my free time (oh yea, I do not have much of that... shoulda started that 42 days ago)!  Did I mention the books are like a ba-jillion pages long?  Possibly by Christmas I will be to chapter 5... we shall see!

2.  I have not been getting out much, but I am thankful that the manfriend has been getting the littles out to play, ride bikes, and even catch a movie!  Last night, I decided to get a movie on VUDU and I chose Journey to the Center of the Earth.  It has the Rock in it, so I thought it might be fun, and I just had to pick it because the kids could not agree on anything and I was tired of hearing them argue!  Anyways, as we were watching, the kids saw the Rock and said that he is in a new movie at Christmas time.... Jumanji!!
Wha?  Jumanji is being remade?  I checked out the trailer, and it kind of looks funny, I was just a bit surprised that one would remake a Robin Williams classic... but I digress.

3.  Today, we are 57 days from Christmas... I know!  I am super pumped for the holidays, and the kids even started their Santa lists this morning!  Anyone else gearing up for the holidays?  Decorating?  Listening to a little jingle jingle music?  I am happy to say that my momma is going to help me get my Christmas out this week, since I am still not a 100%, heck I am not even 45%, but we are still going to jump right in!  Bring out the red and green and all things that glitter!!  I have already been looking at Pinterest and Insta for some new ideas... thankful that I have a hometown friend who is kind of a BFD on the décor scene... check her out... Angela  I saw her latest Christmas posts and I am ready!!  When do you start decorating??

4.  Shuttttt the front door!
If you are one of the few that have been reading here for any amount of time, y'all know that I have shared my story about how I met a local blogger that I had been following for years... she is so cool, and def a girl that I would want to be my bestie!  Anywho, I was on a holiday home tour in my small town, and I walked into one of the homes her husband renovated!  I turned around with my grandmother at my side and there was this girl who I had followed for eons!  She said hello, and was so nice, and I said something like, "oh my gosh, I am just obsessed with you"!  Needless to say, our friendship did not blossom!  Ha!!
Whatevs!  We have mutual friends, so I consider us super close!  I was on the FB the other day and my friend shared that the girl and her husband have a new show, Almost Home premiering on HGTV next week, November 7th!  That is so cool, I mean we are 1 degree of separation, and she's probably gonna be the next Joanna G #JustSayin  I will be watching fo sho!

5.  So much has been happening in my small town since the accident... like hello, small town Bentonville is the setting for a new movie coming out... FREDI!  The kids and I stumbled onto the trailer for the movie, and the whole time we were shrieking with excitement.... that's our square, we've been there, I know that place, I know that man who works at the 5 & 10!  Very fun, and we cannot wait to check it out!!

6.  I am currently typing and watching last weeks episode of Scandal, and sorry... spoiler alert!
Liv just kissed Fitz??
Fitz is now back?  I had just gotten over him, and now he is back?
I was focusing on Jake, but now Fitz??
Ugh, so confusing.
Best part about this episode is that they are playing the song Waterfalls by TLC.... hello, classic!

7.  Now this is a doozie.  I have not showered since Thursday.
I do not stink, but I kinda feel like a skank, but not skanky enough to get myself in the shower.  Does that make sense?  Today, first thing on the list... besides blog, bathe.

8.  Years ago I purchased some fabric at Hobby Lobby, I loved it!  It was a cheerful, bold, print and I got about 6 yards of the fabric and planned to do BIG things with it (did I mention I don't know how to sew, whatevs).  So, for years, the fabric has been folded up in the closet.  I thought about it and thought about it, but still... nothing!
A few weeks ago, while hanging out on "Broke Leg Mountain", my mom and sis were out shopping at Pier One and found this super cute chair....
Y'all, it is my fabric on a Pier One chair!  I die!  Pier One, call me and I will find your next BIG print!  I am over the moon to say that this sweet little chair has a spot right here in my home, and I just adore it!!

9.  Puppy Fever.
I don't got it, but my Sophia has been promised a Christmas puppy.  Hello, animal lover, just not really wanting to train a puppy!  You know I will be the one up late nights with the pup, cleaning up teetee, but oh.... the happiness that it will bring my people!

10.  Advil time... I am spending now about 5-10% of my time in a leg brace, that means the rest of the time I am brace free!  Ummmmmm, I hate it, and my leg is hurting BIG time.  Did I tell y'all that the doctor says that I should be working to bend my leg??  Is he completely whacked??  I have tried moving it more and it is super sore, but I guess that is to be expected.  Really wishing I would not have finished those super effective pain pills, they would really be helpful right now!  #KiddingNotKidding

Thanks for letting me spills my thoughts... 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Today is Momma's birthday...

I guess with me being stuck on "Broke Leg Mountain", I have put myself on a bit of a bloggin' break!  Today it stops, because there is something BIG to share... it is my momma's BIG day!  Girlfriend is &$ years old (and I am just gonna put it out there, she be lookin' good)!  I have yet to get out a find her something amazing for her day (since I cannot really get out on my own... for real y'all, who wants to get out in a wheelchair, with your husband, and two children??  Ummmm, not me!)  So, as soon as I break outta this joint, I will be able to find something most suitable.  Today marks day 41 of me being at home, and my momma has been here everyday, from sun up to sun down.  I must say that the leg situation has been no Bueno, but having her here every moment has been wonderful.  I am kinda lucky to have her help (and in the coming weeks of me getting out of my bubble will be good, but I will be a bit sad and missing her constant company)!  My momma is the is the kindest, most fun, silliest, most nurturing woman I know, and I am so glad that she is all mine (and my dad's, and the brutha's, and Katie's, and Moss', and then there is the kids), well, we just all adore her!!
Happy happy birthday Momma!  You are the best girl in the whole wide world!