Monday, November 13, 2017

Digging for gold/ baby teeth...

Welp, it happened.
For weeks, I have been brushing these dangler teeth... that are hanging on by the teeniest sliver of a nerve (ewwwwe, I just kinda gagged thinking about this).  Daily, asking if I can pull the teeth, trying to give him apples, trying to even brush them kinda hard... and nothing.  These teeth were just hanging on for dear life!  It all ended on Saturday.  Sweet Saturday.
Brayden was eating his breakfast.... chicken biscuits from Chick fila (can we all take a moment of silence and just think about the yumminess of their biscuits???).  Anyway, while chomping away....
his tooth fell out.
He never knew it, and ended up eating it (the biscuit and the tooth).
He was a bit worried... ya know, not having any proof to show that tooth fairy that he actually lost the tooth.  Then, I told him... it is okay, it is in your belly and will come out in your poop.
His little eyes lit up...
I think he thought that I...
that we....
that I would be able...
nah, not even for that sweet little baby tooth that I have brushed for years!
We reassured him that the tooth fairy knows when this kind of stuff happens and that she would def be able to leave him a surprise under his pillow.
Well, fast forward to 8:30pm, kids were going to sleep, but this tooth fairy was worn out and told the other tooth fairy (who was not completely focused on anything I was talking about) to make sure to do tha thang.  (ya know what I'm saying?)
Ding, ding, ding..... it is 6 am (on a Sunday, time to rise and shine, because why would we want to sleep in for a few extra minutes on the weekend).  I saw Bray creep past the door (looking a bit sad), and I asked what did he get??!  $100?  $1.00?  50cents??  
He said, she forgot me!
#IWTKMFITH (figure out that one) #HA
I looked at #2Fairy and said that the tooth fairy better get his stuff together and put that stuff under the corner of a pillow.
I offered some distraction, having the kids check under the living room sofa pillows, my pillows, a random pillow on the floor, and then under Sophia's shoe... nothing.
I told Bray maybe he just missed it. 
We all walked back to his room and what do ya know....
and all was right in the world

Saturday, November 4, 2017

BIG day for Bray!!

Happy Saturday to the tens of readers!!  We have had quite the day at la casa de Foresee!  Bray lost his very first tooth!!
I am sooooo glad that is over!!  We have been workin' on pullin' that thing for weeks, and it always ends with a bit of tears and him telling me that it will bleed!  Finally though, this morning (before 7.... because why in the world would my children want to do anything at a non-sleeping hour of the day, and hello, it is the weekend so these kids louuuuurve to be up when it is dark out!  However, if it was a school day, these peeps won't budge)!  Anywho, before 7, actually about 540 the kids are up giggling and playing with a bit of running.  I just tried to keep my eyes shut and act like everyone was asleep.  This went on for a while, and then I hear them getting a bit louder.  Sophia doesn't want to play anymore, she wants to shut her door, he wants it opened, she is fighting to keep it closed, and back and forth with a bit of laughing and not so much laughing.  Then Sophia just let it go and the door hit him right in the mouth... in the tooth!
I mean, what?!  Is he okay?
My bedroom door is shut (remember I am fake sleeping while really playing by Toy Blast game (soooo lame), and they run through the house shrieking because Bray;s tooth fell out!!!  Aron was so glad, until they started running to my door... he was like, noooooooo!
They were like, yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, mommy!!
I was quickly turning off my phone and shoving it under the pillow and acting like I was still sleeping.
Once I saw that sweet face missing one of my most favorite teeth (really they are all my favorite, because they are his and I love him), you could just see how proud he was, and that made me glad!
We immediately called the tooth fairy on his foot phone (yes, foot phone, long strange story, but I always use their feet like they were a cell phone and I will act like I am calling the tooth fairy).  See, I know, it is odd, but it makes me laugh and they think it is funny, so I just go with it.
So, tonight will be big for Bray.  The tooth fairy will arrive soon (shortly after I hit update on this post) and he will be the glad recipient of $4.00 (odd number, I know, a dollar bill and the rest quarters)!  We were scrounging!
One last photo with the tooth... he had to brush it before the tooth fairy takes it!

Besides it being a BIG day for my lil guy, my BIG guy took the kids on a surprise outing to the Razorback game!  PTL we won, or else manfriend would be having a super sad night!
Bray was not all that into the game at first...
 Glad the game picked up, or maybe it was the popcorn and nachos that lifted his spirits??
 Sophia loved it and was mad when they left the game early!!
While they were out, I stayed at home and rested just kidding, I decorated the house a bit for Christmas (yes, it is November 4th).  Do not worry, I had much help!  Dad and Mom showed up and brought Moss... they had wine and cheese and a great desire to help me unpack my Dickens Village!!!  So, my afternoon was a happy time!  I def overworked my leg, but I am hopeful that tomorrow it will be feeling much better!!  Did I mention I hate having this broke leg that is on the mend, but not really mending it is just stiff and peggish.... ugh, two of the worst things to ever have a leg be!!!!  Oh how I miss walking normal!!  One day... one day.
With the little house boxes opening left and right, my momma finished yet another project!!  She is making me pillows for my living room!
I DIE!!  Yes, she made that!!  The other one is precious, and she is also making 2 bench cushions and 3 for my barstools!  The woman never sleeps!!  Did I mention that she made curtains for the windows in my living room??  Will reveal those tomorrow!
The projects I have thought about for years are almost complete and they would have never been possible without my momma doing them ALLLLLL over the past weeks!
She is amazing and I am so thankful!
This was my Red before bed with her new Razorback doll she got at the game (because she really needed another doll in her room... but her daddy will do anything for her)!
Welp, manfriend just came in and turned off the tv show I was watching only to turn on the LSU and Alabama game... ummmmm hello, and now he is asleep!  Why??  I guess I need to close up here and try to pry the remote out of his hand without waking him up!  If I wake him while taking the remote he will say he is watching the game and I cannot turn it!  It is a fun lil game of "remote control" (get it he is controlling the remote??)
Tooth fairy time!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Feeling a thankful for the manfriend

Seems only fitting that this being the month where we all focus on being thankful, that I share how thankful I am for the manfriend!  He is so sweet, thoughtful, quiet (this can make ya nuts), an amazing husband and father, wonderfully kind, special, and fun.
How is it even possible that I have been doing life with him for over 11 years?  It makes me giggle a bit to think that when I was a 9th grader at Walton Jr High, I wrote in my diary... I love Aron Foresee forever.  I did not even know him, but in my 9th grade world, I thought he was a BFD!  Oh well, that was 9th grade and the love was never kindled... however, had it happened then, it may not have happened years and years later.
Fast forward to graduating college, living back in B-town with my brother, and single... hanging out with friends at any and all moments... that I walk into a wedding reception and see him dancing with another girl.  Rush... of.... feelings.... coulda been the booze, but whatevs it was, it was something good and I knew that he was it for me!  It took many meetings for us to become more acquainted, but I had NO doubt that he was the one.  When ya know ya know... ya know.
My brother and I decided to move into an apartment and when we were walking out, telling the owner of the duplex we are ready to move in.... I look at the driveway next door to a boy in a white truck pulling in... it was meant to be!  Fast forward 6 months to an engagement and then 9 months until a wedding, a dog, an apartment, a house, babies, vacations, broke leg.... and here we are year 11!  (not starting out too hot... slipping in a shower, breaking a leg, quick trip to the er, 7 weeks on Broke Leg Mountain... being lazy.... suuuuuuuper lazy), but I am pretty sure the rest of our year will be looking up!
Awe... see how cute he is!  I just really like him... like a lot.
He has been such a great care giver the past weeks and has been so wonderful with the kids.  He has gone above and beyond for our family and I am so very thankful for him!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween and the little people that make my world go round.....

In case y'all missed it... Halloween has done come and gone!
Introducing the Ninja Turtle and Evie 

This year we hung around our own neighborhood trick or treating!  The kids picked out their own costumes this year... Brayden was once again a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (seriously, he is obsessed with these guys) and Sophia was Evie from The Descendants (oh what, you do not know who Evie is?  She is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White!  I know, who knew she had kids??)  Anyways, Sophia told me exactly what she needed to pull this off, and since I have not been able to be out and about finding this costume I heavily relied on Amazon to get the stuff here!!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  (FYI, I love that I was so on top of getting her a blue wig (just like Evie and paid extra to get it here on time.... and she did not wear it..... insert the MAKE ME NUTS emoji... is there one?)

The day started early with G picking up the kids for school!  He has been so helpful during this time!

The day only got more busy, with class parties and my momma was such a trooper to push me around in my wheelchair so I could see them in action (I really do miss hanging out and volunteering at their school).  She even took me to WM... that was probably too much, but hey, we survived!
(Y'all, Brayden has this front tooth that he will NOT let us pull! It is hanging by, oh I don't know air??)  It is his first tooth, but he is terrified for it to hang out!  Thinking of pulling it in his sleep!!  #KindaKidding #KindaNot

My mom and I had fun the rest of the time we were not at class parties.  Y'all ever heard of "BOOOING" someone?  You know, you leave a fun Halloween treat on a friends doorstep... anyone??  Well, we were BOOOED, by my Moss, so we decided to "BOOOOOZE" a few friends!  Get it, BOOOOZE?  That's right, we gave them wine or champagne treats!!  First stop, Moss!  If you know her, she would love to be Booooozed!
I know, judge away, it looks like my children Boozed her, but whatevs, they just like a photo op with their girl!!
Momma just chauffeured us all around (I am sure she is looking forward for the break when I go back to work... tomorrow (insert sad face)!)  Oh, these two people have done so much for Aron and I over the past weeks!!  I love them!

Then the night was a success, and the kids will have enough candy to last them until well the month (because I will throw it away... in my belly or in the trash, candy ain't really their thing).  I know... #NotNormal  We were able to walk around the block with some friends... manfriend pushed me in the wheel chair.  Our biggest scare was Brayden tripping and falling and we were not even close to him!  Thankful to live in a small town because two girls Aron and I went to school with, Christine and Allison, were out with littles and were quick to come to Brays aide!  So so sweet!  It takes a village friends!!

With this holiday in the books, we are jumpin' into day numero 1 of November... the month of all things thankful, and I know two tiny people that I am over the moon for and find myself thanking the good Lord for them on the reg.

      Sophia and Brayden

These two make me the most happy and most crazy ever.  I am so proud of everything that they do, and I am so glad that I get to be their momma.  I cannot imagine my life without these two, forever thankful that they are mine