Monday, August 22, 2016

Oh what a weekend...

Last week was so crazy!  Little sister went through rush week at college!  (rush week= process of meeting all of the sorority houses on campus and being picked to join one at the end of the week)  Ugh, it was so stressful!  I am sure that it was overwhelming for her, but myself and the parents were a mess of worry!  She kept us in the dark all week.  We would call (because we are not good at giving space) and ask what was going on, what was she lovin' or not lovin'... and sister gives us nothing, zip, nada info!  So by Saturday morning, we were just ready to find out if she would be given a bid from a house.
We got down there a few minutes early to walk to the Greek Theater on campus.  On the way, we walked over my name!!
It is a big deal, you graduate you get your name on the sidewalk with the rest of the graduating class.  It is fun to walk around and see all of the names of people who have attended this campus and are all Razorbacks!  (I am over the moon that my sister chose to come to this school and now her name will be here too!)
Back to rush...
Y'all, this week is so intense.  I went through rush back in the olden days, and I remember it being a crazy week of ups and downs and wondering if a house would ask me to join them. The whole rush event has gotten so much bigger and so crazy!  We went down to Fayetteville on Saturday to watch bid day (see what houses the girls will be chosen to go "home" to, and I was so surprised to see 1400 girls holding these bid day envelopes!

Then to see all of the girls from the houses cheering, chanting, dancing, and singing (talk about sensory overload).  All momma could say is, "well, they are still playing the same music that Caryn used to listen to when she was in college... too bad the music has not gotten any better!"
It made me laugh, love the little things that we noticed!
We searched for her the whole time, but were not able to spot her in the sea of crazy excited girls.  Good thing she found us!  She ran up screaming (which scared me to death and made me pee my pants... what?  I am super honest here and all 10s of you know I have bladder issues).  What was most exciting to see was her face and this little card that showed the house that she would now call home...
It is the Kappa Delta house!  This was my house, so I guess if we were ever concerned about not being sisters (which we are not... have you seen us we look super similar), then we are now double sisters, super sisters, True true sisters (Hello, Elsa and Anna reference).
I am so excited for her!  Glad that the week is over and she survived, and so glad that the house chose my baby sister!  Now she will be part of a house of sweet sweet girls.  This just sets my heart at ease! I hope that she loves it!

So excited for the journey she will start with this group of girls!
She and her bestie Rachel started classes today, and I am just praying for a good week!  That first week of school was so crazy fun, just realizing you are kinda your own boss was a lil scary but a whole lotta fun!!
Have a fun week!

While I was rushin' around campus, Aron was taking kids to and fro soccer practices!  Our fall sports started up and the kids were pumped.  This is Brayden's first time to play soccer, and he even scored a goal (he obvi has my sports talent (hehe).

 sweet guy!

Ugh, he is so cute!  That tush!
 On Sunday, Sophia graduated to the first grade class at church, we call this promotion Sunday.  She was called up to the front of the church and presented a Bible.

My baby is growing up, and I cannot wait for her to share in my love of reading the Bible and have a growing love for Jesus.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I think it's nifty....

That my SIL just turned...
had a birthday!!

Last night our family came over and we celebrated my sister LeAnne!

Can I just tell you a few things about her?
This girl, I just adore her.  The first time I met her, I was def not so sure about this chick.  Aron invited me to come to her home and meet his family.  I was nervous (like sweaty armpit nervous) and I knew if he was inviting me to meet family, like this was a real deal relationship.  EEKKK!! I went to her home for dinner.  The family was fun, the kids were so little (I loved them and pretty much played with them a lot), and she was lovely.  LeAnne made us dinner, I drank some of her wine (and I am NOOOO wine drinker (I was a compete poser and the wine was super gag-tastic)), and for pitties sake y'all it was soooooo hot (like sweat box hot).  FYI, this was back in the day when I was not a fan of food or eating with people for fear of the IBS (not to be confused with the IRS which is equally as scary).  So I ate her dinner in the sweat box that she called home, and ended up leaving shortly after and yacking in the driveway.  (I am kinda sure that they watched from the window, if they did not well that was too bad because they for sure missed a show)!  PTL FB was not a big deal back in the day, because I can only imagine her status update...
For sure I knew Aron was still interested in me, I mean super hot chick gaggin in his sisters driveway 5 seconds after eating dinner (he definitely couldn't let me go, I was a gem), but his family.... I did not see so much of a future with them.  I felt like she was trying to secretly kill me so she could have her brother all to herself.  I get it, he is pretty amazing, but ha, it backfired because I was not going anywhere!  Her food and hot box house would neva keep me away!  She was gonna be stuck with me!
I had a sister (my little Katie) but was so excited at the thought of having another.  LeAnne was fun and fabulous!  Marrying Aron was the smartest thing I ever did, because I got a LeAnne as an added bonus.  She loves us so much.  She is caring and kind.  She loves her babies well (mine too).  She is so strong (not like body builder strong... that is not her thing).  She is so special to us. We are thankful for the time that we are able to spend with her... she makes us happy!

Happy birthday sister!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

She's only been gone 6 whole days....

Insert sad cry face...
I know I have yet to talk about it on the blog, but we took the baby to college.  (Not my baby, for the ones of you that are trying to do the math!)  Little sister was taken to college 6 days ago, and I feel like she has been gone for months!
 The rooms seem so much smaller than I remember!!  (or maybe I am just a bit bigger... tall wise!  hehe)
 Daddy watching Bray fight a pillow.

I know that she probably does not feel like it has been a whole 6 days she has been gone, since she has me and momma en nem calling and texting her so much! (FYI, the "momma en nem" translation is "momma and them" and the "them" would be like daddy, Moss, and the brothers!) We are not even giving her any time to miss us!
I was so excited to drop those littles off at school this morning, because I had already planned a quick run to her school (did I mention she is only about 30 minutes away) to pick her up and take her to lunch!  The excitement!  So much, that I did not even get teary eyed when I dropped the littles off at the door of their school and Bray grabbed Sophia's hand as they walked in the building!  (This picture was right before the hand grab, and then the car line began to move!  No more photos after that!!)
Gosh, just when I think I can't love these two any more, they prove me wrong! (and why are they not that loving all of the time?)
Anyways, so I went and picked up momma and we drove to see little sister.  She wanted to try out a "new to us" restaurant, Hammontrees.  Ummmm, can I just say the menu was all hot dogs and grilled cheese.  (What is this place, for 6 year olds?)  Nope, I guess there is a big need for adult grilled cheeses!  I rolled my eyes when picking something to eat, but y'all... it was soooooo good!!  I kind of wanted to try like 6 of the grilled cheeses, but sadly did not!  I knew I had to come home and prepare a birthday dinner for my sil, LeAnne!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!  We love your face!

Back to my lunch, it was good to be with Katie.
I have missed her terribly, and I know my parents are feeling the same way.  This is just a little glimpse of how it will be to send off Little Red and Baby Bear to college... then I will not be able to bear it!  They will have to live with us forever (I am sure Aron is thinking that is crazy)!  I know that Katie will do BIG things at college and make wonderful memories, just so thankful that momma and I can pop in for quick breakfast and lunch dates with her to make sure that she doesn't miss us tooooo badly!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slow Wednesday...

I'm gonna be honest, the house today is sooooo quiet.  We are on day three of school, and I am missing the kids terribly!  Not so terribly that I am leaving right after I blog this to go to their school and pick them up, but so terribly that I have decided that I will go and pick them up at the end of the school day!  That is right, I am a bit lonely, but I think I can find a few things to do around the house to fill my day (laundry, pick up toys, clean the kitchen, scrub the shower.... that has been on my to do list for nearly 3 years).
I just scrubbed the shower.  It was fa-reeking disgusting and I was reminded why I have not been a super fan of cleaning it in the past.  There was a reason why it has been on the to do list for so long... no one wants to spend that much time scrubbing soap scum!  Yuck!  No bueno!  (That is Spanish for no good... I am bilingual and now I share what I know with you, your welcome)!  I would share a picture of how clean the shower looks, but remember I am a hoarder and I have about 7 bottles of half used empty product in the shower, and I just do not want to go overboard with my cleaning.  I need something to work on tomorrow.

Anyways, so far this week has been so good, and that picture was of them this morning before we left.  The littles are in L-O-V-E with school!  They have made a new friend each day (Brayden cannot remember any of their names, but he says they are close).  When they get in the car each day, you can just feel the happiness as they both start talking (at the same time) about their day.  Then a fight happens, because one of them wants to talk first, then I have to try to decide which one should talk first, then shoving happens, and then I am reaching in the back to break up the shoving, and then I start sweating because I still have on the heater (yes, it is summer, but hello... Raynauds), and did I mention that we are still in the car line and the teachers are all standing there looking at the car of me and mycrazy cats!  Sheesh!  So much for looking like the momma that has it all together with totally together littles.  (FYI, I know that the above is a loooooog run on sentence, but I type like I talk and you can imagine me being winded while trying to get that whole blurb out... no pausing).
Anyways, we get home and have snacks and the afternoons have been good.  We go through back packs and I dig through the cabinets trying to figure out what I could throw together to make for dinner for Aron and I (the kids would never eat what I would make, so I just give them catsup and chocolate milk (we are healthy over here).
Yesterday, we sat and played Harry Potter for a while.  The kids are still very serious about learning spells, so we spend about 40 minutes trying to make it work, then they give up and watch a bit of tv).
Here is Sophia really concentrating on turning a Minion bucket into a cat (see the cat right next to the bucket?  Shortly after the spell she kicks the bucket from the table and the cat is sitting there... Magic!
 Here is Baby Bear holding the Harry Potter book, hopeful that the spells will just come to him.  He does not know how to read, but reviews the book just like he was really reading it.  I love him.
Note to self... looking at this picture, I am seeing why I have been doing laundry non stop since April, this is what he changed into when we got home from school.  Sweat jacket and pajama pants, and this was not even the only outfit he put on after school.  (I will never ever get done with the clothes!)
So, school is good!  We are excited to be back!
Yesterday, I went for a substitute teacher training with my mom (yes, we just do everything together).  I am hoping that a few days or every day of the week, I could fill up the school hours subbing.  This way I can still take and pick kids up from school!  I am excited to see if it will work out.  At this time, I am not totally ready to get back to the "corporate world", and am hoping that spending a bit extra time at home with my people would be better for me (and them too).  We shall see.
I mean, do I really want to miss this kind of stuff???
Sophia reading the whole book order pamphlet to me...
 Or Brayden intently looking for every Star Wars book for us to order, and then he explains how he has so much monies (which is really about 14 pennies and a couple of Chuck E Cheese tokens).
Almost 3 hours left until slow Wednesday turns into a busy Wednesday!
Must admit, I am kind of anxious to see my littles.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Woo Pig Sooooie!!

In case you could not tell, this post will be all things Razorbacks!  That's right y'all, I live in the south where we like our tea sweet, like our biscuits buttered (with a side of butter... or maybe that is just me), and we like our college football.  I must tell ya, I have not always been a HOG fan, I mean I went to school in Fayetteville, and never attended a game.  I know, it just was not my thing, and I even had a free ticket (not really that free, I am sure that was included somehow in my tuition and on campus parking pass, but whatev... to me it was free).  My love for those piggies did not really happen until after I graduated.  My family started getting very excited about the games, we had season tickets, and BOOM I was Hog Wild y'all!  The kids have been to every game since they were born, so they have a BIG love for the Razorbacks too.  It is just a fun thing that we can do with our family.
So, last week, Aron advised that we were going to fan day for the team.
I was all, "what do you mean, I have to go."
He was like, "yes, you are going."
Internally, I was thinking fan day sh- manday.
So yesterday morning, I was already dreading it.  Those kids that I love sooooooo much, were making me nuts.  That husband I love was making me crazy (he had just biked like 20 miles and he walked in all super fit and sweaty, and it just irritated me to the MAX).  
I know, y'all are shocked.  I know I am pretty much happy happy joy joy, love my kids and my man friend, but yesterday.... BOO!  (Aron if you are reading, know that I am completely obsessed with you... I am lucky... muah (that is a kiss noise)!)
So anyways, I told him that I was not going.  Invite other people, I just did not want to do it, I needed to do laundry.  (Ha, worst excuse ever, but it was all I had on such short notice).
His response was how would he get players autographs if he had to watch the kids.
I cannot tell you my internal response, because this is a PG blog, and I like to keep it christian (if ya know what I mean).
Well, the time was a ticking and he loaded up his children into the car, I went to the bathroom to avoid them all completely.  I knew if I looked them in the eye, they would somehow get me to come with them, and I am weak.  So there I am, sittin' in the bathroom (not on the potty, what am I 5?), looking at the disgusting old toothpaste on the counter thinking that will be the first thing I do once they leave, and Aron comes in to the house one more time.... "we are leaving".
Needless to say, the sadness in his voice got me, and off to fan day shhhhmanday I went.
Let me add, I love those Razorbacks, but sometimes you just need a lil bit of time to yourself.
We got down to the field, and the weather was so nice and the atmosphere was so exciting.  The football players everywhere, the mascots, the cheerleaders.... and Elsa (I know, but it was totally awesome)!
The kid had the best time, and Brayden and Sophia were on cloud 9 too!
 The Foresee fam takes the field...
 Sophia was so excited to take pictures with the cheerleaders and pom squads!
 The Boot (some of my family in Louisiana may not have seen it lately).  #JustSaying #FamilyRivalry #StillLoveThem

 The truck that pulls Tusk
 Scary pig (his eyes light up red before the players run outta the gate)
 Tusk.... not so cute up close.

 The kids were so excited (and surprised) that Tusk stomped all of his autographs!  This is a framer for the Foresee babes.

 Me having a fun time at fan day.  Who knew?

 Ummmm, yeah!  The princess' were there too!  Everyone loves a Razorback (even Disney gals)

 Love this picture.  The line was forever long to meet and get an autograph from our coach, Bret Bielema, so I told Aron to stand next to the tent (that BB was in).  As I was snappin' the pic, I was soooooo very close to yelling, "Hey Bret... or I love you Bielema.... or Aron loves Bret", then I knew he would look at us, and I would have a pic of him and Aron (not so much together, but together... ya dig?)  I did not though, I knew that Aron would die.  I would have to carry him off of the field.  I was already holding my purse, it just woulda been too much.  So, I just snapped it like this.  They would have so been besties had they met.  #IBielemaThat #GetIt #ShouldBeIBelieveThat #ButIWroteBielemaInstead #LameHashtags

 They have no idea that is a statue of Frank Broyles, they just wanted to hang on his arm.

 To see the mascots up close... the Foresee babes were in heaven!

 Playing games
 Sweet Sophia and another cheerleader... and then there was Sue E (insert heart emoji... but I cannot, so I will just write heart emoji)!