Friday, June 1, 2018

Cadaver Parts + Me = Future Strong Woman Contestant

I know what y'all have probably been thinking....
Caryn hasn't shared anything since her last post about Mr. Gooberstein, so that must mean one of the following things:
1.  Mr. Gooberstein has become one of the tens of readers of the blog and has taken me captive, and will not release me until I take down the post.  
2.  Or, possibly I have decided to take-a step back from being an over-sharer (yay, my family would rejoice)!  Too bad fam, I love sharin'
3.  She was taking down those Christmas decorations in her house, fell off her trusty barstool that she uses as a ladder, hit her head and got amnesia!  She has still not recovered and  forgot that she has this lil ole blog with 10s of readers!
Okay, welp, none of the above has happened.
Seriously, I have had sooooo much to share (it is summer, school is done, sports stars in the making, vacation is approaching, and then there was Dave Matthews (and there is soooooo much more), but when the night comes a callin', I begin a-sleepin' and the laptop just sits closed on the floor!
Updates of the above will come soon, with other randomness, but  I did want to catch the few, the faithful up on my klickity-klack knee.
Let me take you back, in case you do not remember.  Last September, the day after my anniversary, I was stepping out of the shower to grab a towel (I know, mental picture), but I was stepping out over my pup and I slipped while stepping back into the shower on my weight-bearing foot.  With the fall, I instantly knew I had broken my leg!  Thankful my children were in the next room and that the man friend was right outside.  They got me dressed with deodorant on and face moisturized (what a lady still wants to look her best)!  I ended up breaking the top of my tibia in 12 places (this is the bone that your knee rests on).  It was such a bummer, and it ended with me spending the next 6 weeks resting in my bed.... oh, I am so thankful for the help of my people during that time.  Over the past months, I have had much recovery.  I have relearned to walk with much physical therapy, and some days I feel like my pain has eased and I am healed.  Kind of a lie, I still have pain and a few issues, like if I go on stairs or an incline, my knee slides off of the tibia (hello, it is a lil painful but I can just slide it back into place), I still have quite a hobble (dreams of being a runway walker are O-U-T), and a lot of calf pain (due to my new attractive walk).
Last month, my doc felt I should be healed and I should have an MRI on my leg (shoulda been done some time ago, but I digress).  The results came back and show that my ACL has a tear and it, and maybe that is why I am still in pain and will not be healing on its own!
(Whomp, whomp)
Since it will not be healing on its own and I cannot find an essential oil to rub on it to make the ACL go back together, my doctor has suggested surgery.
That is what I was thinking during his whole speel!
Ain't nobody got time for that!
Friends, with there being that tear, they will remove my ACL (like take it away from my body) and since I do not have an extra to spare, they have to take one from a cadaver (one who may not be in the land of the living)!  Wha?  I will have a cadaver tendon??
What if my body rejects someone else's parts?  Ya know?
Or, what if I get a cadaver tendon from an amazing runner, and I become like some BIG deal marathon lady person?
Or, what if I get a muscley tendon and it is put in my leg and it makes the other (non muscley tendon leg sad)?
Yes, these are some of my thoughts!
Or, what if I have the surgery, and it really does not help and I will forever walk like a pirate (and y'all know I love a good pirate, but do I wanna walk like one??  Not today!)
So, they will put it in my leg and screw it into my bones and then my bones will fuse around the bone.  I will be up walking within a day or 3!??

So many decisions to make.

If I choose to not have this done, my pain will continue to increase and could turn into arthritis, or something more painful.  I am 38 (I know, I know, you were thinking I look more like 37... I get that a lot).  These children deserve to have a momma that can be active with them... at least walk fast with them.  I have just kinda felt like a bummer for the past months.  The man friend though.... he has been so wonderful.  He has been the best bike rider, basketball player, soccer practicer guy, baseball throwing daddy, and never ever complains while I just sit and feel sorry for myself.

I feel like I have already made my decision to have the surgery, now it is just finding the best time to have a surgery!  There is not really a good time... it is summer, we have vacation coming soon, I have work, I will not be able to drive (and I love being able to drive), then school will start and I am running the school store, so I need to be there for that, oh, there is sports, and then it will be football season.... see, so many things happening!!

Until this is decided, I am sure that you will still see me around town, walking all whompy-jawed!