Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Ever Happened to These People???

So, after my last post about Jennie Garth (aka Kelly Taylor), I started thinking about other shows that I grew up watching. Then, since I had so much time on my hands last night (with the kids going to bed early and Aron watching a sad ending to the Razorback game), I started hacking away on the good ole IPHONE! I started looking up old movies from the 80's and some funny television shows that I was bananas for (yes, I just wrote that)! I was really missing some of these funny people and their weekly dramas. It is kind of sad, most shows I watch now are reality t.v., and I miss the slapstick funny stuff (don't yal?)
Well, here are some of my old timey favorites. If you know what some of these people are doing now, or if they are currently on a show now.... will you please let me know! I would probably start DVRing them and watching them when I have a few minutes!
The Goonies!
Surely some of you watched this movie, right? If not, then in 1985 you were living under a rock or you.... well, are just pitiful! I adored this movie. Totally wanted to be Andie (because she had the cool hair, wore a letterman, played that cray cray piano, and got to SMOOCH Mikey (Sean Astin). My other favorie character was Chunk, Jeff Cohen. I still say some of his lines from the movie and then (embarassing as it may be) I love to reenact the truffle shuffle!
So, where are Chunk (Jeff Cohen) and Andie (Kerri Green)?
Kerri Green was also in the 1986 movie Lucas, with Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen (he played the football captain Cappie, and he was so GORGEOUS in this movie!)
I loved Green in this movie. She played Maggie, the girl that befriends Lucas.
Do yal remember this show??
Where is she at now? I miss her!
1987. Yes, this was a good year!
Ronald Miller (lawn boy) and Cindy Mancini (captain of the cheerleaders)
She took him from totally geek to totally chic!
I can recite this whole movie.
My question is.... where did Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson) go?
She took Donald (Ronald) to KING status to NO status. He took her to the airplane grave yard and then he washed her too cute white Rabbit car
(I so wanted that car when I was old enough to drive)!
The next flick, She's Out Of Control, with Tony Danza and Ami Dolenz
Danza is the dad. His daughter Katie Simpson (Dolenz) goes from total geek to total goddess overnight (with the help of her dad's girlfriend). Her transformation losing her glasses, a new hair do, and having her braces removed early takes her to babe status and was so fun to watch (and I just knew that one day I could be pretty like her!) She also made me love to work out to that song, She's a Maniac! Well, here is my question.... where did this actress go? All of the boys in the movie fell for her, did she just marry one from the show and move outta Hollywood??
Not that I want to watch this show now, but I remember watching this classic...
Kids Incorporated
K-I-D-S, ohhh looks like we've made it were kids in-cor-por-ra---ted.
K-I-D-S, Yeah!
Anyone? Anyone?
Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the show and Fergie??
Ring a bell?
Then, what about Blossom?
I know that Joey is on a ABC Family show. I have recently seen Blossom on the Old Navy commercials and I sometimes check out her blog (she does this extreme parenting stuff that I find fascinating (I ain't talking sports with a baby on her hip, I am talking like 24 hours a day with your kid at your side (sleeping, nursing, cleaning, home schooling, they even get to watch you in child birth... ain't judging.. just simply statin')!
Enough about them, where did the stylin' sidekick Six (Jenna von Oy) go?
Well, there ya go. These are some of my all time favorite shows. Did yal watch any of them? Or was I the only viewer (thus the reason why they are no longer being aired)?
I guess I should have been sending some of these people some fan mail, way back when they were big. Maybe if they woulda gotten just 1 more letter from a pre-teen gal like myself thinking they were the bees knees (yes, I just wrote that), they woulda stayed in show business!
Why did I only write letters to Kirk Cameron? Geez, he never even wrote me back!

Friday, March 30, 2012

You Can't Quit Her!

I must say, that one of my all time favorite television shows, is (and always has been), my beloved 90210. I loved it when it first started in 1990 and still watch in on the SOAP network. It is good quality television folks!
Jennie Garth's character,Kelly, may have been my favorite. Yes, I am team Kelly! I was always rooting for her when she and Brenda (or Gina, or Val, or the gross guy that took her virginity in high school whom she reunited with at their high school reunion) would be in a fight! I loved her when she was loving some Dylan McKay! I was sad for her when she nearly burned to death in that house fire (remember, when she was stuck in a bathroom with that lesbian= quality television I say)! I was horrified when she was sexually assaulted. I hated it when she nearly married that darn Matt Durning... attorney at law!
Well, enough about all of that.
Anyways, this evening while opening up the Internet, I was shocked to see that she and her husband of 11 years are ending their marriage.

I was like WHAT?

Then I was like.... NO!

Then I was like.... AWE...(sad awe)

Then I was like... No one quits Kelly Taylor. Dylan couldn't even quit her, so I do not think that Mr. Peter Facinelli will be able to!

Hopefully, by next week they will be frolicking on a beach in Mexico, rekindling their marriage!
52% of marriages end in divorce.
Does that SHOCK anyone else! That number just seems really high.
Sorry for the random news break, it is all I got!
The only other thing that has gone on today is a visit from some friends (in which my children acted like heathens!) I was so mortified!
Later in the day, Brayden (whom I am thinking of renaming HAMMERHEAD, took a chunk out of his sister's arm. All that is left is the impression of his teeth!
Right now, Aron is watching the Razorback baseball team. It has not been a good game to watch, so the only time he makes a noise is to growl, cuss, or grunt at the television. I suggested that maybe he should go and get me an ice cream (I really thought that him doing something for me... could help his spirits). I was wrong. He dropped my ice cream and his chocolate shake in the garage on the way in. TEMPER TEMPER.
So I guess the night is a big bummer!
Only thing we got going for us is 10 lottery tickets for the 650 million dollar Arkansas lottery. Here is hoping that we win... it could really turn that whole ice cream in the garage floor thing around... I am pretty positive it would bring a smile back to his face... and mine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She Went From Totally Geek to Totally Chic

Well, my hair as of late has been a complete mess! It needed a highlight, it needed to be thinned, needed to be cut, needed a good treatment for some damage! It just needed some TLC! Thus my visit to my hair fairy (seriously, this girl can do magical things to a head of hair)! Her name is Leah, and she is amazing yal. I have not stopped smiling since I left her!
My normal hair routine is wash and then I will just throw my hair in a bun, but the bun and the headband have taken a hike! See ya later old, sad mom hair!
Here is the before.....wait for it... wait for it
I know what you are thinking, it is reminiscent of a well known 80s band...
I know. That is me in the middle!
But for reals....
(okay, in my defense, I messed it up a little bit before the pic, I do not walk out of the house looking like the lead singer for Twisted Sister)!
Here it is brushed out!!
Here is the final result!
From totally geek to totally chic!

There is my hair fairy.

Sweet Leah, thank you for working your magic!
If you do not have a Leah in your life, it is a MUST to get one! She is precious, and I had the most fun with her tonight! She sure made this momma feel great about herself!

Going on a nature hike........

This morning, me, the kids, my mutha, and my brutha, all piled into my car and drove to a little known trail in our town that leads to an amazing new American Art Museum, Crystal Bridges.
Enough a that, onto the hike. Yes, the hike. Well, we started our adventure at 10:30. We had all our people, two strollers (thank the Lord I was pushing one or I woulda fallen right out onto the trail), two bottles of water, two juice cups, and a box of Gold Fish (yes, all of the essentials). We saw bears, lizards, beautiful plants a bloom, the landscape is a delight, a bronzed pig, played in a waterfall, and then even spent 30 minutes looking at some art. Quiet a morning!
Well, as the time approached 12:30, we were driving away from the trail! It was quite a hike! Let me just state the obvious.... I am soooo outta shape! The stroller was a life saver, and my mutha and my brutha, well, at least they were with me (that way if I passed out, they could save themselves and my children and flee for help). There were old timers just cruising the strip, like it was no big deal. I gotta get with the program. Look for us there tomorrow, Momma and I are gonna start walking that place everyday!
Here are some pictures from the day.
This pig statue, Stella, is just hanging out along the trail. We had to stop and pose with the bronzed beauty!
Bray did not know what to think of ole Stella
This is where the trail takes you right up to the museum.
Uncle Richard and his girl.

Honey with Richard and Bray
Why will my children not pose for pictures with their momma!!? I gave them birth, can't they just sit or stand by me and flash a smile!! Geez Louise!
Here we are.
Walking to check out the waterfall.

This is a bear statue with a fish in his mouth.
Honey and Brayden
Sophia playing in the water.
What a great way to spend the day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deep Thoughts (15 of them)

I am just purging a few of my many thoughts, 15 of them to be exact, that have been bouncing around in my head today. They are not deep at all, so if you are expecting something BIG that will solve world hunger, offer any insight into global warming, or any ideas on who would be the best selection for the Republican nomination... then this is the wrong blog post for you!!
1. I love a good Nicholas Cage movie. One of my favorites is when he plays Cameron Poe in Conair. Such a classic. I love to talk like that character, I sound like a nut, but I think that it is funny. It makes my husband laugh, but I don't think that he is laughing with me just at me.
2. My child played in bird bath water today, and since I am such a crazy germ phobe mother I have been stressing all day that she is going to get some bird virus (I am sure that I will have a dream that she changes into a blue jay in the middle of the night)
3. The Arkansas Lottery is up to 290 million dollars. What? We have been playing for the past 2 weeks, and still... no lotto win. Sad. Sad that we are wasting our money on the lottery, but it is so fun to buy a ticket and think what if we won. What would you do if you won the lottery?
4. The weather in NWA is getting warmer and warmer by the day. Thus a reminder that at some point this year I will have to hang up my blue jeans, put on a pair of shorts, and shave my legs. All things that I do not want to take part of but the shaving part may make my husband a wee bit happier.
5. I am really excited to get my hair done tomorrow, but I fear I will chicken out and just do the same thing over again. Why am I such a change-aphobe!
6. I was watching Sophia play on the playground today and a little boy bullied her. It made me very upset. Really, bullying my baby! She is the sweetest girl ever, and I just hated to see it. How should I have even reacted.
7. I had a dream again (I have had it many times) that I failed a college class, and when I tried to drop the class I had already failed 3 others. What does this dream mean????
8. There was a snake sighting in my backyard yesterday, a small snake, but a snake none the less. It makes me wonder.... where is the mother? If I was a momma snake I would not let my baby snake very far from my side. Just saying.
9. My husband has come into this room about 10 times to see when I am coming to bed. Geez, he is almost as bad as one of our small children. The last time he came out with a cowboy hat on. I am deathly afraid to even think about what that means. All I could do was laugh and tell him to leave me alone!
10. I made a killer taco recipe. I am going to give it out, but I expect at least 1 person out of the 10s of people that read this crazy list to actually cook it tomorrow. You will not regret it, you may have heart burn, but you will not regret it. Good stuff yal.
cook up your hamburger meat in a skillet, add your seasoning after meat is browned, add 1/2 cup of water, add a can of original rotel, and then about 1/2 or more of a small brick a velvetta. Cheesy taco friends. Live it. Love it. Eat it. Enjoy it.
11. I watched the season finale of the Duggars, 19 kids and Counting. Do yal watch them? I love their family and their show. I love what they are about, and the fact that they have many children is nothing I am gonna get my knickers in a bunch about. Tonights episode was just heartbreaking, but their thoughts and how they expressed their feelings, and really talked about God and how he giveth and he can taketh was just amazing. I love having a show on television that a family can watch and really be exposed to a christian loving faith family. They are so transparent and I love that they are using that faith and it is able to reach so many. What an amazing ministry.
12. I am wearing my old school retainers right now. Umm, I have not had braces since the 90's folks, but my teeth are still moving and my retainer still works. Tidbit of info, I only wear it when Aron is asleep (I don't want him to see me looking cray cray)! Honestly, for the first few months we were married, I would get up an hour before he would wake, shower, do my hair and make up. I wanted him to just think that I look like that all of the time. I am sure he still wishes he were married to that girl. She was so put together, but that girl was tired and just wanted to sleep in too! She was not happy!
13. Yesterday, I was playing with Sophia and I told her that I am a mommy. She looked at me and stated (very matter a factly, is that what you say?) and said, " your not a mommy your a hippo-potta-pus". Thus, reaffirming that I should be on a diet.
14. I made the Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie for dinner last night. It was okay, but it was not the best. All I could think while I was eating it was this is chicken pot poo. So sad, all that effort, it made so much, and no one ate seconds. So sad about it, I even left a comment for Ree (I call her by her 1st name, because I obviously think that we are BFF) telling her that she needs to come to B-town and show me how to cook (properly, amazingly, yummingly- are those even words?) I wonder if she reads her comments? I hope I win the IPAD, that is what I could win if I left a comment people.
15. I really don't want Ree to come to B-town, I would probably then have to clean my house (real clean, not spot clean!)
Bonus thought: I love the name Elin for a girl. E-lynn, would be the pronunciation. Just writing my thoughts, I do not want to forget that name in case it is ever needed in the future.
I feel much better now that I have rambled.
Peace Out!

Hair Drama

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I am going to have my hair done, and I am so very excited. My hair is long, very curly (some might call it afroish), out of control, a wee bit damaged, born blonde but turning brown (but with the help of a highlight I have tried to keep it to blonde), always worn in a bun or a pony tail (some have even asked if there is a bump-it in there, but there's not). I am growing tired of my hair, I am needing something new, and I am hoping that the magical something is going to be done to my hair. Here is the problem... with slightly afroish hair you cannot cut it too short.... for fear that you could look like a q-tip (this is not my best look, been there and done that and I do not have the picture at the moment (when I find it, I will post it for a good giggle, but for now here is a placeholder photo of what my hair would look like if it was cut too short....
See how unhappy this girl is. She is trying to look seductive, but it ain't a happenin' folks.
Right now, my hair is long and with the crazy weather and the lack of hair stylist attention it has been getting it is looking something like this.. (once again, this is a placeholder picture since I am not taking one of myself, but just picture my face on this lady's neck... ya dig?)
Yes, my hair is this nutzo looking. My color is lookin' a lil rough like this too.
I wish my hair could stay long, curly, and relaxed like sooo..
but it won't. So, maybe I should just ditch all of the length and cut it and layer it??
It always looks so much better on someone else.
Or, maybe I should just keep the length and do something different with my color?
Yes, I just love Kate Hudon hair, I love it on the big screen or in a magazine. I love how her color looks like she has been out in the sun. I like that look.
Or, maybe not so much darker blonde browny streaks and more this color? Once again, she looks like she has been in the sun a lot, love it!
This color is what really makes me happy, but maybe I am too old for hair color this blonde looking. Would I look like I am trying to be a bunny at mansion?
What's a girl to do? I have 24 hours to figure it out!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Pains!!

If you are an avid reader, into the movies these days, or just up to date on any E! channel news, you are probably aware of a little film that has just come out.... The Hunger Games.... ya heard?
Are yal just as hungry to see this movie as I am? I am so excited to go, and am just waiting for someone to offer up their time to baby sit my children so I can go!
I wrote in a previous post that I have been reading all of the books (yes, I am that person that likes to read the books before I go and watch the movie.. what-ev!) I am almost done with the 3rd book, and I am just sucked into them! Have you read them? Do yal even know what I am talking about? Katniss? Peeta? District 12? Dreamy Gale? Did you know Lenny Kravitz is in the movie? Love story? A lil' bitta fightin' and some killin'? Anyone? Anyone?
I am kinda thinking that I love Katniss so much, that I just may have to wear my hair in braids and maybe sport my bow and arrow to the movie (okay, maybe I would not be able to get my bow and arrows into the Malco, but maybe I can put it in the back seat).
To show that we are all about reading books in this house, Lil Red has started picking up the books and then she acts like she is reading them. It is entertaining to me.
Ahh yes, most children her age are into Dr Seuss and The Hungry Caterpillar...
Not my girl...
First, she likes to read the book jackets to see what people are saying about the books.
She is just as excited about the books and movie as I am!
Maybe I will see ya at the theater! I will be the one in the braids!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peace Out Ear Infections!

Yesterday, B-Man had a teensy surgery to have tubes placed in his ears! That's right, hopefully this will help to end his constant battle with the dreaded ear infections! Since this past October, the poor guy has had 8 (yes, 8 I say), and that is waaaay too many to have and waaay to many antibiotics to be taking. We are praying that this will be a great fix for him!
And since I am somewhat of a paparazzi type a mutha- I had to take photos to document his morning. I also must brag on him, because I am his momma and I can, but he did not cry once. Not when we got to the hospital, got in there to wait for the procedure, when they wheeled him away from his slightly overly emotional parents, or when he woke up from anesthesia. The doctors and nurses even commented how they don't see children act so well.
Aron and I were so proud of him.
I can see that Brayden will be the strong silent type (as are most of the men in my life!))
Here is his first pic of the morning... he was already looking at me, probably thinking... "really mom, a photo of me in this peach colored teddy bear dancing covered girl gown!"
Here is my strong boy sitting on the hospital bed, being wheeled to surgery.Me and my baby, pre surgery
Daddy and Bray
Wonder what he is thinking...
The surgery lasted all of about 10 minutes, and you would never know that he has had anything done to him. He is running around, babbling, and even pushing around his big sister!
Yay for tubes!