Saturday, August 23, 2014


 The first day of school has come and gone.
Sophia has already had her first "homework" assignment!  FYI... lil Red was very excited to have homework (I just wanted to have that in writing, because I am sure that when she is 16, we will be fighting about her lack of excitement with the homework!) Ha!!
She had to cut out (all by herself... I was surprised at her cutting skills) the triangle all by herself....
Brother came in, and he wanted to do "homework" too.... AKA, use the scissors!
 I tried to distract him by taking selfies with the phone....
 that went over well for about 5 seconds!
Next, she had to write her name!  (Daddy is watching to make sure that she will not need any help)!
 She had to answer some questions...
How old are you... 5
What is your favorite color.... pink
What is your favorite snack.... carrots (ummmm, really?  okay, carrots)
 Last, she had to color a picture of herself.

Now, it was time for Brayden to do "homework".

So far, homework went well.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bye... Bye.... Babies!

It is happening!  It was not so many years ago that we found out we were having these tiny tots.  It seems like not so long ago we were bringing them home from the hospital.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating first words, first steps, first times to sleep in their bed, first times to potty, birthdays.... ya catch my drift?  Anyways, we have been soaking up all of the precious moments, and now here we are and they are both at pre-k!  Sophia has started 4 year old pre-k and Brayden is in the 3 year old pre-k class!
It is official, the time is just flying by, my babies are growing up.
I asked them to pose together, and this is what I get.
Then I tell them, try one more time to smile and stand next to each other (without touching, hitting, or pushing).  We can send the picture to Honey.... and this is what I get.
Brayden wanted to see how many teeth he had in the picture.
Here she is... finding her name putting up her lunch box and hanging her backpack.  My sweet Sophia, to know that there was a time when I did not think that we would ever have a baby, and now here she is hanging up her backpack.  I love her so.
 Her first classroom project, in Mrs. Beth's room.  She is decorating the first letter of her name with stickers!  (she is obvi in heaven since she loves stickers!)
Now, the Bear.  I was quite surprised at his nervousness.
For just a moment he hugged my neck and I could just feel his grip getting a wee bit tighter (not like to the point where I could pass out, but just a little bit tighter).  I whispered into his ear that Mrs Pam was his teacher and she loves him so much.  He looked at me a little bit confused, but smiled (he just needed a little bit of reassurance that she was safe).
I told him how much I loved him and his grip got a little bit loose, and he just let go.  He is just getting so big and so brave.
This little man has stolen my heart for sure
 He found his name and put up his things.
 I love these two precious people, besides Jesus, and my husband, they are my EVERYTHING!
I am so thankful that they are in such a wonderful place when I am unable to be with them during the day.  These women love on my babies so much, keep them safe, comfort them, teach them, and encourage them.  I could not think of a better place for them to be!
Here is to a great year at pre-school!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's My Party.......

and I'll wear a tutu if I want to!!  Last month, I turned the BIG, 3-5!  I know right, she looks so young, so rested, more like 22?...... (crickets).  Anyways, 35!  I am not a girl that gets sad when a birthday rolls around, I mean the alternative is well..... no birthday and that would not be fun!  So, when the 27th rolls around, I am thinking, let's eat cake!  Call up the fam, go to momma 'en-nems (that's crazy people talk for Momma and Daddy's house)!  The night was perfect, we feasted on blend of the bayou (so good, it will make you slap yo' granny), my Moss (that's Curry talk for my grandmother) made me strawberry pie (my birthday cake request) and then a chocolate.... and then a peach pie (seriously, it was like I died and went to pie heaven.... and did not gain a pound)!
35 years!  I cannot wait to see what is in store for this one!




Sunday, August 17, 2014

Arrrgh... Little Red Turns Five!!

Five years old!  I do not even know where the time has gone.  The days and nights have just flown by, and here she is 5!  To my Sweet Sophia.... you make my world so much better.  You make me happier than I ever knew possible.  You take my breath away!  I am so thankful that God felt that I was even a tiny bit worthy enough to be your momma.  So far, the first 5 years have been some of the best that I can recollect, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for you!  Your Daddy and I love you to the moon and back and then to the moon again!!
 Your birthday celebration was such fun!  Your family and friends came to celebrate you!!  Since Tinkerbell is one of your favs, we decided it would be great to dress as fairies and pirates for the day!  Your Honey and Aunt Kitty made tutus for your friends, and we had pirate hats, swords, and hooks for your other mates!  Kitty and I even painted Tinkerbell and her friends and put them all over the yard!  The evening was spent digging for treasure, walking the plank into a pool of water, a bean bag toss into the crocs mouth, and a ring toss on Ole Hooks hooks!  Your daddy made us hamburgers and hotdogs and we served fish and chips (goldfish and doritos), and your birthday cake..... well, my love, you requested cupcakes with Tinkerbell on top.  I asked my girlfriend, Robin Harper, to make you the most beautiful cookies (so lovely, people hated to eat them.... but they did anyways)!  We invited a few of your friends you go to church with and were in school with this past year, this suprised you most to play with them!  (I tried to get pics of all of your pals (but y'all, kids do not like to pose, they'd rather run and play!)
Love taking the day, and making it extra special to celebrate you!! 


August 2nd, 2014... Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sophia