Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sophia's First Dance Recital

This is where it all started, last year Sophia had her very first dance class.  She was so excited, a little nervous, but as soon as she entered the class, I knew that this tiny dancer was a happy girl!  Sure there were a few tears throughout the year, but girlfriend loves to move, jump, and point her toes!  So, here was our first time to wear the pink leotard, tights, and ballet shoes.... oh how the time is flying by.  I just adore my tiny dancer.
Sophia, your first dance recital was in June of 2013.  You had 4 tiny dancer friends:  Evie, Kathleen, Finley, and Kinley.  Your very first dance teacher was Mrs. Sarah, and you think she is something special (which she is).  Your first dance school was Infiniti Dance.  For your first recital, you performed one ballet dance to the song, Second Star to the Right (which is on one of you and your brother's favorite Peter Pan movies).  To watch you dance was precious!  I loved it so much and cried (I cannot help it, I am just so proud to watch you do anything and everything.... and I fear I will be like this for all of your life).  Your family enjoyed seeing you dance.  Your Daddy and brother, G-Daddy, Honey, Moss, Aunt LeAnne, Uncle Jason, Uncle Richard, Annalee, Nicole, and Aunt Kitty all came for your "big" debut.  Your Aunt Kitty also danced at the recital, she is an amazing dancer, and your daddy and I hope that one day you will be able to dance like her, because she is amazing to watch.  These are the pictures from your afternoon, we are all so proud of you!

We love you tiny dancer

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love is in the air

Don't you just love a good wedding?
Well, I DO!
I love watching the groom walk out in front of all of the friends and family
Love to see the bride appear and just float down the aisle (gaze at her beautiful dress and the excitement on their face)
Then I always look quickly to the groom to see if there are any tears pouring from their eyes (awe...I know, I love that)
I love to see what the bridesmaids dresses look like.
I am always a little curious about "the kiss".  Will it be a nice clean peck (that is incredibly awkward, because it looks like the couples first kiss ever), will it be a full on kiss with tounge (that is also incredibly awkward but you keep watching), or will they just hand shake (never seen that, but would assume that would be awkward to watch because, really?  who even hand shakes at their wedding?
I love to see how happy they are when they are done with the "I do's"
Such a sweet picture that I stole from the groom's facebook page.  I hope the person that took this picture cares little that I took it, it was just so good and they look to be so happy!
At this wedding the entrance and the exit of the bride and groom was so much fun.  The bride rode on top of a car, then they left together in the car.
It was lovely.
The first dance.
The wedding cake (I love a good cake y'all)
It makes me so happy to see two people commit themselves to each other in front of their family and friends.  Saying that they will love each other till death, in good times and bad, and cherish one another.  There is not a day more special (to me, until maybe the birth of a child).
This wedding was so special, and the day belonged to our friends
Tanner and Ashley
They had been friends FOR-EV-ER, like since high school, and let's just say high school was not just yesterday! Ha!
Ashley was my first friend, when we moved to NWA.  It was the summer before the start of 3rd grade, and I saw Ashley as I entered the doors at church for vacation bible school.  The next day at VBS, we realized that we were neighbors, and for years had a friendship.
We would play at each others houses (if not everyday, every other day), have sleepovers, and even vacationed together.  A few days before the wedding, I was thinking back to my younger years with Ashley, and I remember talking about boy(s) we would marry, I say boy(s) because obviously I was going to marry numerous people?? I don't know, but I am positive I never liked just one person, but I do remember she had a $1.00 bill framed, she asked to borrow (said 1 dollar, which was then framed) from her crush Tanner (last name not necessary), but she had a bit of a crush on him.  She said she would marry Tanner... (now, I know it was not the Tanner she is married to now, but she said Tanner, and there ya go.  She must have always known a Tanner was in her future.  I secretly (okay it was no secret) I wanted her to marry my cousin Michael, but looking back it woulda never worked out, because we were like in the 6th grade and  because it turns out her mate for life (Tanner) would make an appearance a few years later.
Years later, we left the "little town" of Bella Vista and moved over to the "big town" of Bentonville (it was only minutes down the road people and they had a McDonalds).
Well, we now had a new neighbor.
Enter Tanner.
Strange how that worked out.
Anyways, Tanner has been friends with my brother (s) for as long as I can remember.
It's funny having grown up with these two, and seeing how their lives had come together in high school, and they are now married!
We for sure needed Ashley in this picture.  This is Ashley's little brother, John.  The 5 of us were all such good friends.
The fam, minus Aron and Katie (who was so gracious to watch the kids for us)
 My brother Jason (he even gave a speech), sweet to hear.  He just loves Tanner (like another brother)
Momma and Daddy
 Me and Sophia before leaving for the wedding, I was trying to hide my excitement to get out for the evening!!!!
 My brother Richard
My date for the evening

 Jason and Aron

Trying to take a family picture, but we are all laughing.
It was a fun night!
Congratulations to our friends, here's to a very happy future.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Hangin' Round with Kenny Loggins

We have had an eventful weekend.  Last night, the fam went to hear, the one, the only.....
Kenny Loggins....
or maybe you prefer him like this???
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, the man has some amazing hair.
Can I getta AMEN?
Anyways, maybe you have heard a few of his jingles...
A little something called, Danger Zone
Playing With the Boys?? (can't recall that one? Remember that little movie.... Top Gun when the boys (Tom Cruise) is playing volleyball.....let's just take a moment and marinate in that thought.......
ummm okay.
okay, and I'm back.
How about the song, I'm Alright, from Caddyshack
Danny's Song... Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey
This Is It
Momma Don't Dance
So, the concert was wonderful!
Next time I see him, I may be wearing a, I HEART KENNY tee!

Aron has already said that we need to get a Kenny c.d.. (Yes, I just wrote, Kenny, like we are friends on a first name basis).
Dad and I.  I took 3 or 7 pictures, all photos Mike looked like he was having 0 fun with me taking pictures, thus I told him to give me his "I'm having fun face", are y'all buying it?  He tried, I love him.
My baby sister
Sophia waiting for the show

Me and my girl
 My Uncle David and Daddy (brothers), Uncle David just moved to NWA, and we are so happy he is in the same zip code as us now.  (HAPPY DANCE)

Sophia and Aunt Kitty

 A little patty cake before the show

 Me and the sleepy boy
 Momma and Katie singing, This is It!

My niece and nephew came to the show, the only song they knew was Footloose (you know the new movie that has Julianne Hough??)  Really guys?  Kevin Bacon and his moves put that show on the map.  The kids loved dancing to the song at the show!

 This was them after Footloose...... checking their phones.
 We had such a fun time at the show!
 Bray using his glow stick as a wand.  If he woulda said, "Stupefy", I woulda peed my pants.  (FYI, if you have never seen a Harry Potter movie or read a Harry Potter book, then you will not know what Stupefy means.
 Sophia dancing to the opening band, Family History.  They were fun to listen to as well.
It was a night for the books!