Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A few things that I have just realized....

Sometimes, as a momma, it is hard to find a place of solace.  I definitely struggle with a place at my house, seeing as how none of our doors lock and I could never squeeze into a closet since they are all full of stuff.  So, my quiet time comes in the late hours of the evening, when all are asleep.  I sit here listening to the baby monitors and the sweet sweet (animal like snores of my most precious husband)....honey, I am sorry, it is the truth, don't worry I am still over the moon about you.  Over the past hour I have been able to take a 40 minute scalding hot shower and exfoliate all over (I must prepare for my spray tan tomorrow), after doing this for 40 minutes I no longer have skin and I have realized that I may be a hoarder with a side of skank tendencies.  I know some of you are thinking, Caryn, a hoarder?  Skank tendencies? 
(I know my momma is making a "what you talking bout, Willis?" face

but it is true.
This is my shower.....

I know.  Why do I have so many bottles in the shower?  There is barely enough room for myself in there, and now I know why!  I have 13 bottles lining the wall (there is also one in the bottom, lucky 13), 2 razors, and a bar of soap (there is also a partial bar on the seat).  WTW?  My shower looks like a super center products aisle.  The sad part is only 3 of the bottles have anything in them.  Hoarder.
This is even more weird.... more products, that should go in the shower (that are full).  Are they in the shower???  No, they are safe and sound and out of reach by the sink.
FYI, looking at this the sink it looks a little grunge and dirty.  Judge me, I am a wife and momma of 2 tots and a dog, a full time job, I barely have time to scrub the left over macaroni and cheese off of the floor from dinner, let alone take out a moment to scrub a sink!
I wish I would have taken a picture of my perfume tray last week.  FYI, I have been out of perfume since a Tuesday in 2013, but for some reason I had 7 empty bottles on the tray.  They were so empty that you could not even turn them to the side to get a smidgen of smell good out of there.  What am I holding onto these bottles for?  I have problems.

Seriously.  Yes, this is my toothpaste tube.  It should be obvious to all that I am using the toothpaste, but does any of it get on the brush?  I just leave it like that all of the time.  I throw it in a drawer, it is all over my make up cases, and it frustrates me to no end when I grab something and get the left over paste all over my digits.  Vom.  Skank tendencies. (secret, I cleaned it up a little before I took the pic)
The last nugget... I have been using the same make up sponge for a while, like the last time I switched it out was a Saturday.... not of this year.  I know... I am cringing too.
So, what is up with you?  I am sure one of the tens of readers out there have some sort of hoarding issue.