Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Girl, where you been?

I know.  Wha?  She blogged again!  Try to control your excitement!  Yes y'all, I'm still here, and I know the 10s of my readers have been missing me BIG! I suppose the blog hiatus is ova... and this chick is  B-A-A-C-K!!!  So, where have I been?
I have been knee deep in littles: sprinkler fights, camping, graduations (yes, plural),  nature walks, snack times, giraffe feedings (yes, tis the life I must lead), and then there is our weekly devotion to driveway chalk art!  It's not been super busy (okay, sounds busy, but it has been the best kind of busy). I've just tried to really be in the moment with my people, and I don't wanna miss a thing (hummm, I love Steven Tyler... like a lot)! Anyways, in the whole living in the moment and not documenting our every breath on the blog, my phone is filling up full of pictures and I desperately need to load onto my computer.  Thus, a little share time and a little catch up on the blog tonight.  Here is just a lil bit of what's been happening with the Foresee fam!  Enjoy!
We have been going through some changes at la casa Foresee.  A few months ago, it happened.  I lost my job. I know, insert strange uncomfortable emoji face.  It was the pits!  Y'all know I loved that job... okay, y'all know I loved those people!  I got so lucky when this group brought me on board, I got to do some good stuff, but in the end (a few years later) it just didn't work out!  I got the whole, it's not you... it's me (blah bah de blah) break up speech.
That first day, all I wanted to do was cry (did I mention sweet husband was on a guy trip for the weekend... he had just left that morning).  I could not even tell him, did not want to mess us his good time (I know... wife of the year)!  In the end, I know that all will be okay.  Everything will work out.  God has got this.  I suppose when one door opens... you know the rest.

So, with the whole no job thing, my calendar really took a shift to pretty open.  I was able to totally immerse myself in that last month of the kids school before summer break!  How amazing.  It really was so much fun.  I'd get to do drop off and pick ups, help with things at school, and finally be the momma inviting people over for play dates!  (I eat that stuff up)!  Little Red graduated from kindergarten and my Bear... he graduated from preschool!  My sister, the baby, even graduated from high school!  Wha?  I am still shocked by this!  There were a lot of tears those weeks, realizing my littles are quickly turning into BIGS and baby sister will be calling those HOGS at the U of A!

Lazy days of summer.  Ha! Well, we have not really had those yet!  We are pretty busy on the go kinda people.  I like for us to get out each day... swimming, nature walking, play ground hopping, splash park playing, amd a lot of friend time. These first 2 weeks of summer have been great!  I am just having so much fun with them.

Soaking it all up, just in case I return to work soon. (Whomp whomp)!!

In my downtime.  Okay y'all, my kids do sleep, and so does Aron.  I have been filling my late nights with Friday Night Lights.  Netflix binge!!  I'm obsessed.  Like 30 episodes in 4 days obsessed.  It's not healthy, but I just cannot stop!  Are there any support groups out there?  I may need to start one.  I had no idea I even liked football!  If you start watching the show, I think you will want to join my support group (this would be a passing NO judgement group and we would just sit around and giggle about Riggs kinda group... holla, if you are interested!

Last little bit of impromptu catch up... I was looking through my time hop on FB today, and a sweet picture popped up.
It was of the kids in their Big Sister and Big Brother t-shirts.
A year ago today, we announced that we were having a baby.  Precious precious.  I wonder what that little one would have been like.  Just cannot believe that it was a year ago.  Time flies-
Happy Tuesday y'all!