Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pass the Germ X...

Seriously, 10s of friends (mostly family) reading... pass the germ x on ova!  We are starting off yet another week of someone being diagnosed with the flu!  #EwwwweTheFluuuuu
I just don't even know what to do at this point.  Do I just start re-wiping down everything in the house that has been breathed on, touched, licked, pushed, sat on... (I think ya catch my drift), or do I just burn the house down and start over?  I know, I think the house burning seems a bit easier (completely messed up, but totally easier).
Yes, anyways, my Red started this past weekend with high fevers and really that is all... after a quick trip (okay, hour + trip to the weekend clinic) she was diagnosed with the flu.  I think the hardest part of her whole sickness was finding a local store that has Tamiflu in stock... and then cleaning the vomit up from the Tamiflu.  We were kinda touch and go there for a bit, I mean seeing that yak on the floor ($200.00 yak... that is what I had to pay to get the prescription) made me sick #DollaDollaBillsYall
After a few days of rest (which happened to be during snow days) she was well and able to go back to school!  It was awesome, she did not even miss a day!  Boom!
The rest of the week was busy, getting back into the groove of things and then planning Brays birthday party.  It was just going to be a small gathering of some of his buddies at our house, playing whatever boys like to do and then throw in a bit of cake... and it would have been a playdate success!  The cake was ordered, the party favors were made, even Ninja Turtle masks had been unwrapped.  Our Saturday was spent cleaning a bit, and watching our Razorbacks play basketball!  We were lucky enough to receive 4 tickets and the game was so great (we won)!  After the game, I was very excited because we were headed out to dinner to celebrate one of my girlfriends, Erin!  We get to dinner, all is good, the queso is flowin' (right into my mouth), and I look over at Bray and I just see glazey eyes and he looks almost asleep.  Needless to say... we got our food to go.  Whomp.... whomp!
As we got in the car, I just knew it was the flu.  We got home, he had a fever, and the rest is history!  After a 2 hour visit to the clinic this morning, we received our 2nd flu diagnosis.
It was sad, because we had to cancel Bray's birthday party, but not all bad, because there was cake!  All things are better with cake!
Here it is 1030 at night and I am blogging.  When the kids are sick, for some reason it kind of makes me not sleep so well.  I am constantly going back to their rooms to feel foreheads and give medicines, my brain just feels like it cannot shut down.  I thought the blogging might help.
I should probably just get up and go wipe down some surfaces, since all of my people and furry friends are asleep!  Tackling that while they are awake is kind of pointless, I feel like they are all following me touching everything I touch!
Times like this makes me think that maybe I should have gotten that old flu shot, or at least made my little people get one!  I don't get them, because I do not get the flu (even though I got the flu last year), but maybe I should look into this!  What was I thinking??
Do you get the flu shot?  Am I the only one not getting these or not making their children get one?  This may be a complete "mom fail" on my part.  Lesson learned.
Well, just wanted to share a quick update on what is happenin' at la casa de Foresee.  I hear coughing and some movement in the hallway.  It is either a intruder or a small child that wants to come and get in between me and the man friend, and breathe flu germs into our faces!

Until tomorrow (no really, one of the resolutions.... start blogging on the reg, o yeah, it is happening)
Note to yo self.... I shoulda probably done my resolutions at the beginning of the month, but I have needed time to think about them!  Maybe we can discuss tomorrow-