Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Top 10

Since my blog presence has been no bueno, I thought that I might try to play a lil bit of catch up with sharing the top 10 things happening at casa de Foresee.

1.  First things first of the top 10...... The man friend and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this Friday!  Eek!!  How is this even possible??  10 years, a dog, a home, Sophia and Brayden, jobs, an emotional miscarriage, no job, stress, happy moments, t-ball and soccer, a whole lotta Jesus, and a whole lotta love.  Over the past few weeks, I have really had some time to reflect over my time with this man who I get to do life with.  Y'all, marriage is no picnic, it is hard work, but it is so worth it.  My life is better because I get to share it with him.  I knew from that first moment that I saw him (dancing with another girl at a wedding.... that he was the boy I would marry).  Some called me crazy (like for real, I had friends that called me crazy), but when ya know ya know.  Ya know.
I can remember this moment.  I had NEVA been so happy.  He was soooo cute, and I was going to get to go on a vacation with him, and then live with him, and do life with him.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world (and I still do).

2.  My downtime has been busy.  My family will be celebrating my Moss (for the 10s of readers, a Moss is a grandmother).  I am working with the fam on a special project for the party (cannot say what it is, in case she actually sees that I have updated the blog (she is a faithful reader.... if someone looks it up and says, "hey, Caryn updated her blog!"  Then she will read on!  I adore her!!  Anyways, the celebration is for her 80th birthday!  Here I am excited about 10 years of marriage, but she has lived the most full 80 years (and still has so much to go)!  I have been looking through old photographs, and here are a few of my favorites...

Can we say... glamour shot (before there were Glamour Shots)??

This is Moss with my Momma and Daddy.  My Daddy and his hair!  Amazing!
Moss and my Bucky (a Bucky is a grandfather... this is what I called him)
Moss and grandchildren.  (that is when I brushed my hair.... and thought it was pretty.  That was sad)
Moss and all 5 of her babies

3.  I braided my hair last week (I know, what am I 12?  I do not know)  Anyways, I left it in said braid for 3 days (without redo, just smoothing down of crazy hairs).  It saved me a bit of time getting ready, but looking back, that is really disgusting.  Just saying.  Y'all know I like to keep it real.

4.  I don't know if I have blogged about it yet, but I have started doing some substitute teaching.  So far, it has been a good experience.  The children have been so sweet, and I realize more (now than ever) that teachers do soooooo much!  So, FYI, you should thank a teacher!  This could have been my true calling besides being a momma.  I really enjoy being with the kids, and some I have even wanted to take home!  (Note, I am not really going to be putting a child in my pocket and putting them in the Jeep, but some have really pulled at my heart.)  Which leads me to kind of have a little (quiet yearning) for another.
I know.  I just typed that out as # 4!  It might change tomorrow, who knows.  It is doubtful, just putting it out there in the universe.

5.  My Red has returned to dance!

Last week was her first practice and when we left, she said it was the best day of her life.

6.  Halloween costumes.  Sophia is dead set on dressing up as a bunny cop.  I know, sounds weird.  We watched Zootopia and one of the characters, Judy Hops (a bunny) wants to be a police officer.  Brayden is wanting to be a Jedi.  We are all in love with Star Wars.  I mean last week, Sophia wanted to be Leia... so I guess I will not move forward on planning their costumes until the week before (I just know if I purchase anything now, they would totally change their minds).  So... we... wait.

7.  I have a Jesus story.  Not like Bible story, but just an amazing story that I had in my own life that just reassured me that HE is so real to me and hears me when I call.
So, y'all know my sis is at college, and she is having a great time.  Well, I had just been praying over her any chance I get.  After we talked one day, I just felt a sadness in our conversation.  She sounded a little sad (possibly missing us, or possibly not... who knows), but I just hung up the phone and immediately began praying over her.  Y'all college is hard, and I do not think that praying over my sis and her roomie is a crazy thing to do.  So, I prayed.  Prayed that she would just be surrounded with good people.  Prayed that her heart would be happy.  Prayed that she would even find a group that would even encourage her faith walk.  I wanted her to filled with joy, peace, be brave in her new circumstances, and to not be anxious....  A few days later, after my prayer, my mother called.  She did not know my previous convo with lil sister.  She began to tell me how K got a knock on her door that morning, it was a girl, and that girl's name was "JOY" (FYI, I prayed for JOY), and Joy just wanted to invite K to a Bible study that would be happening that night (in their dorm).
Y'all, she has been a few times, and this just reassured me that He hears me when I call.  He knows what is needed and when to provide it.  It gave me chills as my momma was telling me all about this visitor that K had that morning.  God thing.

8.  It is 1:30 and I have yet to shower, and I am still wearing the same t-shirt I wore yesterday.  This kinda links in with #3 and I am beginning to realize I might be a hobo.

9. I feel like I have been doing laundry since our last camping trip (that was in July).  Don't judge.  I am not trying to wash the stuff from that trip, I am just saying that my laundry room floor has not been clean of dirty clothes since then.  It is never-ending.  Maybe this is why I am not wanting to bathe today, as I do not want to add to the pile.  (hummmmm)

10.  Brayden did his own hair today.  Seriously, am I going to let him grow up?
 Notice, it is still sticking up, but he was so proud.  Love my Baby Bear