Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 little monkeys not sleeping in the bed

This sounds like the most perfect date night for me.
A little over a week ago, I changed the baby beds into toddler beds.  At the time, I really felt it was best.  The kids were climbing in and out of them, jumping from them onto pillows and fluffy blankets, and really just using the beds as a cage for their toys.  So, I just made the decision to change them... at the same time.  I really felt this would be easy.
The first few nights, Red would get up about 7-10 times (why?  sometimes just to say, "hi", sometimes to say, "goodnight" again, sometimes to giggle, and then maybe to pee.  Night one, I thought okay, this is going to be a long process (I had no idea).
The Bear on the other hand, got up only a few times and was done.
Well in about 10 days, only 3 times have the children slept through the whole night without getting up!  It has been glorious, we just wish it could be more frequent.
Each night, Aron and I fall asleep, 1-3 Red bounces in and then about 10 minutes after that here comes the Bear.
It has made for some long nights and some crazy tantrums from me (yes, me).  I have suffered from a few breakdowns... freak outs... whatev.
Here we have both monkeys in the bed.  This is after a nights rest.  They look so happy, why wouldn't they want to feel like this every morning??

So, how do you keep your monkeys in their beds?
Do you let them cry it out?
Are you like the Supernanny and just keep returning them to their beds?
Are you like us and just let them stay in the bed with you because,
 A.  you are to sleepy to even deal with the situation
B.  you have a super huge bed and you like to have your bed full of teeny tiny bodies
C.  you have no idea what else to do, and you are thinking this cannot last forever eventually these kids will go to college or just move out of the house (you hope)?
Just curious.
After talking with some girlfriends (whom I love and admire and who I totally think have it all together), I will call them by another name as to keep their identities anonymous... Nelly&Terry Bravery, I found that they too are so sleepy and are up with their tots all night, just like me!
So, this is a shout out to all of you mommas with monkeys that sleep through the night...
what are you doing?
Share your knowledge, sharing is caring.
Don't be stingy with your sleep tricks.
Please know that I am happy (over the moon) with my babies... awake or asleep!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas cards through the years...

I have no Christmas pictures of us pre-kids I guess...
We obviously started documenting our lives when we had babies.
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hangin' round with the fam

This past Saturday, me and the SIL planned a busy morning of Bentonville parade watchin' and an evenin' of light lookin' on the square.  The events were fun and some very sweet memories were made with our family!
In case there was any wonder??  I really do like him a whole lot.
In case there was any wonder.... I like him a whole lot too!
This little Red has stolen my heart!
and his....
Baby Bear
My sister... such a beaut...
Watching the floats at the parade.
Cousins.. my other babies
My bonus sister
Brother and Sister... how did I get so lucky??
Cousins... he loves her so much
watching the parade

The Foresee Bunch...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Santa........

Well, when you are having Santa Claus come to town for a visit, one must prepare!  So, all week long, we baked, we ate what we baked, and we decorated.  What a fun way to kick off the Christmas season... being with my family (whom I love dearly) and then spending the afternoon with friends!

In case you are unable to see, Moss decorated some cookies with the tiniest sugar crystals (she used a tweezer to place them in the perfect spot)!  Amazing!
Making reindeer treats!

 Yes, drizzling red icing onto a rice krispy treat that had been dipped into white chocolate.... don't mind if I do!  Katie is so serious in her decorating!
More treats!
Party day!
This is the hot cocoa and cider bar
Cutest cider fountain ever!
Cocoa toppings
The cookie so good!

Momma's front door... so inviting!
Entrance to the party....
 Nothing says Chirstmas like a woo pig sooie tree!
Filling the trays with yummy treats!
These are marshmallow surprises!  Chocolate cookie, bake and take out of oven, cover with a large marshmallow then top with fudge frosting... it'll make ya slap yourself it is so good!
My MamMaw's chocolate covered marshmallow, peanut, and pretzel candy!
 the tree...
 Sophia sizing up  the treats....
whoopie pies.....
Sophia, stay out of the treats!
Brayden playing with the hanging candy!
The mantle... yes there are so many stockings.... we have a lot of family with us for the holidays!
and here comes Santa!!!
 Merry Christmas!!