Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Lost 10 lbs and So Can You!!

I wanted to thank everyone who prayed for our sweet friends.  They were able to leave the hospital this evening.  The doctors came to the conclusion that their baby boy was very dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight.  Continue to keep them in your thoughts as they get home and settled.

Before the big ice storm here, I had a list of important things that I needed to get done:  stock up on baby food/ formula for Sophia, get her perscriptions filled (in case we would not be able to get out), make sure that Aron had warm socks/ and clean thermals to wear while he worked in the cold.  It was also that time of the month.... I had to go get my hair did!!!!  YAY!!

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that my hair has really been changing.  It is getting darker, a lot of it falls out (I think this is due to having a baby), and it is just so out of control.  It has also been catching Sophia's attention more, she sees it and just pulls on it!  She loves to see the funny faces I make when she gives it a good tug!  So at first I was thinking I am going to totally pull a "Felicity" (if you ever watched that show a few years ago, you will know what that means), then I thought maybe I would like to get a straightened, a few days later I saw a woman with beautiful dark brown hair?  Well, that is an option, and it is so out of my box.  Could I do that, change something so big like a hair color?  Would I still be the same person?  Would Sophia recognize me?  Would Aron miss the blonde girl he married?  So I thought long and hard about what to do....and I made my decision without telling anyone.

I got to the hair salon, Reflections (, it is such a great place.  I have been going to Reflections since we moved here and I was in the 3rd grade.  Patti is the best!! 

This is me when I first arrived.  Sorry I did not do my hair that day, weird weather and I ran out of defrizzing products.  The hair looked super soft and like I tried to brush it.

Speaking of brushing, this is what happens when you brush natural curly hair.  It kind of takes over!

Then it gets bigger!!!!!!

So, about an hour or so later, I went on home.  When Sophia saw me, she was like, "What????"

Where is all of your fun hair??

About 3 inches off, and I feel so much lighter!!

Love yal!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Special Request

I have recently put a site meter on this blog, and have been so glad to see that so many people have been able to check out our silly stories.  To all of you reading tonight or tomorrw, I have a very special request.  I need all of you to pray for some very sweet friends of ours.

A few days ago, my friend gave birth to a sweet healthy baby boy.  From what I have been able to gather from family, all had been alright until the doctor was getting ready to discharge them from the hospital.  The baby stopped breathing and turned blue.  He was quickly rushed into the ICU. 

Everyone that has struggled with fertiltiy issues and suffered from the loss of a baby, knows the joy you feel when that baby you have prayed so desperately for is finally given to you.  I cannot imagine seeing that precious face for such a short time, and then finding out that there could be something wrong.  I just want our friends to find comfort and guidance in the Lord and know that God is so wise and perfect in every single way.. and He loves them so much.  He has a plan for us, and it may not be what we have planned for ourselves, but we must have faith that His plan is the best and is the only way.  Trust in Him, He works miracles everyday.

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.  Job 9:10

Please lift our friends and their families up tonight. 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Time

Well, it's begining to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere you...Hey, wait a second?   Walking in a winter wonderland...  Christmas..?  winter wonderland?  Yes, in our forecast we are going to be in for an early Thursday morning of freezing rain, then it will be changing into sleet, and then the best for last....a few inches of snow!!!  Can you believe it?  I even had some flowers that were starting to come up in my flowerbeds, now, they are going to turn into ice cicles.  Boo.  I suppose I will spend this time getting to a few projects in the house.  Sounds like fun, I know.

1.  I bought this rocking chair and stool at a junk store for about $8.00, and I just see so much potential.  They would be so precious in Sophia's bedroom.  Her bedroom, yes, this leads to #2.

2.  I am thinking of painting another tree on Sophia's wall.  I would like for it to be a skinner tree and very branchy with some pink blossoms.  It would be very cool if I could paint some of the upper branches on the ceiling.  This is a large project, so it might be a few days before a photo is seen of that.  Here is the before...

Thoughts?  What would you do?

3.  Hang shelves in the laundry room.  Sorry there are not any photos, this is a boring project.

4.  Clean.  Notice this did not make the top 3...there is a reason for that.  I am so not in the mode to do that.  Just thought I should add it to the list.

5.  Writing....yea, this is so much fun to do!  It might be put ahead of the first project...

What do you do during times that you are shut in your home?  I may need some more things to do, in case we are snowed in for longer than a few days.  Think of poor Aron, he will probably be out working for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  So, I just took Aron and Sophia's photo so she can look at it and smile.

I think that Little Miss is feeling better.  She is definately all snotted out, and her cough is getting much better.  I decided to keep us at home again today.  Normally, we would have gone to Tuesday morning Bible study and she would go to the nursery.  But no, just another day in the house.  I did not want to be the mom that brought the snotty coughy baby to the nursery and have people call her "the infector"!

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far.  Please feel free to call, send emails, or comment to me and Sophia.  We might need something to do if we run out of toys to play with, songs to sing, movies to watch, books to read, ect.. entertain us!!

Love yal and stay warm if you are in the chilly areas!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Party Animals!!

Aron had his 30th birthday party at Abuelos!

This is a two layer cake with chocolate icing.  Paula Dean eat your heart out!  Aron looks like his back went out, but in all actuallity I asked if he would act like he was blowing out his camera is so slow that I missed it.

Nice double chins, why do I never put my head down??

Granddaddy and Sophia!

Sophia, Granddaddy, Jason, Richard, and Aron

Aron, LeAnne, Aidan, and Annalee

Then we had daddy's birthday party on the 17th (not the 18th) we did not want to interfer with their time to watch Jack Bower on 24.  We had gruel at momma and daddys, it was so good!!

I did not make this cake.  Thank you Wal-Mart bakery!

The birthday boy!  He turned 21 this year, he looks so mature!

Sophia was not sure what to think about the fire, she has only seen fire that one time in the microwave when I set her baby food on fire!

Just love her!

He blew out all of the candles..

Good job Daddy!!  Katie Grace and Daddy

Jason and Richard!

Love yal,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jump Around!!

So today we broke out the Jenny Jump-Up!  Sophia had so much fun with this new contraption!  She just kept swaying around and laughing.  Poor Chipper, he has no idea what he is in for.  Soon, little Miss is going to be on the move and will be able to catch him, look at how she just stares at him.  She must think that he is a big stuffed animal!!  She is always grabbing at him when he walks by.  Did I mention she is rolling over too!! 

We are just so proud of her.  She has a new trick.  When we cough, she fakes a cough and then laughs at herself.  Aron and I just laugh, we think that she is the most entertaining thing around.  We are currently working on waving.  She will hold her hand out and we see her moving her fingers very slowly.  It is too cute. 

Hope you enjoy the latest pics of our girl!! 

Love yal!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost Died...of Embarrassment

So, today was just one of those days. My sweetie pie is still a little sickly, I sure hope that she did not get my Steve Urkel genes! I tell ya what, two visits to the church nursery, a birthday party for our girl Harper, and a play date with some friends (the immune system could totally not handle it). Boy, it sure was so much fun though... Sophia has a cold and is producing the most snot I have ever seen (it is so not normal)! Poor baby even has a cough and then on top of that she is cutting two of her bottom teeth. She could not catch a break!! I am very hopeful that she is on her way to recovery, keep her in your prayers!

On a funnier note, have you ever done something so silly that you almost died?? I know I have done so many things, I am so known for having such embarrassing moments... let me take you on a trip down memory lane.........

Picture it, date night, I got to go out on a date with the cutest/ older boy. We will call him Shane Red, well I totally thought that he was the cutest guy ever and was so nervous as this was early in the dating career. Well, this sweet guy takes me to dinner, we are talking, I am picturing our futures together (me dancing on the drill team and him coming to watch a game and I see him in the stands waving at him) I know dumb but that is what I was probably thinking at the time. Anyways, we get our dinner salad and I dig in. Needless to say, I am not a multi-tasker, trying to talk and eat is totally not my thing. I lift the fork to my huge yapping mouth and miss and stab my face. Nice. I was mortified. I do not think that we went out on any other dates. He probably wanted a girl that could feed herself..

Not embarrassing enough, here is another... recently I went on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart. I am so that girl that smells all of the deodorants, lotions, shampoos and conditioners (before I purchase them). Lord knows, if I did not do this I would chose the one that smells like bug repellent! So I am in the soap aisle, of course it is packed, these aisles are so small, and no one likes a sniffer. People are just staring at me thinking, "hey afro puff move it or lose it." I stand my ground, I refused to just grab and go! So, I take a bottle of Dove off of the shelf (love Dove), hold it up to my nose, do a little squeeze (to make the scent come up), and it happened....Dove soap exploded all up my nose and onto my face. Totally thought I would melt right into the floor. I looked up, to see how many people saw and if I knew any of them. Fortunately, I knew none of the 6 people, so I looked in my purse for something to wipe my face with, I only had a shrivel of a used tissue and an old receipt. So I wiped what I could and with my face down walked to the baby aisles bc they are the closest. I found a baby toy with a mirror and wiped off the rest of the white soap from my face.

When I worked for Wal-Mart and was like 22ish, I had a huge crush on a boy (whom I had never met only seen). We will call him Ryan, since that was his name and I am not holding anything back on these stories. He was so adorable, I just knew that we would have been so happy together if only we met. Wrong. So, I am walking down the hall to go to the copy room. OMG, here he was walking down the hall, towards me, probably going to the bathroom behind me, but he was so walking towards me!! I smiled, a smile I had probably practiced a bajillion times in the mirror, and then I turned to walk in to the copy room. Womp-womp, turned too soon and walked into the side of the door. Tried to play it cool after that, but how on earth could you recover. I guess we know how that ended, right there!

Then today, Lovey had finally decided to take a nap. I was super pumped because it was very nice today (like 60 degrees, the sun was shinning). So, I walked to the front yard to look at the flower beds. I looked so good today, let me tell ya! I was wearing my white tennis shoes, black socks with colorful dots, black leggings that have been washed so many times they are almost grey, and a super nice too small light heather grey sweatshirt. My make up was to die for and my hair a frizzy mess. I must mention the spit up on my back right shoulder and the dried snot on the front of my shirt. Stop traffic, totally could have done it!! So, the time when I last checked was about 407, Aron would be home any moment. I knew he would be impressed if I had Sophia down for a nap, dinner made, and then was pulling weeds, hello greatest wife ever!! Well, I was bending down (I bend from the waist down, bad knees, so I choose to bend over with my booty in the air, attractive, I know.) I could see as I was bending over that Aron was pulling onto the street, so I thought it would be funny to bend and snap (Legally Blonde) (like o-yea here is your hottie tottie wifey), well I totally did the bend and flop, I went head over hills into the boxwood bush. As if that was not embarrassing enough, Aron did not even pull into the driveway, because it was not even Aron, just a look alike. The car slowed as if to check out the circus side show with their rear end sticking out of the bushes, then just drove off. I am sure that I made it look like I was looking very closely at some new species of insect, betting that they saw right through that one! I walked quickly to go into the house, to make sure I did not have anything in my hair or on my face. Only one tiny scratch below my left temple. Then I picked up crying Sophia (she probably knew what had just happened and was crying for me) and went back out to the flower bed. I still have not told Aron about my nose dive. Maybe when he is having a bad day.

I have so many other times when I just thought the world would end, I think that I do silly things everyday!! What are some of your most embarrassing stories, or am I alone in this? What do they say, If you cannot laugh at yourself, then you can laugh at others? Or, I do not know, can't remember.

Love yal!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good deed gone not so good...

Last week, I made the most wonderful chicken noodle soup. It was so good that I probably could have taken a straw and sucked the soup part right out of the pot!! Needless to say, I did not because I am a lady- but I totally would have (had no one been around).

Anyway, I volunteered to take dinner to two of my friends (Amie and Julie) that have recently had babies. I have been slaving all morning, and the soup does not taste right. I am not sure what I am going to do. I have 2 very nice things of bread and some cookies that I will be taking with the soup to each home, but this main dish is weird tasting... I would still eat it, but I would have to add tons of salt and seasoning to it. Maybe it tastes alright and I am being my toughest critic. Have you ever run into this situation?

Now, I am just sitting here thinking about their evenings.... what if I get it there, they pour a heaping spoonful into their bowl, expecting to tastes Gods gift to chicken noodle soup, and they totally YACK! Then, they tell others, "o-no you don't want Betty Crocker (aka Caryn "Croaker")" to cook you up something that is not so finger licking good but rather stick your finger down your throat to get it out!! So dramatic!

My heart was so in the right place!

O yea, I started what is so going to be a wonderful bible study yesterday, it is called Lord, Change My Attitude. I left the study yesterday feeling very convicted. I never even thought that God does not appreciate of all of the complaining that we do day in and day out. He gives us so much to be thankful for and in response we ask for more, or complain about what he has already given to us. Then I started thinking about the complaing that comes out of my mouth and my attitude, and how that does affect others and can bring them down. Think about it... have you given God the glory today, and said thank you for the blessings that he has given to you? I spent the whole rest of my day yesterday thanking him and all of today! We are really so lucky. (Just a little chicken noodle soup for the soul for today.)

Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Big 3-0!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, terrific, special, wonderful, sensational, super cute, fantastic, smart, funny, incredible, amazing, nice, caring, best friend, great father to our daughter, provider, supportive, spectacular husband Aron------------------!!!

Happy Birthday to You!!

Obviously it is Aron's birthday! Have I mentioned how much I love his face and I am so blessed to have him as my husband. I am so thankful that the good Lord sent him my direction (or moved me into the duplex next door to him)!!

Have a great evening!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cheese Sleeps Alone

I was trying to be clever with today's entry, but o-well. I think it is actually the cheese stands alone!
Well, last night was very big for me. I set up the baby monitor in Sophia's bedroom, and I actually put her in her baby bed to sleep. This was terribly traumatic. I really thought that we(by we, I of course mean myself) were ready, but "we" were not.

At 830, I placed Sophia in her crib. The poor baby cried.

I walked away, thinking that she would cry herself to sleep.

I went to our bedroom and stared at the red lights flashing on the monitor! They were flashing so brightly as to tell me that, "hello, your child cannot do this, do you hear her??"

I went to brush my teeth and wash my face, and I told myself, "okay, if she is still crying when I am done, I will go and rescue her!" Well, I came back to the bed, about 4 minutes had gone by, and I could still hear her stirring and a little bit of whimpering. So, I walked to her room, peaked over her bed, and I saw the tears on her face. It totally broke my heart. Here she was just looking at me, and thinking why would I abandon her. I reached down to caress her precious face and she smiled. It made me feel a little bit better, maybe she still loved me. She grabbed onto my finger and I just let her hold it until she fell asleep.

I crept out of her bedroom and returned to mine and sat on the bed, holding the monitor, just listening to her breathing. I called my momma, in tears. She let me know that it is okay to not be ready for this and that I could go and get her. So, I went and picked up a sleeping Sophia and carried her to our bedroom. I held her for about 10 minutes as she slept. Then she woke up and smiled.

I could not handle it. Maybe we can try again in a few weeks, or she can begin to take her daytime naps in her room.

Needless to say, the cheese (Sophia) did not sleep alone! I just love cheese (Sophia)!
How old were your babies when you put them in their own room to sleep? Am I being too dramatic? (If you think that I am, you can go ahead and comment, but please note that I may erase your post! Do not worry, I will still love ya!!)

I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mommy Brain!

Dear Mothers,

Do you have mommy brain?? You know what this is, you kind of forget things, all of the time. I am sure that it is from lack of sleep and appropriate meals... Sometimes, I say something and I catch Aron looking at me just shaking his head, he never corrects me, but he knows that I am losing a little bit of my mind each day. Good thing the man loves me.
Anyways, I have a correction to a post I did a few days ago, Sophia is only 5 months old! I have no idea why I kept writing 6 months! Poor child, I am aging her. It seems that I told my mom, Aron, and a lady at the grocery store that she is 6 months old. They all corrected me, and I did everything I could to convince them otherwise! So silly, they just kind of agreed and let me go on with my story. I am so losing it!!
Guess what else, someone has mastered the art of sitting all by themselves. Sophia just started sitting yesterday, and she just loves it!

Our baby is just growing up!

Love yal!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enquiring Minds Want to Know...

Okay, it is time that I come clean about this. It has been bothering me for years. I am well aware that this is not a subject that is discussed, but whatever. As some of you may know I am 30, yes 30 years old. I am okay with that, as that is the least of my problems. My problem, yes that is what I wanted to discuss....

Why am I 30 years old and still suffering from acne?? What am I a pre-teen girl? Do others have this problem? I thought that once you hit a certain age that this would be something that would magically disappear, but why is this still here? It is so embarrassing to deal with this issue. I always feel like people are staring at the stuff on my face, and thinking, "O- bless her heart, I wonder how much concealer she is using today?"

Any tips? What products do you use? Do you just sit around drinking gallons of water? Do you bathe in vats of Clearasil? Give up the goat, I want to know your secrets!!

I know there are so many more important things to be worrying about... like: world hunger, Obama's health care plan, what am I going to make for dinner, what time is Sophia going to wake from her nap, is it time to switch the laundry over, ect.

I am probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, but just thought I would ask...

Love yal!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We've Made It, She is 6 Months Old

We have survived the first six months! Piece of cake, right?? Well, this is definitely not the easiest job I have ever done, but it sure is the most rewarding best time that I have had. Everyday the three of us learn something new about ourselves. It might be a lesson on patience, how to not sweat the small stuff, how to change a diaper with one hand while the other hand is making shadow puppets on the wall to keep Sophia's attention and keep her from wiggling. I do not think that I really understood how much my love would grow for my husband and how much I could love this sweet baby that God has given me. I am such a lucky girl.

Sophia, take it away!

Well, in 6 months I have done a lot. I weigh about 16 pounds. My mom and dad giggle a lot when they are giving me a bath because of all of my rolls (some of them are a little hard to get into). I am trying to cut back on the sweets!! (HA). I am a very big fan of food. It could be rice cereal, any fruit, and any non green vegetables.

Sometimes, I cannot even stay awake for my evening bottle. Yes, I have been known to pass out at the table!

I am wearing the size 2 diapers. My parents still have not had to go to the store to buy any, since they have so many great friends that loaded them up with diapers at a shower. They get to spend that money on other things (for me)!! I like to laugh (I have a new one that sounds like a machine gun, "huh huh huh huh huh"). I love to splash in the bath tub and I have decided that I like to be clean like my mom. I am learning how to grab a spit up towel and rub it all over my face (this makes my mother so happy). I love smiling, smiling may be my most favorite. Loud noises kind of startle me, but I keep it together. I like to watch my cousins (Aidan and Annalee), my Aunt Kitty Kat and her friends MagPie and Isabella, they are always doing funny stuff for my entertainment.

I like to try to get out of the house when I can. My mommy and daddy take me to church. I get to play in the nursery with the other bed babies. It is nice to get out and socialize with people who have the same interests as me (drooling, laughing really loud, sticking things in our mouths, ya know BABY STUFF). I have stayed the night with my Honey and Granddaddy three times. I have so much fun over there. I like to go to my mom's PEO meetings, the ladies there love to talk to me and hold me. Shopping is becoming one of my favorite past times, the Belk is quite a place! My mommy and daddy's friend, Kim came over with her son Cade, yeah, I am not so sure about boys. He threw a ball at my head, I wonder if that means that he likes me??? Here we are.

I am working on rolling over. I think that I am very close to mastering this skill. I can sit up all by myself, for about 10 seconds, then I totally go head first into the floor. So I know that I will soon have that skill! Chicks gotta have skills!

I am sleeping through the night. I decided it was no longer funny to keep waking up at all hours of the night. It was really draining my parents, and they totally looked a mess. So, I just decided to let them rest (they need it to keep up with me)!

My parents sing to me all of the time. My mommy is always making up silly songs and stories. I love to see my daddy's face every afternoon (this guy is really great and he is always so glad to see me). I have a dog who is always trying to get in my face and give kisses.

All in all, the first six months have been spectacular. I am really growing up. I really cannot complain. Although, I would love to have a friend to play with (maybe a brother or sister).

Look at me, only 2 days old, just a wee babe not knowing what this world will hold for me. Then there I am, 6 months old. This world better watch out!!

Well, well, I will stop Sophia right here. Hope that everyone has a great day, if you are snowed in like we are keep warm and be safe!
We love yal,