Sunday, July 29, 2012

He Loves Me....

I'm not so sure that he loves me....

So, on Friday, I celebrated my 33rd birthday!  It was a wonderful day filled with family and fun.  Then, my husband gave me a birthday card.  Normally, he would write of his love for me and how happy he is to spend another birthday with me..... ya know, sweet sweet lovey stuff.
Well, I guess that my husband decided to go down a different route...please listen to the card.

That's right.  Nothing says happy birthday my sweet wife, like a baby sounding like he is having massive diarrhea.

He's such a romantic

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's My Potty and I'll Go If I Want To!!

Today we will be discussing all thing poo!
If this is not something that interests you in the least, then check back tomorrow, because this post is all things potty training!!  Yay!
Okay, honestly, I am not so pumped up about this conversation or about bodily functions in general, but we are getting ready for the training in our house.  Red will be "3" this next week, and I really think that it is time to climb aboard P-Train.
So, the other day we went to the store and looked for the most beautimous panties a 3 year old could ever want and a few treats for potty time rewards.  Who knew that Tinkerbell drawers and Skittles would get children so pumped to dump (okay that was so gross, but it rhymed!) to go potty!  When we got to the front of the store to check out, Red could not wait to tell the checker outer gal that she has to pee in the potty and then she can eat (which kind of made it sound like I starve my child to go to the potty, but whatev).
Step 1:  Obtain the appropriate gear....
So, last night, I was able to have a chat with a few gal pals who have been there, done that, and bought the "I potty trained my child" t-shirt.  I was asking for any tips, encouragement, and got a lot of stories (some that will give me hope and then some that will make me feel better if the whole training thing does not work out).
Here are some of their ideas:
1.  Bribes... (cha-ching, check out my above photo, skittles and mm's)
2.  let them pick out their panty/ underwear and a potty chair/ seat
3.  really encourage the child and talk about going potty
I think that this picture is very funny.
I just cannot picture me and Sopia having a feel good moment/ heart to heart while hanging round the ole potty, but it looks like this mommy and son are having the best time ever!
4.  read books about potty training... we have a few of these
5.  Stickers on a chart, this way they can see how they are doing and show off their rewards to others.
I just love a chart, so this might be something that could work for us!
 6.  Take them to the potty every 30 minutes, even if they do not need to go.
7.  Prayer.... pray that they will get a hold of this thing and not go to college in diapers! Ha!
8.  start the training on a week when you will not be leaving the house

So, I think that I am at a great starting point.
I have received some great advice from friends who have done this before, and it looks like they have survived.  I am going into this knowing that it will not be easy, but if I stay on top of it and do not give up that Red will be successful.  I just need to be patient, and not fa-reek out if pee/ poo gets on my carpet or furniture.

What do you think, am I missing anything.
Is there something that did not work or worked better for you, I have a few days to get a game plan!

Friday, July 27, 2012

sniffle.. sniffle.. our last vacay moments...

Well, we all knew that our vacation could not last forever!  Sob, sniffle, sniffle, cry!  It was such a fun time with our family, and I cannot wait until next year!!
 Nicole, Jason, Rich, and Mercedees
 Uncle Jason with the kids
Me and Aron before our date night.  Yes, I am wearing clothes!
 Our Tacky Jacks breakfast morning!

 Our family picture....
 Rich Mercedees and Momma
 Feeding the fish

 We even saw a pirate!!

 Time at the zoo!

 Dinner... he was not the best conversation....
 Scrabble championship... we are way too intense...
 Sword fighting
 Movie watching

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another day of fun in the sun

I know, another post with more of your beach pictures!  Yes!  It makes me happy to see pictures of my family having a fun time at the beach!  Happy times spent in the sun in the water with my peoples!  Enjoy!
me and my mermaid tail and my parents trying to look like they do not know me...
 Richard, Daddy, and Momma
 Aron and Bray
 Seriously, I love these two
 Watching as her aunt and uncle venture out into the water
 Daddy and Richard
 Momma and Rich
 Jason, Nicole, and Aron would swim out so far and then they would throw seaweed at each other.  Boys, they are so very strange.
 My sweet daddy
Naps on the beach
Don't separate this girl and her Cheetos
 Nicole and Jason
 G-Daddy and Sophia
 Baby Bear in the sand

 Running on the beach
 sitting on the shore while everyone goes out to the water

Here we are digging to the center of the earth!

My girl
 our back drop

 Seriously, didn't these people see Jaws???

 Jason and Nicole taking my baby out into the deep water!
 Aron and his girl

 No, seriously dad, it's a shark...

 Poor G-Daddy, he had to do all of the heavy lifting on the walk to the beach:(