Friday, May 15, 2009

13 Weeks and Counting!!

Okay, so I realize that 13 weeks may be a bit of a long time to have begun a countdown, but I am just so very excited about our baby girl Sophia! I wonder if she will have blonde hair, will it be curly or straight, will she have my nose or Aron's eyes?? So curious about this little bundle!

Well, I have been feeling a lot better, after a rough 6 months, I am loving food again and have been getting out of the Foresee home a lot more lately. I have gained some weight back, which I am just loving! Pregnancy maybe my most favorite time ever! Here is the last photo that we have taken, I need a more updated one, maybe Aron can take one when he gets home from work!!

Notice the belly!! It is so fun to watch her kick and move, it almost looks like she is trying to break out of her little home! It has entertained Aron and I for hours!!

I do have a question, over the past few days I have noticed some pressure, I almost feel as if the baby may fall out, is this normal, did you feel this way? I have been referencing many of my books, and of course, nothing is listed. What do you think, what are some crazy things that you experienced during your pregnancy that no one told you about?? Give up the goods ladies!

Have a great evening!