Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fairies and not so pleasant bike rides...

I suppose I will consider this day another success.  We all survived another day of house arrest, I mean self quarantine.  I made breakfast and lunch, that is right I am pretty much a domestic diva for those of you thinking that I only feed my children the Chick-fila, helped with school work, did my own 8 hours of work from home, worked out in the yard, and rode a bike.  Around the block.  Without being forced.  Or chased by a mur-der-errr.
I am just gonna put this out there I have been wanting a bike.
Preferably a bike with a basket to carry items (not sure what kind of items.. but items) and it shall have a large cushiony seat for my not so young parts (let's be real the lady bits ain't built like they used to be... ya know whatta mean).
This is what I am thinking....
Awwwwe.... isn't she presh.
Well folks don't get so attached, because I live in a place where bikes are all the rage and I cannot find one!!  So sad.  I keep on-a searching, but bikes are outta stock!  So since I have no bike, I rode the man friends bike.   Ummmmm..... BIG mistake.... HUGE!
It has been 10 hours since my BIG ride (justa around the block) and my bits are the pits!  I have a bowed walk and I just feel like possibly the bike had a better time than I did.  I am afraid if I keep this up I may get callous-y down yonder.  Sweet geez, what if I become dead down there?
Maybe I should reconsider this new hobby and stick with the yard work.
This evening was so fun.  Honey (Honey is grandmother for us) had an idea for us to create a fairy garden.  Sophia has been all about it and is constantly looking at gardens online.  Today, Honey surprised us with a fun acorn house, mushroom, and fairies!  The kids worked on this all evening and then brought things from their bedroom!  Brayden even unscrewed a knob from his super fancy dresser and is using it as a fairy mushroom seat, Sophia brought out animals from her doll house, and then they brought crystals from their cave field trips.
If you do not have a fairy garden, I think your kids would really enjoy it!

I will just be here livin' my best life... with an ice pack!  Night night!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"I's the foreman, I says when it's quittin' time"

Yes, as of late, I am feeling a bit like Big Sam from Gone With the Wind working at Tara.
Does anyone remember when someone says, "quittin' time" and Big Sam interrupts and states that he is the foreman and only he can say when ya stop the work!!  Hel....lo, this is so my yard life right now!
Big Sam is my spirit animal!
Anyway, I am not sure about the 10s of readers (mama, man friend, my sil, possibly Moss (but she may be reading by accident and leave a comment that only has a one letter response... like y or r, technology just is not her thing) so never mind like 4s of readers, but are you all working in your yard too?  We have lived at casa de Foresee for about 14 years.  We have always had the best of intentions with our yard, but yard work is tough, and it ain't cheap, and did I mention it is tough??  Most of our weekends have been filled with all of the kid things:  baseball, soccer, basketball, camping, fun, or just sitting in the house ignoring the fact that we have a yard.  The idea of working out there can be a bit over whelming (and sweaty)... I mean where do you even start?
What plants work best?
What kind of dirt do I get?
Is there a snake in there?
So here it is... the great reveal.
the yard
(imagine scary intro music... du..duh...duuuuuuuuh)
I know what you are thinking...
it ain't really nothing special.
I know!
Gardens Illustrated won't be callin' us tomorrow for a photo shoot.
Master gardener... I am not. 
It is overwhelming I tell ya.  It is a green space with a too small patio, a flowerbed that my family helped us build right after Sophia was born, and a buncha overgrown irises and lillies that I dug up from my MamMaw's yard after she passed away.
Anyways, the past few weeks, after my work day (from home) is done, I have been going outside and reviewing the space and getting a plan.
1.  We gotta throw away those chairs.  They are super janky.  Ya cannot even sit on them for fear of falling through... I ain't interested.
2.  That top flower bed is sad.  My irises have multiplied (which I like) but there is nothing else really in there.  There is a Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the corner of the bed but I am needing a few other things to add a BIG BANG!
- Azaleas?
- something taller in the back?
- some fun pansies for the bed border??? I don't know, just thinking out loud
3.  Side flower bed... you are sad and filled with total sun plants.  I am thinking we need to make the bed smaller, and add some tall tree/ shrubs along the back of the house?
4.  Fire pit space.  I do not love our fire pit on the patio.  It takes up too much space so I would like to create a patio space in  the yard where we can sit comfortably around the fire pit.  (guess I need to get on the Pinterest)
5.  Garden space.  We have a great size yard, but unfortunately it has a steep hill (boo)!  Our garden is at the bottom, but it is just needing some love.  Man friend has been doing some work... maybe you will see us at the farmers market selling our goods... our produce... not "our goods", come on people, let's keep this blog space PG!
6.  Trim up branches that are growing over our fence.  Our yard needs some more light!!
7.  Next space will be the front yard.  I am thinking of planting tulips
So this has been my plan and I am still shocked that I have been going out each day to check on plants, hang feeders, even bird houses.
It has been nice to have all of the help!!

Yes, that is the man friend on the fence, cutting branches, with a chainsaw. (I was soooooo stressed out during the photoshoot of these pictures)!!

It has been a few weeks.... and I have come to learn that I love an Azalea bloom.  The colors are incredible and I will be having all the colors in our beds!!  So excited about these shrubs and they do not seem to be a lot of work.  We will see.
We have strung up birdhouses that the kids painted a few years ago with their Honey.  I kind of thought the birds would be scared off by the LOUD color selection... but I guess not!!  
A bird family has moved into each house we have!!  I may need more!
Anyone else still growing their 3rd grade cabbage plant?  Brayden brought this tiny plant home maybe in February, and he keeps saying he can win BIG money with this plant, so he is really trying to care for it well.  I planted it in the flowerbed... why not plant a cabbage among all of the other pretties!!  I like that it adds a little surprise in the bed!!  It is really flourishing!!

 I just planted this strawberry plant on Saturday.
Sat. ur. day!!  3 days y'all!!  We already have quite a few berries!!!  Westwood Garden in Springdale had some great looking plants to choose from and Wal-Mart has the cutest pots!!  Go getcha some!!
and.... just because it would not be a day of the week without a lil bitta home delivery Chick-fila!!  See, I do not even get up from the chair!  I just keep on working and the kids pick up the food!
Voila, breakfast is served!

Happy Tuesday!  #TwoDayBlogInARow #BlogHiatusO-va

Monday, April 27, 2020

That was super cringey....

I blame this mostly on the fact that I have been in a quarantine sitch with my people for such a long time, and I possibly do not know how to interact with the general public that well.  Let's be real, the only people I am really seeing are my friends at the Sonic (I see them on the reg when I pick up daily drinks and corn dogs for me and my students/ children). Okay, that is not real, the kids are not eating corn dogs... I am eating the corn dogs, yes plural.  I am eating more than one... at a time... because I have no control in this quarantine!  Uggggh.  I am gross.

The only other people I am seeing on the daily are my mother and sister on the Facetime and my co-workers when we google chat.  So, I am pretty much alone (with kids, man friend, and the dogs) on Foresee island.  I know what y'all are thinking.  You are probably living the life over there at casa de Foresee.
You are right. 
1.  I am not showering each day (because I am becoming a skank)
2.  I am pretty much just staying in pajamas (because I am becoming more and more comfortable looking unattractive, I mean really, who am i trying to impress.... I already have a man friend and my friends at Sonic, so they are all seeing me at my low and are still loving me)
3.  Besides my Sonic visits and since the kids and I are so good at social distancing we have discovered that Chick fila will deliver to your home (and leave your food on your doorstep)!  I KNOW!  I do not even have to talk to anyone!!  Well, there was the one day when Brayden answered the door to say thank you and get the food, and the dropper-offer thought Brayden might have been home alone, so they asked to see his mommy.  He told them I could not come to the door because I was cleaning up dog pee (I DIE).  I guess they thought it was an excuse, so they were standing strong on presenting a mama or he would not be gettin' any chicken biscuits.
So, he yelled for me, I came a runnin' (still in my pajamas and still holdin' the te-te towel).  I told the dropper-offer, sorry I was cleaning up te-te....
Why??  I have no idea.
Possibly because I have been in the quarantine and forgot how to interact with others (hand palm to head, I is pitiful)  Yes, I know I said, "I is pitiful".
Anyways, dropper-offer then told me about the door drop and I would not even have to see them.  I am still not sure if it was because he did not want to see me... or if he was just trying to be helpful, either way it is a win win for both of us.
I know what you are thinking... that was it, that was her cringey moment.
I wish.
I have so many cringey moments.
This I completely blame on my recent lack of socialization.
The other day, I told the man friend I just had to run to the gas station to put gas in the car.  Yes, I volunteered myself to run and get gas, a job that is not my favorite to do ever since the "zoolander experience" pre corona-virus.... that may be another post for another time.  Anyways, I did not really go and get gas, I instead went to the Wal-Mart because I just wanted to get out.  I wanted to look at stuff, maybe purchase something, walk around.  So there I am in the public, walking and minding my own business when I see an ol' guy from high school.  He was walking towards me (he was not even making eye contact), I could-a kept right on walking, but noooooooo I have not been with people and I wanna talk... to everyone, especially the people I have not seen since 97'.  Ugh.
So, I said his name loudly... we will call him Chuck.... because Chuck is not really his name and if I were to release his name I am sure the 10s of people reading this high quality work would be thinking... ummm, she is fo' sho' trying to get a boyfriend (lets be real... I am happy with my man friend... he walks fences chainsawin' tree limbs (once again, that is another post, and now reading that back, I see that phrasing may make him seem like a cool dare-devil with crazy tricks or like an episod of Datelane/ 48 Hours Mystery... the episode where he is a cray man friend that lurks the streets with a chainsaw... that could be used... not on branches... I digress.
Anyways.... back to Chuck.
So, I am yelping for Chucks attention (which I get, as well as everyone else in the bird feeder aisle), and he looks at me with a blank look).  To which I say, it is me, Caryn.
Then I say a phrase that could only come from me day drinking... which I am not really doing, but that is the only thing that could ever cause me to say sucha thing... I said, "looking good Chuck".
What.  The.. Hell-o... Just.... Happened?
It is as if I had a stroke.  A massive stroke.
Right there next to humming bird juice.
I am sure it sounded creepy.
Hell, I was creeped out.
Then all I could do was laugh.
That just made me look like some sorta mean girl (or a psycho path).  Either way.
Chuck just smiled and looked down.
Well, because the situation was not strange enough I just stood my ground.  I mean, hello, ask me what I have been doing?  It is like a ping pong game, I hit and you hit, you know conversation, back and forth.  That is when I am lookin' at Chuck and realize... ummmmm, that ain't even Chuck.
That is when I vowed to no longer talk to anyone.... in the Wal-Mart ever again.
Until 5 minutes later when I am tryin to make it outta the store to the check out and I am distracted by a bin of outdoor pillows, and I am nearly leaned over looking for matching bird pillows... because really, who does not need those?
Then someone bumps into my cart.
I try to ignore them, because maybe it was Chuck ready to conver-sate.  Nuh-uh!
I ain't talking, I swore off people.
Then the cart bumper touches my shoulder to say hey.
(Hello- pandemic- the rona, you're not wearing gloves (not judging, just stating).
So I look back as the guy is passing me and it is an actual person I know, so I gave a strange hello and kept on rollin. I am sure I looked rude, I mean he is actually a friend.
Y'all, I am ready for this virus to be gone.
I need people.
I need reg socialization.
I need to never see "Chuck" again.
I need to start putting my wedding ring back on (but I have really had too many corn dogs and it is a tinge-y tight).

So, anyone else do anything that you would like to discuss?
Are people still reading?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mommin' Q and A...

Day three people... this is HUGE!!

Let's go back... like to the way back in 2006 , when I married my manfriend.  Times were fun and happy and then we have two children (my reasons for waking every morning, literally... each morning they are in my room so I have no choice but to wake up) and then there are the two dogs. #CanWeSayRunOnSentence I am living my best life here, and I really do have all I could have ever dreamed of (except for one of those new million dolla homes off the square and a new truck for my manfriend.. but I digress. I started thinking about how long I have been penning this blog, and it has been almost 10 years!  Wha????  I have been sharing the good and the not so pretty, and keeping it mostly PG for a while.  I go in and out of my blogging obsession, and I guess since this is a day 3 post in a row... I suppose the obsession is back (insert creepy voice when saying, "I'm baaack!"

Over the past few months, while on a blog hiatus, I have been a mommin' to my littles, so it is not been very often that I find the time to blog.  Since I am currently in the mom trenches, I wanted to reach out to other parents who are in the same season as me!  I wanna know things from you 10s!  As we all know, mommin' ain't easy, but  it is always better to get through the day when you have other moms to talk to.

Here we go parents.... I wanna know!

1.  Mommin' ain't easy, the days are full and the nights can sometimes be long.  Are there ever some days where you just want to wave a white flag and say, "I surrender"?  Hello, the kids 1 and momma 0!  How do you summon the energy to get back on the mommin' wheel everyday?  Prayer?  Meditation? Call your nanny?  #IfYouHaveOneCanYouShareWithMe #AndPayForIt   A sweet tea from the Sonic?
2.  What is a day in your life as a parent?  Do your mornings start early with homemade breakfasts (#AreYouRisingAtDawn?) and signing last minute school paperwork, and then you finally get everyone to their schools and give yourself a high five because you survived the hustle and bustle of the morning?  Or are you a bit more low key?

3.  What kind of things do you do as a family?  Do you go on family walks or play at a local playground, possibly coach a child's sport team, or do you get out and go do something different like an arcade place for kids?

4.  Seriously, are you a weekly meal planner? #WeCantBeFriends  Like are you going to the store on Saturday mornings and then spending your Sunday days making freezer meals for the week?  Have you tried an instant pot?  What does this weekly meal plan consist of?

5.  Every night before bed, I think to myself... tomorrow I will be a better mom.  I will not get upset when no one listens or leaves their socks, shoes, and string cheese trash all over the living room!  (Every. Single. Day!)  Do you ever think of how you are doing as a parent, and think... man, I wish I would have handled that differently?  Can you explain a time?

6.  So, your mother comes "bright and early" to take your children for the whole day and night (this doesn't happen to me often... like ever, but for you it might)!  How do you fill your time?  Take a bath?  Do laundry?  Get on the "time-suck" that is Pinterest?  Go shopping?  I would probably try to go on a date with my manfriend!  The dates are few and far between, so to be alone all day.... that would be the best!

7.  Has there ever been a momin' moment where you thought, "oh... my.... gosh... I sound just like my mother or father!"  What are some things that your parents did or said and now you find yourself doing?
I guess I am pretty lucky to be schooled by these two, and I daily find myself doing and saying the same things that my parents have said over the years!  Who knew, all of the times I thought they knew nothing... my parents really did know what they were talking about!  #MindBlown

8.  Have you ever volunteered in your child's school?  Are you a PTO parent?  Do you have PTO?  Do you even know what PTO is?  Maybe the homeroom mom??

9.  What is your favorite family trip destination?  We love to go to the beach with our family, but I have a feeling our upcoming summer trip will just be so awesome!  Look out Mickey... here we come!  #KidsDontKnow #YouSeeThemAndTellThem #YouAreDeadToMe

10.  What is one thing you cannot live without?

11.  What is something that your family does that makes you bonkers!!  #SeriouslyWonky
I get seriously wonkied out when I ask for help doing a chore, and everyone says okay, but their face says.... I would rather bang my head against the floor!  Uggggh!  For real... just fix your face and put away your stink socks and throw away your Goldfish bag!!  #GeeezLouise

Well, that is all!  Not too intrusive, I hope.

Seriously, I wanna know what you're thinking!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I was living my best life during the hiatus....

Well tens of friends....we meet again!  Two days in a row y'all!  Now that blog hiatus is done and over with, I feel it is time to get back to the nitty gritty which is my life!  That is right, for the past few months, I have been living my best life here at la casa Foresee.  Binge watching my shows, having holiday celebrations, and buying maternity wear (that is not a BIG announcement, don't go sharing it with your friends)!

1.  I started binge watching and finished the teenie bopper show, Vampire Diaries.
Tens!  It was like a ba-jillion episodes that I watched in a few short weeks.  It was completely ridiculous, and I often found myself in the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep from watching 4 hours of the show thinking...
if anyone in my B-town high school woulda been a vampire... would I have been friends with them?
or would a vampire see me and think... ehhh, she is super pale and probably one of us?
Then I would envision the Salvatore brothers fighting over me.... then I wake up and yep, I am still a momma livin' in B-town.
One more pic of Stefan...
After I caught up with my missed sleep from my Vampire Diary days and nights, it was time for gearing up for the holidays!  We had family come and stay with us over Thanksgiving, and I am hopeful that this will be a thing we do for this holiday every year!  The kids loved being together, and I loved being with my family!

Did I mention after that Santa and the Missus came over for cocoa and cookies to Honey and G's house!
Then I realized after some soul searching and picture review that my hair looked sad and too big for my face!  So, I needed a new look!

Yes, y'all, I have curly hair and I straightened it only to curl it.  #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHummmmm

Then it was Christmas, all was merry and bright!

Then there was the re-set from Christmas... don't y'all sometimes just need a bit of a break after the holiday.  Well, I def was on a break!  I cleaned (man friend would laugh at that), I did laundry... so much laundry, and have tried to settle into the new year!

During this refresh, I started watching Game of Thrones.
Why... Have... I … Not... Been.... Watching... This... Show??
Tens!  Are you watching?
I became super obsessed (shock), and watched 7 seasons (10 episodes a season) in like 3 weeks!
But to quote Noah Calhoun from The Notebook... "when I see something I like, I gotta have it.  I love it.  I go crazy for it...
I loved that movie... have not watched it as of late because I was knee deep in all things white walkers, dragons, and people with no names or faces (long story, cannot explain it)  The new season starts in a few weeks, and I cannot wait!!

In case there is anyone still reading and not judging my lack of parenting over the past months and my complete over use of screen time... I leave you with this....

During the holidays, I decided to treat myself a little underware shopping.  This is something I never do, my drawers look old and my bras are nothing I would parade all over the town.  It is just not something that I go and splurge on.  It is always a need at the top of the list, but let's be real, bills, meals, and clothes for the children are kinda priority numero 1,2, and 3.  El negligee and undergarment-os are nada for momma.  #JustSaying So, I was given a few dollars from my grandmother (God bless her) and I went on my way).  I went to Dillards and to Vicks Secret, purchased suitable undergarments (what am I?  Little House on the Prairie?)  Geez!
Then I stop at a little French place I like to call le Tar-chet (Target for you Americans).  I walked by the bra section and was sucked in immediately!  I searched around for my size which is like triple letter (I know, be jealous)!, and I find a little stash of my size on a lil lonely rack, ummmmm discounted!  Boom!  Did not even have the brand tag, but it had the handwritted tag with price, obvi return, and looking back I cannot believe I purchased it (gives me the skeebies to think about what it might have seen when it went home with another), I digress.  I get the bra, and I am feeling pretty good and the next day I was feeling pretty lifted (if ya know what I mean)!
I felt like people may have been giving me the side eye....
the heyyyyyy looking good Caryn...
new hair??
nope... new lifted boobs Cliff. (I do not really know a Cliff, but I just feel like had I known a guy named Cliff he mighta… coulda.... possibly said that, I woulda sued him for being insensitive and making me feel uncomfortable... once again, I digress.
Fast forward to last month, when I had a few minutes to myself and I went to my fave French store.  (insert all the praise hands)
I walk by the bra section, and I happen to see my favorite French no brand bra.  I buy it in black (cause black is super sexy, everyone should have an 18.99 black bra on hand... ha)!  I look for it in white, but nada, guess its a BIG seller (in that triple letter).  I get home and cut the tags from my newest bra, and I begin to place it in the already overstuff underware drawer!
Close drawer and pick up the tag to throw in the trash.
When I see this lady...
I am thinking... what is this ole gal doing on the tag?
Lord, I have bought a "strip tease bra".  #SMH
Nope, notta strip tease bra, but a fa-reeking nursing bra!!
My new fave French undergarment pieces are for nursing mothers?
Here I thought these were just like a lil built in air conditioners?
They were so comfy...…..
Ummmmm, but I ain't with child friends!
Needless to say.... I kept those nursing bras and I am still wearing them!  Ha!  I guess I will just be prepared in case I am ever in the nursing momma situation again!

So, how is your Wednesday?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Where've ya been??? Whatcha doin??

Tens!?  Are all ten of the readers even there any longer?  Prob not, but I just wanted to pop in and make sure that all of you knew that I am still alive!
People, this blog hiatus has gone on long enough.  I have had much to write type about, and plenty of time to share it, but y'all, I... AM... KINDA... LAZY!

Seriously though, me and my people have been doing well.  Keeping busy with school stuff, extra curriculars, and that's really about it!  Nothing too crazy exciting has been going on here at la casa de Foresee.  (Well, that's a lie, there was the whole I've incorporated a nursing bra into my weekly attire... What?  Too much right off the bat?  Then there is the mouse thing... and I ain't talking Cinderella's friends.  All of that will have to be for another day!)

The kids are doing well, growing like crazy, and they daily cause me to question my parenting skills (or the fact that I do not have any good skills.... well, none that I will be sharing).  My man friend is still here, being manly and super cute (I know he is cringing at me calling him super cute.... he is totally one of my 10s of readers.  I hope)

My baby bear is not so baby any more, he is losing all of his teeth and is OBSESSED with all things basketball and baseball!  He is the most active kiddo I have ever met, and his eating has changed from only eating catsup and chicken nuggets to adding in at least 9 bowls of cereal a week!  #CinnamonToastCrunch
My sweet Red.... mommas!  She is a ball of fire and sweetness all in the same breath!  She is really into watching her fave YouTube family, Shot of the Yeagers (she is obsessed with them as I was with Kirk Cameron back in the day..... #SoDreamy).  Then there is the fake glasses..... she is still sporting those all of the time and has really taken on a big interest in doing her hair with different hair styles.  Like sleeping in braids and wearing her hair wavy.  #IDontGetIt Why ever someone would want the curly crimp look, I guess we just want what we cannot have.
Now... now, enough about all of the people that make my world go round and back to me....
I see this picture and think, "hello, coulda photoshopped that one a bit", but it is really me for the past few months.  I have just been hanging out, trying to be more active with the kids (obvi not working on my hair game), working, and I have really started to focus more on me getting into shape!  I even took a before and after picture and if I ever make so much progress that I go from now size to zero, I will share!  Ha  Until then, I will just have to guard my phone with my life, because if those pics get out it could really ruin my street cred.... #IDontGotNoCred  I have been trying to walk, as we are going on a BIG vacay in the summer that entails much walking (details on that to come in future posts)!  So I figure, I need to get with the program and start to get my leg a bit stronger and ready to be walking!

That is kind of where I have been, and the break from the blog has been waaaaay too long!

I'mmmm back!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Grand Theft Auto.... Not a Good Look

There are some days, that I just wake up and think, "man... I am just winning at life."  I have a nice manfriend, our children are fun, we have a place to live and there is food on the table.  I have a job, friends, my family is ah-mazing.  I really do not have anything to complain about. Then there are days like today.....
I know... take a good look.
Not really, this morning I looked a little homeless.  This is how I left my house this morning.  (Obvi not out looking for a boyfriend)  So, it is morning at la casa de Foresee.  The kids have had a delicious home made breakfast of Fruit Loops (I poured in myself for Brayden... he thinks I'm the best), and Sophia had eggs and fruit (manfriend made her... I think he's the best)!  Well, we were starving by 930 (our personal chef had the morning off), so it looked like I would be doing the cooking today.  #BOO
I saw a great recipe for an egg tortilla burrito and it did not disappoint, I hope manfriend wants it for tomorrow too!  Anyways, bad thing was, I saw this Pinterest recipe, but all we had in the cabinet was stale Lucky Charms, 1 frozen pancake, sour cream, and some string cheese (none of those things can make the egg tortilla burrito).  #DangIt
So, one of us had to go to the Wal-Mart.
I immediately agreed, because I deserved a break already!  Ha!  I win!
So, I prepared my best look (as you can see above) and went to the store.
OOTD (this means outfit of the day)
- Happy Camper t-shirt that is for the parents of my children's school- color of the tee is dark gray, not the best for my skin tone and large enough to fit Andre The Giant (look him up if you do not know him)
- blue jeans that when I lean forward come unzipped... not because they are too tight.... okay, it is because they are too tight and pretty sure the zipper is busted
- flip flops FYI, not safe for me to wear when it has been raining, but I was trying to beat the manfriend to the car so I could win the time out to the store
- make-up (none)
- hair (sad)
Anyways, I get to the store... and all of the up close parks are taken, so I drive and drive until an up close one opens up.  It was starting to rain, and I was just trying to get in the store quickly as to not get soaked!
I shop and am out of the store in about 15 minutes
I got a big ole gully washer drink when I was checking out, so I had my hands full with keys, gully washer, purse, and shopping cart.
Did I mention that it was raining, and as I was walking out some elderly man offered me a tootsie roll
(pretty sure it was just the candy he was talking about... not something else (insert awkward emoji face))
It is raining again and I just start fast walking to the car.  I am pushing my unlock  button, and start to pull on the back to load up my groceries.  As I am speed walking I my super amazing flip flop lost traction on the parking lot, and I lost footing on ye ole broke leg.  I fell only a bit, thankful that I had the cart I was holding onto, drink... not so lucky.  What-ev.. it is raining, and of course a older gent sees me and asks if I need help.  He was putting in his groceries right next to my car.  I said I was fine.
#DangerStranger #HeSeemedSafeSinceHeDroveATownCar #AndHadAConcordiaSticker #AndLookedLikeSanta
ummmmm…. I'm fine.
So, still pressing unlock, and not hearing the click of my doors actually unlocking.  Then I see that manfriend put a Dallas Cowboy license plate holder on my car, which is super weird because I had to clue he even liked them, but whatever, I digress.
So, it is raining, I am standing, clicking clicking, nothing nothing, and Santa is watching.  I told him I think my car might have died, and that is why my clicker is not working.  So I went to manually unlock my car.  I could not get that to even work!
Why me??!
So, Santa says, "do you need some help," and just comes on over.  He tries the keys, nothing.  Presses the buttons, and still nothing.
Now another person in front of my car is sitting in her car just watching the show that is my life.
I am already digging in my purse that doubles as a snack bag, receipt holder, and panty holder (because sometimes you just need a back up pair).
Then another helper comes up....
New stranger- "Is everything okay?"
Me- "Yes, my clicker is not working and I cannot get in the car."
New stranger- "hummmm, that's my car."
Y'all, it was not even my fa-reeking car!
Santa started laughing and made some weird comment, "someone musta had a really good night last night?"  Then he had some strange hillbilly laugh, and I just thought for certain he would then say I sure did have a pretty mouth.
I was so embarrassed, and just apologized for trying to get into her car, she just wanted me to move because she was getting wet and did not want to have a convo.  I started doing my fast walk again, remembering in that instant where I parked my car (on the other side of the parking lot)!
All I could do was get in the car and call my momma!  I lit-ter-ally died a thousand deaths out there in that lot, and coulda been arrested and booked for grand theft auto, and I woulda dragged Santa down with me!
Whatta morning.
Needless to say, I got home and made an amazing breakfast for my manfriend, and you should make if for your people tomorrow.

Crack 2 eggs in a bowl, add milk, chives, salt and pepper.  Whisk it up.
Poor into a skillet that has melted butter.  Cook eggs all the way through, never stirring them (about 4-5 minutes), and slide off onto your plate.  It will look like a tortilla (but it is an egg that will be used as a tortilla!
- Add salsa in a strip down the middle (I only like salsa with chips, but today... it worked)
-Add black beans on top of the salsa (not a fan... until today)
-Then 2 pieces of cooked bacon (I heart bacon)
- top with avocado (whaaaaaaa?? so good)
- shredded cheese (I.  DIE.. FOR... CHEESE)
Fold over and eat it up like a taco!
It was so delicious and filling!!  I will be repeating this in the morning!

A little extra:  I was so proud of my new recipe and told my mother all about it, which she informed me that is too much work, especially when Sonic has a great burrito option!  So, if you are like my precious momma and the above seems like a lot of work... head to Sonic and go getcha some!
Please note that Sonic has not sponsored this post (insert eye rolling ridic emoji)

Peace out... it is bedtime!