Monday, May 11, 2015

My little Olympic gymnasts

Over the past few months, we decided to enroll the kids in gymnastics.  It has been such a success.  There is running, jumping, flipping, balance beams, cartwheels (it is a tiny tot heaven).  Aron and I rush after work to get them both settled in their class and then we have to watch all of the action from another room through a window.

They have so much fun.

Aron is a little more low key than I am, but I am that parent that stands at the windows and I give thumbs up after each jump, flip, or step!  I even clap (did I mention that I am in another room)?  I just want them to know that I am their biggest cheerleader, and I want them to know that their mommy thinks that they are so wonderful at all of the things that they do.

Right now they are learning.  Not all of the times they try a cartwheel do they land on their feet, not every time that they walk on the balance beam do they do it with their head held high, and not every time that they swing on the bars can they pull themselves up all of the way, but one day.... one day, we could have a little Olympic gymnast on our hands!
even Nadia had to start somewhere!
Until then, I will just watch from the tiny closed off room (and give the other parents something to talk about)!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

It is almost 1p.m. at the Foresee home, and I am blogging from bed (do not judge, as it is a day of celebration for mommas and I have already been up today, gotten myself dressed, and made it to Mother's Day brunch.  We made it home and the kids are quietly watching a movie (I am not sure for how long, that is why I am typing this so very quickly.... you never know how many moments of peace you may have with little bittles).  So, yes.  I am sitting here in the bed, changed back into my pajamas, and wearing my Mother's Day gift from the kids.  Their teeny tiny hands made me a beaded necklace (with many of the letters from the alphabet, not one of them is a letter that would spell my name or momma, a plastic dolphin in the center, and Sophia says the clear beads are diamonds (there are a lot of "diamonds").

This morning, I was able to sleep in a bit (thank you Aron).  Sophia came and woke me up and gave me a sweet card from Aron (which I will keep forever since I am a hoarder of cards, I keep probably everyone that has ever been given to me) and then I was given other hand-made goodies from the kids.  Each time I look at them, they make me cry.  You know the ones... little hand prints and a rhyme about when they grow up I will be able to recall when their handprints were that small.  RIP.... MY.... HEART.... OUT!  They are so precious!

I am so in love with being a mom.  It by far has been the best job I have ever had, and they are the best gift that I have ever been given.  I am so in love with these two people.

My heart is so full of joy that I feel like it just may burst!  They make me so happy and then in five seconds they can make me turn into a giant nut job, but still I would not change it for the world. 
(a little note to my children to reflect on when their hands are not so small)

To my babies,
When I married your daddy, I knew immediately that I wanted to have you.  I could not wait to grow a little half of me and a little half of your daddy and make the most perfect persons.
black was obviously not that slimming, but this was me when I was not gagging


Getting you two was not the easiest, but God is forever faithful and decided that your daddy and I would be okay parents.  The entire time you were in my belly I was sick, but I never EVER regretted any of those moments, because in the end I knew I would hold you as a prize.

Each day you have made me happy.

When you laugh

when you smile,
when you love
when you sing

when you kiss me good night,

when you tell me I am the best momma in the whole town (or the whole world),

even at the times when you are going crazy,

fighting, crying, screaming, throwing, whatever..... please know that I have never been more happy.

You are the most wonderful and beautiful littles, and you two make me a better and more kind person.

Thank you for loving me so much.

Your Momma

I must not forget some of my other favorite mothers......

my momma, my best friend

my Moss

my SIL

my Aunt Cathy (aka Ella) and my Aunt Lauren
my sweet Aunt Lisa (happy Mothers Day Aunt Lisa)!
picture stolen from my Uncle Richard's FB page!
my sweet angels in heaven....
my Mam Maw

my Aunt Diane

my mother in law Glenda (whom I was never able to meet, but am forever grateful to her for being the most precious mother to my Aron.  She helped to make him the loving man he is today, and I am so happy to have him.
LeAnne Foresee Parks's photo.
To all of the above mommas- I have obviously been watching you over my 30 plus years, and you are helping me to become a wonderful momma.  You have answered my questions when I have them, comfort me when I am in a bad mommy moment, pray over me when I feel defeated.  I have seen you help others when you are tired, love others when you feel you have nothing left to give, be kind when someone has not been kind to you, forgive when someone has not done right to you, not sweat the small stuff, and be selfless.  I pray that I can be half the momma that these women are.
I know I have already said this, but I am so blessed to have them.