Monday, March 29, 2010

Getcha Vote On

Okay, does anyone out there watch.................Dancing With the Stars??

Sophia is almost 8 months old, she's watching...

She is just mesmerized (and she is such a mouth breather)!

Chipper is a dog, he's watching....

This is not a joke.  My dog watches t.v..  He enjoys the hunting channels and the Dog Whisperer.  He normally sits in the chair with his nose touching the television.  I told him to not sit so close, it is bad for his eyes.

I am in my pajamas so there are no pictures of me, but I am watching.

Aron, well, he would probably die of embarassment if I posted a picture of him watching this show.  But he is so watching (Pam Anderson, but whatever).

Right now, I am loving the Pussycat Doll, Nicole Sher("ding ding ding"we have a winner)zinger 
(A little unfair, since she is totally an amazing dancer before she was even on this show.  But, I still like her, but I will save my vote (don't be a hater, I know the rest of the world is probably voting for her).

The Bachelor (Not a Fan! Sure that he is a swell guy, but not my cup of tea.  I will not be flying on the wings of love with this chachi.)

Chad Ochocinco!  Love Him!

Buzz Aldrin.  Love him, but just because he was able to walk with the stars does not mean that he should be dancing with the stars.  OMG, but he is so precious.  Could but him on the shelf in my kitchen.

Pamela Anderson.  Okay, so she is pretty, can dance, and she has those HUGE teeth.  Did yal see them, they are so sparkling white?  I wonder if she gets them bleached??  Humm.

Shannen Doherty AKA "Brenda Walsh".  Okay her tears on this show are almost winning me over.  She is trying so hard at the dance and making her dad so proud.  But I am still so mad that she dated Dylan and I did not!  I will give her another week.

Aiden Turner.  Who is this guy?  I thought that he did alright tonight.

Kate Gosselin.  I love her.  I do not care what everyone says, but she is trying and I hope that she will improve.  She looks so uncomfortable while dancing and she looks like she could vomit at anytime!  She will get my vote for another week.

Niecy Nash.  Do yal watch her on the Style Network? I might now.  She is funny.

Erin Andrews.  Okay, she is good.  Does anyone else think that she and her partner Max are having some sort of love affair a brewing??  I do!

Evan Lysacek?  He already got the gold medal, he does not need the dancing globe ball trophy thing too!

So, do yal watch this show?  Who do you like best?  Go on, getcha vote on!  Tomorrow, someone will be dancing their way off the show.  I think it is Ole Buzz.  Tune in and watch.

P.S.  Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will be performing with the Beach Boys!!  I always loved whe Uncle Jesse sand the song Forever to Aunt Becky on their wedding. (I am so gonna put that on my ipod!)

Love Yal!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Happy Hatter

O my gosh!  I just love your hat!

Here- I think that it might just look nice on me too!

O-yes!  Just gorgeous dawling!

Needless to say, the hats kept us entertained for about 20 minutes.
Here she is channeling her inner Scarlett O'Hara

Thanks to Honey and Aunt Kitty Kat for finding me some hats for the beach!  I just love them!

Love yal!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, It's Out There.

Sorry for the lack of posts blog world, but I have been hit up- down- and around the corner with the strep throat stick.  What a nasty illness to have.  Needless to say, I do think that I am on the up and up.  I am having to take these horsepill size antibiotics and I am not having any kissey kissey moments with my husband or sweet cheek baby!  So sad!!

Besides the sickness, we have had a few other things go down at casa de Foresee.  After letting our laundry pile up to a small hill in the laundry room, I decided to tackle our laundry.  It was really a mess and started to smell (so gross, but just being honest).  So, I washed load 1 of 26, went to transfer it into the dryer.  I throw in the dryer sheet, shut the door, turn knob to 60 minutes, press start, and press start, and press start.  Humm---  the dryer died.  What a fiasco.  I am trying not to be a Negative Nora, so all I could do was laugh (it was not a loud laugh because it hurts my throat to laugh but a laugh).  I called Aron (while at work) to let him know about our costly loss and he just sat quietly.  He said, "alright, well I think that dryers are cheaper than washers."  That is a great way to look at it honey.  Yesterday, we headed out to Lowe's and purchased a newby, and I like it a lot.  It is a Whirlpool dryer.  Not the cheapest and not the most expensive, but it dries.  BONUS!!

Momma and I had been painting her kitchen earlier this week.  Lets just say that we "had been" painting, she may have to call in back up to correct what we have done.  I will post pics next week.

This past Tuesday, on the 23rd, it was my MamMaw's birthday.  I really spent that day just thinking of all of the fun times that I ever had with her:  When we would go on vacations, she would wake up super early and make a bazillion waffles (that girl could whip out some stuff), the time I was mauled by a jellyfish and she poured everything but the kitchen sink on my leg to try to take the sting out (really, she poured:  dawn soap, windex, comet, benadryl, water, lemon juice, then she said, all this together could be flamable?)  I would take her and PapPaw McDonald's breakfast some mornings.  I would call her and ask cooking questions (did not do that very much since she told me that a meatloaf would cook at 300 degrees for 30 minutes...try it sometime if you like a rare cold loaf!BLAH) We would watch crazy medical shows or Dancing With the Stars and call each other during the commercials to discuss what had just happened.  She was my everyday phone call, and it would crack me up everytime we would be in the middle of the conversation she would randomly say, "okay, alright, bye."  Just hang up!  She was a mess and we all just miss her madly!  I think of her so often, especially when the flowers in my beds begin to bloom (she helped me and Aron plant them or I got pulled them out from her flower beds).  Just love her so.

Girlfriend is cutting another tooth.  That will make it a mouthfull of 4.  How many teeth do we get?  (because the teething thing is not so much fun)  We are all getting through it.  She is just growing up so quickly.  I cannot believe that at this time last year I was hovering over a toliet.  Now, she is here, rolling everywhere, eating cheerios and fruitloops, wearing a size 4 diaper, and getting teeth.  God is just so amazing.  In a week, she will be 8 months old, it is so crazy.  I guess I may need to start planning a wonderful little soiree for her 1st birthday!!

So, this is all leading me to last nights comments.  Let me know your thoughts...

Picture it, Thursday evening.  Aron has just fed Sophia (he managed to get some in her mouth and a lot on the floor).  He is cleaning off her face, starting to put her jammies on, and we are both just talking about how lovely she is.  (Aron is just such a proud father.  Sophia is the light in his day.)  So, he is holding her, pulls her close, looks at me, and says..............."I am ready for another one."
Now, remember I am sick with the strep throat and I am being medicated and suffering from lack of sleep, and have been running a fever.
I turned my head very quickly and looked at him, to see if he would laugh and say, "NOT"
He says nothing, just looking and smiling at Sophia.
Then I realize what he is talking about, another dr pepper?
Me:  you need something else to drink?
Aron:  No, I am ready for another baby.
I am still just sitting there looking at him.
A few minutes went by...
So, I casually say, "are you serious, you really are ready for another baby?"
And, he said, "yes."

So, ladies and gentlemen, he said it, it is out there. 

Family and friends:  this does not mean that we are trying to have a baby.  I have strep throat for pitty sake, and that stuff is contagious.

So, when you and your partner started talking about a 2nd child: did you discuss it first? did it just happen?  had your partner been drinking (mine was not, just curious if yours was)? 

Love yal,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Cannot Believe I Just Said That!

Goodness, my life has definately changed. 
Take a peak at some of the things that have recently come out of my mouth!

1.  Me:  "Aron, where are my good sweatpants?" 
Aron:  "you wore them yesterday"
(Yes, I am wearing sweatpants as an outfit staple.)

2.  Daily, I am making up songs that have the following words/ phrases:
yummer in the tummer
scrub that booty wash that tooty
using the word bottle in the form of a question:  'Bottle??"

3.  "Honey, do I have spit up in my hair, or did I get it all?"

4.  "Where is the baby?"  Then I go and retrieve her from underneath the coffee table.

5.  "She cannot wear that bib out, it has stains on it.  That is a stay at home bib!  Gosh!"  (Who am I Kate Gosselin?)

6.  "When you come home from work, I am going to take a shower."

7.  "Ummm, the baby food green beans are not that bad."

8.  "Quit moving, I just got my finger in poop!"

9.  "Chipper, come and eat!"  (This is yelled when I am feeding Sophia, or she is feeding herself)

10.  Me:  "Aron, are you sure that you love me?"
Aron:  laughing "Yes, you are the best part of my day."

Seriously, I am so in love with my life.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


For those readers that get a little squeemish or skidish by the talk of things that crawl, creepers of the night, or waterbugs, this may be a post that you decide to not read.  Just a warning...

Picture it, it is an dark, cold, and early morning in the Foresee home.  The time was 2:14, and I had to get up out of the bed to use the restroom.  Normally, I will hold it, for fear that I could freeze to death if I escape from the electric blanket or that I could possibly wake Sophia up.  So sad, I could not hold it and the urge was keeping me awake!  Boo!  So I crawl out of bed, and go to the bathroom.

So, I am sitting there, trying to pee.  My eyes are still adjusting to the light, when I look at the floor in front of me (about 3 feet in front of me).  I see this brown raisin/ prune looking thing.  I kind of bed forward to try to focus on it and I notice the brown rasin/ prune thing has moving parts.  OMG!  Yes, I am still peeing. 

Now, I am thinking... "Humm...what am I going to do?"

1.  Look for a shoe. 
Dangit, no shoes in sight.  The one time I cleaned the bathroom of any shoes, clothes, towels, cleaning products.

2.  Should I yell for help? 
Dang, it is 2 in the morning.  I will wake up Sophia.  Aron is not a fan of creepy crawlers either, I am better on my own.

3.  Should I kill the creature? 
I hate killing things.  I do not want to be known as a murderer of God's creatures.  What if this thing has a family, and all he wanted to do was go on a stroll this evening, and he told his buggy family that he would be back soon after he found food.  (YIKES!  Yes, I have these thoughts.)

I stand up and step away from the toliet. 
Oddly, the creature, moves towards me, then he stops.  (It was like we were playing red light green light.  I look at the tissue and he moves towards me) 
I reach for a huge wad of toliet paper, and then he moves towards me again.

Now, I am thinking that this thing is totally messing with me.  He no longer wanted food for his family, he is going to carry me back to his family nest and they are going to kill me! 

I bend over quickly and put the paper over the bug.  It of course does not make a crunch noise, but I know that I have it.  It is no longer on the floor.  I turned the tissue over and there it is.....a cockroach!!!!  GAG, GROSS!  Heeby geebies Right!

Then the thing jumps out of the tissue.  So I start to go after it.  I place the tissue over it again.  I got it!

I pick it up and start to place it over the toliet, and the thing runs onto my wrist, up my arm to my night gown.

I freek out, start jumping around and slapping myself to get the thing off of me.  After what feels like an eternity, it fell onto the floor and I was able to pick it up and flush it to its new home!

Time:  2:27

Seriously, how could you sleep after that.  I laid in bed for about an hour with BUG EYES!!
We had the ceiling fan on and it would blow a strand of hair on my face or arm, and I would slap myself so hard.  If I felt something on my leg, I would twitch so badly.  Aron, even rolled over and placed his arm next to mine, and I wacked his arm to bits!  I just kept thinking about bed bugs and the roaches family coming for me.  I could picture them filing into our home and they were lining up around our bed getting ready to attack!  Remember that movie, Arachnaphobia?  Those spiders were thinkers.  They were totally predators and the people in that town were their prey!

I guess it is that time of year.  The bugs are trying to come into the house.  Needless to say, the bug man will be here on Monday!

Hope yal sleep well tonight!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top Of the Mornin' To Ya!

Hope that you are all wearing your green!!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What is that??

Okay, there is something up there? 
I cannot see it, but I know it is there!
Yay!  I can do my hair in a pigtail!!
It is the little things in life that entertain us!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ummmm babysitter, you are so fired!!

So, I was trying to be the "little houswife that can do everything" before Aron came home from work.

Aron arrival time home:  4:17 p.m.

Time I am trying to do everything:  3:25 p.m.

This was the situation:

Ehhhhhh (this is the sound the dryer makes when the clothes are done drying), fold the clothes in the dryer, let dog out (he is doing the pee dance at the door), roll Sophia to her back because she is upset she cannot roll back over her toys in the floor, move wet clothes into the open dryer, wash new load, cut up onion, pepper, and celery (making chicken spagetti), let dog in (as if he even peed outside, but whatever), Sophia is upset again (go and sit her up) and sing a funny song while doing the African Ant Eater Ritual (hello, Can't Buy Me Love), forgot to close the washing machine so the clothes are just sitting in water, forgot to stir the veggies on the stove (burning smell, so gross), look outside (looks like rain), try to kill fly, answer phonecall (it is Honey), listen to stuff on t.v. (seriously, the Oscar's talk again), fold, put up towels, chop chicken......

Wait a second, why is everything so quiet?

Chip?  Chipper?? 
(Yes, it is odd that I am calling Chip's name, but this dog is kind of smart.  Ever heard of Lassie?  Well, Lassie would always run to the neighbors house and bark.  Somehow, the neighbor would know that something is not right (like Timmy fell into the well).  Lassie was like the "people whisperer"!  Okay, well Chip is not like that at all, but he definately will bark if Sophia is in a fix.)

Nothing... just silence.

So, I peak to the play area in the living room.  This is where Lovey lounges.

Let's play a game with the below photo, it is kind of like Where's Waldo? but Where's Sophia?
Do you see her underneath the coffee table??  Who is with her, the trusty sidekick, Chipper!

She totally loves this dog!

I guess it is time.  Sophia is finally on the move.  She may not be able to crawl or walk, but the girl can roll!!

Just thought I would post these photos, because they are so funny...

I put the hairbow on Sophia.  She hates it!
Me:  "Sophia, Mommy thinks this bow looks so pretty with your outfit!"
Sophia:  wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me:  "Honey, you are just such a pretty girl!  Please, smile for Momma and I will take off the hairbow!!"
Sohpia:  Wah hu hu wuuuah(gasping for a breath)
Love you!

Have a great day yal!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Lucky Number 7!!

What Mom?
How old am I?
No, no, no. I can't be...
Yay!  I am 7 months old!

I am a busy body!  I am working on my crawling, it will happen soon, I can just feel it.  Until then I will just roll where I need to go and try to pull myself up on the furniture!  This totally stresses my mom out!
Whenever she is washing my bottles or doing the laundry or even tries to go to the bathroom, I find it entertaining to hide from her.  I am very good at rolling under chairs and tables!  It is a gift, call me Houdini!

I am growing like a weed (a heavy weed, but a weed).  I weigh around 24 lbs, and am wearing 9 month clothes.  I am embracing my girlish figure!
I have teeth!  You can almost see the bottom two in this photo.  I have a top tooth that is coming in now.  It keeps me up day and night!  My mother will not give me the baby orajel, she fears it will make my tounge go numb and I would be unable to feel it (honestly, like I would even know).  All the other kids are doing it!!  Geez!
I am still going to the nursery at church, it is nice to hang out with people my own age.  Those kids don't try to wipe my slobbery face or care if I have a dirty diaper!  Good times!!
I hosted a playgroup at my house yesterday, and I hope that my mom and dad let my friends come over more often.

So far, the first 7 months have been a breeze!!  So easy, that my parents should have me a sister or a brother!!

Have a delightful evening!

Little Red is going to bed!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowgirls!!

Check out the little cowgirl! 
This morning, Sophia's Honey (my momma) stopped by and brought Sophia the most precious cowgirl outfit with matching socks!  I just thought it was too precious, and decided that this would be the outfit she would wear for playgroup today!  Honey loves her Sophia!!  She found it yesterday at one of our favorite stores, The Perfect Choice!  Gwen always has the best stuff, you can even follow them on Twitter

So, today we hosted playgroup at our home!  It was so much fun.  There were five moms and six children 7 months to 4 years.  It is so nice to be able to get together with a group of friends, and just be able to chat and have lunch.  I wish that we could get together everyday, I always have such a great time with these women.  My mom did all of the food for me (she is so wonderful)!  She brought over 2 pans of king ranch chicken casserole (from Pats Bakery here in town), a salad, and 2 cobblers!  Yum!  Since the girls left at 1, I have had 2 small plates of casserole (small plates yal) and 1 bowl of cobbler (large bowl with canned cool whip).  I think the kiddos had a good time!

I should have gotten some pictures of the mommas!  (Sophia is really going to town on that book!)

Besides that, it has been a low key day.  How has your day been?

Also, thanks for the teething tips.  Motrin has been helping out!

It is time for Greys and the Housewives of O.C. finale (do yal watch them, they are such train wrecks)

Guess I better getty-up on outta here and lasso up Lovey for bed!

Love yal,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beach Bod Ready??

This summer, our family will be hitting one of our favorite vacation hot spots!  We are so thrilled and can hardly wait.  It has been a while since we have made a trip to Gulf Shores, since last year, I was with child and could have delivered at any moment!  There was no way my volumptuous body could have made the 16 hour drive!  Yes, I said DRIVE!!

The time is quickly approaching and it is time that I admit that I have a problem.  Everyone, I have an eating disorder, and it is time that I get this under control. 

There will be no more late night cokes, or sweet tea mornings, mid-mornings, afternoons, mid-afternoons, okay, you get the drift!

I will no longer visit your fast food establishments!  So, McDonalds, Chick-fila, Taco Bell, stop it with the flashing lights as I drive by!  I am not stopping!

I will not be purchasing you Mr. NutterButter bars!  You can take a hike with your friends, Mr. Chocolate Chip cookie, Mrs. Frozen Pizza pocket, and any other tasty treat!

FYI, if you see me at Wal-Mart, and I have any of these items in my cart, give me a break!  I am in the early stages of my rehab program!  If you attend a playgroup, baby shower, or movie night at my home, try to not bring any attention to the junk foods I may have in the cabinets.  I am slowly breaking away from these things, it could take awhile.

This is all stemming from an incident that happened Sunday morning.  Let me set up the story:

Aron and I are getting ready for church.  I can never find anything to wear (although, my closet is filled with clothes).  I pull out a sweater dress.  Put it on, lovin the way it is looking from behind, until I turn to the side.  What is this?  Am I totally pregant?  Should I go and pee on a stick?
I ask Aron to come in and check me out.  I ask him, "Aron, do I look like I am with child?"
He says, "you look great!"
LIES, but whatever, I love this man.
So, I change into the cutest pair of pants and a red long sleeve sweater.  The outfit was nice.  I could sit comfortably without unbuttoning my pants.  (what like you guys do not ever do that)??
Get to church, everything is going well.
I am placing a baby on the play area, bending over, then into a squatting position, and R----IP!! 
OMG!  My pants totally ripped!  Right there in the FBC nursery!  I could have died.  All I was thinking was this would the the first peep show for these babies and nursery workers and that I was not wearing pretty panties (they were white with bright polka dots (what am I, 5 years old)!  I stood up, feeling the back side of my pants.  I know that my face was the brightest red ever.  I told Aron and Laura, I think that I totally just ripped my pants.  I did not want to turn around so they could tell me they were ripped, but I had to know, I could not spend the rest of the time at church with a hole the size of Texas in the back of my britches.  They quickly said, "no, you are fine, it did not rip!"
Did I believe them, no.
For the rest of the morning, I was sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby (this way it would look like I was working) or holding a baby with my back side facing the wall, or stepping away from others backwards.

Needless to say, we did not stay for Sunday school.

Got home took off the pants to investigate......and, there it is.  From the center back yolk of the pants to the crotch!  The lining of the pants ripped!!  Praise the Lord!!

I can no longer put myself in these crazy situations with the tighter pants!!  I must do something about it!

What do you do to go from flab to fab?  Are you a big dieter?  Do you just try to cut out the bad stuff or limit the intake of it?  Do you exercise? 

Just curious!

Love yal,


P.S.  Please do not think that I am down on myself, most of this post was to be funny!  Although, I am serious about getting into shape!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jungle Cat.. Show Me Your Teeth!!

We just love our little jungle cat!!

Do not get too close, she has teeth!
Can yal see them?  Two have come in on the bottom!!

This teething business is some rough stuff!  How do you and your babies cope with the "coming in of the teeth"?  The tears, the late nights, not wanting to eat! I just feel so badly for little lovey!  I have heard of these teething tablets or baby orajel, what do yal think?  Is that stuff okay to use, what have yal done for your babies? 

Any tips, would be greatly appreciated!!

Love yal,

Sleepless in B-Town