Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Greetings from the loo...

I know, I know.  Out of the 10s of readers, you may be thinking some of the following:
1.  Is she seriously typing this blog update from the loo?
2.  Is this chick British?
3.  What's a loo?
All of these are great questions.  I will answer them.  I am not in the loo (term for a toilet), nor am I British, but yes I am starting this post off with a little bathroom chat.

Ugh... the past week has been, well, rough.  To put it honestly, I have been knee deep in vomit and poo, sometimes little peoples and sometimes mine.  (too much info, I am sure)  Yes, y'all, we have been sick!  S-I-C-K!  We are talking stomach virus from the pits of the most hellacious place you could think (dramatic, yes, but seriously it sucked).  Red woke up this past Thursday evening saying her stomach hurt, and me being the sleepy mom not wanting to talk tummy troubles just stuck her in between me and my lova (my husband).  Well, moments later she is dry heaving... not a sound one (me alone, not my husband... however he slept through this... I do not know) might want to wake too!  (Ugghhh, I just had a flashback)!  By Saturday, morning, things were looking up.  Things were getting back to normal, Red was playing and happy, I was getting caught up with laundry, and things were starting to smell bleachy.  It was happy.  Until little man starts gagging all over the back patio.  I guess I should be glad he was outside, but his sister saw him do it, and she had come to get me to tell me what had happened, and in mid-sentence, she looses it all over the kitchen floor.  (She is a empathetic vomiter-er-person)  Eeek!!  I thought that this was over!  (That was a foolish thought, these two tiny tots share everything, drinks, spit cups at the sink after teeth brushing, and ketchup, of course they would share this)!  His sick time was filled with other things that one may wish to not speak of, but just know it was not a happy time.  (gives me chills to think about).  So, Monday comes people are better, and I take them all to school.  Well, as I am sitting at work, I just had a feeling.  Ya know that feeling that I am talking about?  If you do not, I will not go into detail, but it was that weird clammy feeling that you feel with morning sickness!  So, I ran home, and I never looked back.  In fact, tomorrow is Thursday and I will finally be able to run outta this house (and go back to work)!  I am sure that I just jinxed myself!  I just knocked on wood!  So, boo, stomach flu!!

I cannot believe that I have not posted in such a time.  I have been so comforted reading your comments from my last post.  I have the most special update.  Red is doing so well at school.  After a few weeks of tears, and begging to not go to school, she finally turned a corner.  To hear her walk in the door and say, "momma, I made a friend today" seriously makes me so very happy.  Each day has brought a new friend, or a new happy story about her teacher, or just something fun about her day.  My momma heart is full.  I knew this transition would be hard, but I am so proud that each day she has been better.  I did reach out to the teacher and over the weeks, she was kind enough to send updates and pictures.  This was the kindest thing, and this lady has no clue the peace she has brought to my heart!  I must say that Red is loving school, playing with friends, coloring pictures (she brings us little notes home each day), reading with her teacher, and the moment that the school bell rings to go home (because she says she knows she will get to see us soon)!  I have tried to be as involved in her school as possible.  I have gone to visit at lunch time, been helping to pop popcorn for the school, and even joined the PTO (parent teacher organization.... this will be a whole other post)!

My baby, who is really no longer a baby, and quick to tell you so, is doing well in his class.  We were shocked when this past month his teacher while at school had a stroke.  The children still do not know what happened to her, they just know that she got sick and has to take some time off.  They say prayers for her and make her cards, and Bray is still anxious for her to come back.  I think he just knows his sister had her, so he must have her as a teacher too so he can one day go to kindergarten.  His teacher is doing so well, after spending time in therapy, she has made it home and even came to visit his classroom today.  This made him very happy, now he knows she is okay!  This could have been a not good transition, but his teacher from the past year, moved to his classroom, so she teaches his whole class.  We love her so much, and she has made this whole ordeal easy on the kids by doing so.  I know he is in good hands at this school and with her guiding him each day!  He is doing better with identifying his numbers and still prefers to only eat catsup (with a side of chicken nugget).

Besides sickness and school, things with me have been good.  Juggling Aron, the littles, family, work, Bible study, extracurricular activity for the kids, leaves not much time for me, but I just suppose that is just the season of my life that I am in right now.  Although I sometimes feel like I am spread too thin, I know that everything I am doing is the best for my people.  There will be time for me to do stuff later (or at 10 o'clock on a Wednesday night)!  I hope you are all well... can you believe it is almost Halloween?  Where did this month go??