Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ABC's of me...

So many things to blog about, but there is just so little time.  When I do have a moment, I am spending those moments with my people, and then when the people are asleep and I have another moment I spend that time watching The Kardashians.  I know, I do not know why I am watching it either.
Anyway, the other day, my girlfriend did a post about the ABCs of her, and there were so many funny things that I learned about her, thus tonight's post.  So, if you are new here, enjoy, and if you are one of my 10s of readers, then enjoy!!

A- Age 36, I know, I know, I totally look 35, I get that all of the time!

B- Biggest Fear- sounds crazy, and that is fine, but it is aliens.  Ever since I saw ET, I have been completely fa-reeked out by "them".  So strange, but I do not like to be outside by myself, at night.  Go ahead, laugh.

C- Current time- it is 8:02, the night before Thanksgiving.  I am sitting with my teeny tinys watching the Minion movie.  I hosted my family over for dinner, and they have been gone for almost an hour.  I am baking my last minute Thanksgiving pies, and my house smells so delicious.  I wish I could bottle it up and let you have a whiff.  Yes, it is that good.

D- Drink I last had?  Tea with a bunch of ice, and I am a ice cruncher.  It makes my friends at work a little nuts, the last comment I heard about it was... "it sounds like you are munching on gravel".  I really had no idea they could hear me, but they can.  You would think that it makes me not crunch it all, but I cannot stop!!  I may need to attend a support group! 

E- Everyday starts with this... me being rude to my man friend.  I know, it is a sad way to start the day, but this is what happens.  He wakes up at the crack of dawn (4 am) to have coffee and then go work out.  So, he rises and I am waking then too!  He walks hard, looks for clothes loudly, and then the coffee smells... sheesh!  I know I am making it sound worse than it is, but I am just keeping it reals.  Please do not think that our marriage is in trouble.  It is not.  This is just one of those for better or worse moments.  He loves me even though I can be a jerk...

F- Favorite song... there are so many and they are all so very different!  I will give you the first 5 songs on a random play list from my phone.  Now these are random people, but know that these are among my favorites.... 
1.  kinda embarrassing, but the first one that popped up was Color Me Badd, I Wanna Sex You Up.  I know, it is a favorite!
2.  Song number 2 that pops up is Janet Jackson, What Have You Done For Me Lately... it is a classic.
3.  Strange Magic by Electric Light Orchestra.  I seriously could play this one on repeat all day at work.
4.  No One In The World... Anita Baker, y'all!  I love anything by her, and I wish you could hear me sing her songs!  It is so sad!  I try to hit her low notes, and I do not miss a beat!!  She is BIG LOVE for me!!
5.  On Bended Knee, a oldie and a goodie!  Boyz II Men.  This takes me back to 94 (that is 1994), I think I was a sophomore in high school.  Oh the memories!

G-  Ghosts, are they real?  Ummm, I am not sure.  One thing I do know is my grandfather passed away a few years ago, and my children say that they see him.  (dooo-dooo-doooo-do, I know)  It used to freak me out, but now I just kinda go with it...

H- Hometown is Bentonville, the home of Wal-Mart.  I was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, but moved in the 3rd grade, so for me, B-town is home.  I really grew up here.

I- In love with, my man friend and babies.  They make me happy, and they are really who I want to be with.

J- Jealous.  not really.  I guess I sometimes get jealous when I volunteer at the kids schools and I see the stay at home parents coming up, and I secretly think I want to do that again, but then I go back to my job that is fun and the people I work with make the time well spent.  If I cannot be with my people, they are a good group to be with!

K- Killed someone?  That is strange, but no!  I did kill a bug today, it was a flyer and it had to go!

L- Last time I cried?  I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night, and they played a clip of that Bendi girl, it was a sweet moment of her dancing and then seeing a picture of her father (the Crocodile Hunter).  I know, Dancing With the Stars.

M- Middle name:  Elise.  pronounced A-lease.

N- number of siblings:  3 two brothers and a sister.  These people are some of my closest friends and I am extremely protective of them.

O- One wish:  the evil in this world to just disappear.  So many sad things happening everyday.

P- Person I last called:  my brother Jason to ask if he was still coming for dinner.  He was late.

Q- Question you are always asked... everyday question around our house... Mom, do we have school today?  Every... single... day.  They love school, but it is like they forget they go Monday through Friday.  A random question I get.... Is your hair natural curly?  On the inside I am doing an HUGE eye roll.  I wanna respond, "ummmm, no, this morning I woke up and curling ironed my whole head!  I obvi just say.... yes, and it is a mess!!

R- Reason to smile... I have so many.  My babies, my family, my friends.  I am living a pretty good life.

S- Song I last sang... I was playing my music after those above top 5, and Tupac, How Do You Want It came on.  Yes, I love that song.  It takes me back to so many fun times with friends.

T- Time you woke up... well, it was my day to sleep in, no work and all, so of course I woke up when my husband came in rummaging through his dresser drawers... loudly!  Geez!  I know, I cannot get over it!  4 the alarm went off, and the digging was about 6:45am

U-  Underroo color, too lazy to check, but it aint nothing Victoria Secret, it is something old lady and unattractive for sure!

V- Vacation destination:  I would love to go on a 10 year trip with Aron or take the kids to Disney!  So much fun that would be!

W- Worst habit: this is gross, but I am a plaque scrapper.  Yes, I scrape my teeth with my fingernail.  I am disgusting.  Yes, I know!

X- X-ray I have had... I recently had one on my back.  It goes out all of the time!  I am an oooooold 36 year old with a clickity clack back!

Y- your favorite food?  I am not sure what yours is, but mine is a nice bowl of cheese dip and chips, from Abuelos, or Las Palmas, or any other taco joint!

Z- zodiac sign... leo.  Roar!