Friday, August 13, 2010

Okay, Now I am Done!

I know, I know, I thought I had finished all of the vacation photos, but I found a few more!

Hanging out on the beach.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's just Aron acting like he is looking off into the distance. He will not like that I put this picture of him on the blog, but whaev!

Happy at Tacky Jacks!


Granddaddy, Uncle Jason, and Sophia
First time to feel the sand!

Daddy and his girl taking a morning stroll on the beach!

So lovey!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Hello Friends! This post will mostly be photos, not a lot of chit chat!!

Well, this will be the last of the vacation posts, it has taken me forever to finish getting some photos up.

When we were on vacation, most of the days were spent playing with Lovey, napping, reading (Harry Potter series, Tori Spellings' latest book, and an US magazine), eating, and swimming. (o-the life of luxury!) It was so nice to be with family and relax!

Here we are in the pool, looks like Sophia was having a good time!
Me and my sweet girl! (FYI: we do not tan, poor Sophia, everytime she went in the sun she would get a heat/ sun rash, and we were smothered hourly with SPF 105)

I love this photo. Aron walked us down to the beach, the temp was about 98 this day and the heat index was about 106-way too hot! Please notice Aron in a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and a cup of coffee (I would have offered him my letterman, gezz, everyone else on the beach was dying of heat!!) Look at how Dad is even staring at him!
O-my gosh! She is so wonderful, just melts my heart.

After a day in the sun, here is how she ended up! Yes, my child is very much a mouth breather, I hope that nothing crawled in there while she was sleeping!

So sad the vacation had to end! We had such a fun time with our family! Dad and Mom, thank you for taking us on such a fun trip, you always know how to have a good time!!

Orange Beach, Curry Vacation 2010